4 Reasons to Start a Blog, Like, ALREADY

There are many reasons why you might want to start a blog.

In fact, I can list as long as 20+ reasons.

But I’ve narrowed them down to 4 main reasons for you to ponder over.

The following 4 reasons will broadly cover the rest.

If any of them isn’t appealing to you, fluff isn’t going to, either.

They’ll just clog your time, right?

Among all things that are discussed in Money Habit Muse, “Why you should start a blog” is one topic that requires the least amount of time of your consideration.

Because you’l either get excited by it or feel “meh” about it.

Since you’re reading this though, you’re half in.

You’ll find at least one reason that strikes your chord here and convince you to start your own blog.

Make sure to become an action man/woman at the end of it though.

It’ll set you apart from 90% of the population who never take action.

Giving you a head start.

Below are 4 reasons why you’d want to start your own blog.

1. “Nobody Understands Me Anymore”

The world around you is not the same as you once knew.

After all the photos you share and stuff you endlessly talk about on Facebook and Instagram, you start feeling they are a bore to your friends.

You have tons more to say and show.

But you don’t want to torture your friends anymore.

You resort to talking to yourself more than you realise.

A family member gives you another “look” that says you are rambling about God knows what, again.

This setting may be exaggerating.

But do you see the person I see?

I’m picturing a person with a quirkiness that needs to be taken to a whole different level.

Your creativity and imagination have outgrown your immediate family and friends.

You need an outlet for your creativity.

You need a place to surround yourself with people who share your creative mind.

Dare I say you’re depriving the world of what richness your creative mind can add to other people’s lives.

Perhaps you always find writing relaxing as well as stimulating.

You can inspire others with your artistic skills. Or share your crafts creation with others. Teach them how to do it.

You can showcase your passion. Foster a creative environment for you and others.

A blog is a perfect place to let your creative juice flow.

You NEED it. Pronto.

2. “Show Me the Money”

By now, you’ve heard about making extra money blogging.

If you need a little inspiration, check out these super bloggers income reports. And see how much money they’re making.

The real question is how much as an individual we want to make. And how much time and effort we’re prepared to put in.

Making money blogging can take from 6 months to 4 years.

Like in real-life business, we reap as much as we sow.

Money is out there in abundance.

We just need to put in a lot of sweat with unbreakable determination. And a pinch of patience.

It’ll also open doors to other opportunities that you’ve never thought of.

You may land consulting gigs. Publish your own books. Or be invited to speaking engagements.

Your blog can lead you to become a freelance writer; write for other bloggers. Or companies that keep looking to add content to their websites.

Does it sound like you?

Well, what are you waiting for?

3. “God, There is Nothing More Exciting About Life Than Learning Something New Every Day”

Do you often get excited by learning new stuff? And constantly looking for a way of developing yourself as a person?

A blog has it all and more.

You can start from scratch with no prior knowledge.

You’ll learn the ins and outs of designing a website. How to implement what you learn. See the outcome. Keep learning. And continue to make it better.

It’s a fun way of learning many skills in one place.

You never thought of yourself as a sales and marketing person?

Welcome to the blogging world where you’ll be the master of all things from setting up a blog to promoting it.

As you write about your chosen topics, you’ll learn to collect your thoughts. Express them coherently. Improve your communication skills. And broaden your existing knowledge.

Blogging is one massive juggling act.

It forces you to manage your time better and disciplines you.

In a nutshell, you’ll become a planner, researcher, writer, web designer, communicator, sales/marketing person, curator, business owner and much more.

A blog will satisfy your endless desire for personal growth by leaps and bounds.

Are you up for this rewarding challenge?

4. “Our Business Offers a Great Product or Service – People Should Know About Us”

They definitely do!

A blog is a great supplement to your existing business.

You’ll increase your credibility. Broaden your customer base. Keep in touch with existing customers. Provide support and an update on products or services. And gather customers’ feedback.

Providing informative contents related to goods and services you offer is adding value to the existing and potential customers.

Your Own Playground Where You Hang Out with Like-minded People

Have you found your calling card yet?

Here is the thing:

The above 4 reasons aside, a blog is about creating a community.

Your own little playground where you interact with like-minded people.

Do you remember having your own circle of friends at school?

You hung around. Just clicked with one another in an ‘oh, she totally gets me’ way. It’s a fun and happy place to be. Surrounded by people who understand you.

A blog is the same. Birds of the same feathers… and all that.

Sounds good?

I have a very simple step by step guide.

Go on and have a read and start your exciting blogging journey TODAY.

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