7 Reasons I Like My Personal Development Blog

Running a personal development blog taught me plenty of lessons. I’ve outlined 7 reasons I like my personal development blog.

Not long after starting the blog, I had my doubt whether I should have focused on one niche.

And I’m glad I started out with a broad range of topics that all interest me.

As you can see, those topics are personal development, money, blogging (writing) and books I read.

By not limiting myself to a very specific niche, I give leeway to myself to talk about many things, never running out of stuff to learn and write about.

Or getting tired of.

If you’ve been thinking about starting your own blog and can’t decide whether you should focus on a specific topic or start with a broad range of topics, the chances are you’ll be wasting more time mulling over the options without taking the first step.

I’ve been there. Now I wish I’d started sooner.

Don’t get me wrong.

I understand the predicament.

You don’t want to just dive in without knowing whether it’ll succeed.

You don’t want to end up with what mostly feels like a pipe dream in the beginning.

The thing is, no matter how well you think you’re prepared, you’ll get lost plenty of times along the way with no guarantee of success.

But guess what.

Time still passes anyway.

You might as well get on with it and see where it takes you.

Whether starting a blog, running your first marathon, writing that book, learning salsa or going for your first bungee jumping, weighing things up too long will only likely make you stay put where you are.

Where you feel 100% comfortable. 

No one ever gets strong, sitting on a couch, gobbling up 18″ pizza and 1.5L coke while watching a series of reality shows or scrolling up and down the social media.

But what’s that got to do with liking my personal development blog?

Little did I know my personal development blog is the epitome of me getting off that comfy couch and diving into a very uncomfortable place.

Below are the reasons I like my personal development blog.

7 Reasons I Like My Personal Development Blog

1. Started This Time

I finally took action after thinking about starting a blog for a long time

Through my personal development blog, I voluntarily let myself be vulnerable to be judged and criticised.

It was a scary thing, but it’s also the only way to test whether I have what it takes to make a successful blog.

I could’ve spent more hours reading about other bloggers’ success stories.

Analysing the pros and cons of each topic. Learning the ins and outs of writing quality content without actually writing a single word.

I could’ve let my self-doubt win and convince me to stop dreaming.

My personal development blog is proof that I overcame the negativity and gave myself a chance to try.

2. Failed My Expectations

From the moment I published my first blog post, I had my expectations.

By month 3, I’ll have achieved this and that. By month 6, I’ll have met my target earnings and so on.

I’m nowhere near my expectations.

And it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen any time soon – if ever.

So how come do I like my personal development blog despite slow progress?

My personal development blog keeps me resilient.

3. Giving Up is Easy

My personal development blog reminds me how easy to give up.

All I have to do is to pull the plug. Not writing at all or updating old content. Stop promoting on Pinterest and so on.

I’ve bookmarked several bloggers who started around the same time I did.

Sadly, some of them seemed to have given up.

I don’t blame them.

I’ve gone through the temptation of giving up myself to the point I wanted to delete all my blog posts.

I ended up deleting about 100 unpublished posts in my draft and gave myself a couple of days’ break before starting all over again.

My blog is a reminder of my resolution to succeed.

It also reminds me that giving up is not the way to achieve it, but analysing the reasons for low traction and coming up with a plan to turn the tide is.

4. Perfection is Not the Ultimate Goal

I have lots of below average blog posts.

Although I wrote to my best ability at the time of publishing it, when I go back and re-read some of my old posts, I can’t help but cringe at them.

But I learn to embrace that imperfection.

A splendid thing about blogging is blog posts aren’t permanent. I can always update them with better sentence structure and so on.

As my craft improves, given time, so will the overall quality of my blog posts.

For that reason, I love the potential of my personal development blog.

5. Pushing Through the Pain Point

Physical exercise is the prime example of testing our pain point: we can feel it and measure it immediately.

If you do 50 squats daily, the moment you pass 50, you start feeling resistance.

Your brain tells you:

That’s enough. Stop now.

Most of us stop there.

Since I started my personal development journey, I learned the merit of pushing through the pain point.

Growth begins beyond the pain point.

If you want to grow stronger today than yesterday, it’s important to push through the pain point and get one or two more squats in than yesterday.

The same goes for my personal development blog.

Doing the same thing over and over stagnates progress. Doing a little more of things going well and testing out something different at the same time ensures progress.

My personal development blog is a reminder to put in more work in a progressive way than the previous day.

6. It’s Okay to Start with Imitation

You have to imitate before you can emulate.

– Will Gompertz

At the beginning of my blogging journey, I felt like I had no opinion of my own opinion on things. That I was parroting others’ ideas.

But my personal development blog became a resource centre where I put everything I learned about personal growth.

My blog has forced me to learn various aspects of personal growth that have influenced the way I think and form the worldview.

There’s no shame in expressing what you learned in your own words.

The trouble comes when you portray yourself as an expert in the field that you are not.

You’re deceiving yourself.

That act alone stifles your creativity and stops you from forming your own opinions and expressing them freely in your own words.

I like my personal development blog being a learning centre for myself, which I hope for someone else out there too.

7. It’s Okay to BE Yourself

In fact, there’s no other way to be.

No matter where you live, what you do or what colour your skin is, everyone goes through personal challenges and limitations.

Each of us has an arbitrary ceiling that caps our abilities by our own limiting beliefs or people around us.

My personal development blog taught me everyone’s journey is different because we all have varying degrees of abilities and challenges.

It’s entirely up to us whether we accept it as a permanent thing and do the very minimum.

Or do a little more than the previous day, push past daily pain threshold and crack open the invisible ceiling little by little.

We can begin by being ourselves; accepting all of our weaknesses and strengths.

Final Thoughts

I have plenty more reasons I like my personal development blog, but each point mentioned above sums up nicely.

The benefits of this seemingly never-ending tasks of making a successful blog far outweigh the frustration and self-doubt that I have been subjected to throughout my blogging journey.

I’ll continue to fight off the negativity that bubbles up and see where my personal development blog and the lessons I learn along the way will take me.

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