10 Instant Natural Mood Boosters That’ll Make You SMILE Silly

Are you feeling down a little, looking for instant mood boosters?

Maybe dreadful commute set you off for a hellish day.

An annoying colleague is testing your patience with her 50th “toilet break”.

Or perhaps equally annoying customers keep ruining your day with incessant complaints about one thing or another.

Even the weather is turning to be depressingly hot (or cold).

You take a deep breath and tell yourself to be calm. You try to hold in all the frustration.

But sometimes we need an external stimulus to get us out of a funky mood.

Below you’ll find 10 instant mood boosters that’ll lift your spirits straight away and make you smile.

It takes a little or no effort.

And the best part?

These are 100% natural and healthy remedies.

What’s more, they come with zero side-effect and available free anywhere and everywhere.

Let’s find out.

1. Force a Bellow of Laughter

Sounds crazy, right?

But let me challenge you to give it a go. See if you don’t feel better afterwards.

Start off with a burst of fake laughter so hollow and ridiculous that you appear to suffer from temporary insanity. ha.

But that’s the whole point of it, and a part of the fun. You’ve got to agree that just imagining it puts you a smile on your face!

As you keep fake laughing, it sounds so ridiculous that you can’t help but laugh at yourself.

One minute, you’re laughing at its absurdity. Next minute, you’re laughing genuinely because it’s just silly and fun.

It’s a classic “fake it till you make it” antic, which takes seconds with an instant mood-boosting impact.

2. Make a Broad Smile

Did you know it takes fewer muscles to smile than frown? 

Not only does smiling save you more energy than frowning, it also boosts your mood.

As you read this, imagine someone is taking your photo right now.

You’d naturally smile when you take a photo. Your cheeks pushed up. Lips curled upwards with a twinkle in the eyes.

Wait: we can make this more fun.

Exaggerate your smiles like a clown. With massive eyes and a wide grin. Freeze that moment for as long as you can.

Start feeling (silly, in a good way, and) de-stressed.

3. Listen to Your Favourite Song. Better Still, Sing Along.

Do you remember the feeling of losing yourself at a music festival or your favourite concert?

We go crazy. Sing along. Arms stretched. Bouncing up and down.

You don’t come out depressed after the show.

This is what music does, making parts of our brain light up.

Music therapist, Adam Sankowski, of the Harvard Medical School in Massachusetts General Hospital, says:

… by putting on the right soundtrack at the right time we can actually sleep better, exercise harder…

Which explains why music can be an instant mood booster.

Going a little further, how about singing along?

Singing a song requires a more active engagement than listening.

Close your eyes. Sing your favourite happy song. There is nothing else between you and your voice.

Let the song (and your voice) lift your spirit.

4. Say and Believe That “It, Too, Shall Pass”

You may be in the office or in the middle of a busy shop.

A bellow of laughter may cause more harm than do you good. Singing a song may not be an option. Even humming is out of the question.

You’re in such a foul mood that making a fake smile is arduous.

Here comes your saviour.

Declare yourself that:

It, too, shall pass.

This foul mood isn’t the first. Certainly won’t be the last.

But like the one you had the other day, it’ll soon pass, too.

Just remember that a foul mood will stay with you as long as you give time for.

Take a deep breath while saying “it, too, shall pass”. Breathe out slowly.

As you do, say the same words even more slowly. Repeat a few times.

This effortless exercise will keep you calm, dragging you out of the foul mood.

5. Tidy Up Your Immediate Surroundings

Feels like cleaning is the last thing you want to do?

Think again.

For a start, it makes you move. Being physically active, no matter how brief, gets your blood to circulate.

Anything is better than sitting on the spot and brooding when you’re in a bad mood.

Chuck pile of laundry into a washing machine. Hoover the room you’re in. Clean the desk – sort out the messy papers.

Put the scattered pens and markers back to a drawer. Take a plate and cups to the kitchen. Wipe the desk and chair.

If the physical activity weren’t enough to boost your mood, the refreshing smell of laundry and the tidy desk will certainly do the job.

6. Call Up a Person Who Makes You Smile and Vent

Shoot a text to or call someone who makes you smile.

This person knows you so well that, from one word you send or utter, she can detect your foul mood and help you out of it.

Maybe you had a crazy night out recently.

Sometimes a small inside joke between you two is all it takes to boost your mood.

7. See Funny Videos or Read Funny Quotes

Keep a reservoir of all things funny that make you laugh out loud.

Have a look at funny YouTube videos. Read funny quotes. Check out your favourite comedian’s twitter feeds.

There is always something that makes us laugh and lifts our spirits instantly.

8. Reminiscing Through Old Photos – Indulge In Nostalgia

Flip through old photos.

Our old photos take us to a particular place and time. They evoke feelings and make us remember people, surroundings, food, buildings, streets, weather, smell and so on.

Old photos bring out positive emotions out of us, swiftly putting a smile on our face and boosting our mood.

9. Go Out and Take a Brisk Walk

Go outside. Take a quick power walk.

Distance yourself from a stressful environment.

Give your mind and body a much-needed respite. You’ll feel energised after the walk.

Appreciate scenery while walking. Observe people going about their business.

Not only does the fresh setting take your mind off your stressful situation, it also reminds you that there’s a whole world out there.

Whatever is going on inside your workplace or home is just a part of it.

10. Make a Plan for Your Favourite Hobby

Check out a new book. A newly released movie.

Make a plan to buy the book. Watch the new film. Meet up with a friend for dinner.

Having something to look forward to keeps your mind away from the things that keep you down.

They pale into insignificance and become bearable as you have something far exciting to look forward to.

Final Thoughts

These 10 instant mood boosters are easy to do.

All you need is taking one decisive act to defy the foul mood.

Use one or two things described above, lift the dark cloud over you and let yourself feel better.

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