2 Important Life Lessons We can Learn from Kids

Before I talk about important life lessons we can learn from kids, let me first say that I love children.

(As you probably do.)

And you’ll likely spend far more time with them than I do therefore more used to them.

So you may not ‘get’ why I would feel that small people could make me a tad nervous!

The main thing is that they’re super unpredictable.

I honestly can’t tell what they have in mind at any given moment and, most important, what they’re going to ask me next.

The questions they ask tend to look deceitfully simple, casual and innocent.

But surprisingly tricky to answer.

I’d explain as best as I can why the sky is blue, where ants or bees live or why they live where they live and etc.

Do you know what they say immediately after my answer?

They ask another question!

And with one word…


Honestly, I have huge respect for all parents. ha.

Kids are curious about everything.

But they don’t have all the vocabularies they need to express their thoughts yet.

They can’t formulate their questions in a coherent way to make sense of what they see around them.

So they ask the best way they know of.

With one word.


One long – what you consider – well thought out answer is immediately followed by another “why?”.

And you think you’ve already answered the question so you snap with:

I told you!

That’s enough!


Stop asking questions!

The very last thing any wise adult could do unless they want to kill the child’s curiosity.

Sadly, many parents do.

Incessant Curiosity

The important thing is not to stop questioning… Never lose a holy curiosity.
– Albert Einstein

So here’s the number one lesson we can learn from kids: incessant curiosity

Looking at the world around us with fresh eyes and an inquisitive mind, little kids question everything.

They are in awe with all things around them and absorb everything like a sponge.

We were once a kid with ample imagination and curiosity.

Somewhere along the way, we have ditched curiosity and settled into conformity, adopting a dull and boring life.

How to Reignite Childlike Curiosity?

Bring back childlike curiosity by asking questions, participating in new activities, mingling with others and having fun.

Curiosity opens up new ideas and knowledge. It keeps you sharp and smart. It makes learning fun. Keeps you stimulated. Makes living exciting.

So you continue to grow. Have a better understanding of other people and how the world works.

Remember the moment you stop asking questions and learning, you start dying.

Grudge Free

A life lived without forgiveness is a prison.
– William Arthur Ward

I remember looking after a friend’s kids when they were little.

One minute they would scream at each other, kicking and punching over a toy. Next minute, they would act like BFF.

Kids forget quickly.

Another lesson to learn from kids.

They don’t hold a grudge. They don’t have an ego or pride to put it above their own happiness.

As we grow, so do our ego and our pride.

When someone does wrong to us, our ego gets hurt. We hold a grudge against them.

We vow not to forget “injustice” and carry it to our grave.

Every time we think about the person, we let ourselves become bitter. Our blood pressure spikes. We live with a constant feeling of anger, frustration, stress and hostility.

We don’t realise that our ego and pride are blinding us. We’re blocking our inner peace and happiness by simmering grudges.

As an adult, we may not be able to simply forget like little kids do (and go back to play).

But we can seek inner peace and happiness by forgiving the wrongdoers.

Not because they’re worthy of your forgiveness but because we deserve to be free of negative emotions that affect our mental health and the quality of life.

We deserve to be happy.

Final Thoughts

Incessant curiosity and grudge free life are the two most important lessons we can learn from kids.

Reclaim child-like curiosity and put your own happiness above your ego and pride by forgiving the wrongdoers.

If you adopt these two lessons, you’ll live a happier and healthier life.

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