Why Do Bloggers Publish Income Reports? Money Talking is Taboo.

So you saw  “Super Bloggers Income Reports Who Made Their Phenomenal Income Less Than 5 Years”.

You can’t help but wonder why people are publishing earnings for the world to see.

I can’t blame you thinking that way since a lot of us grew up thinking (or being told) talking about money is a taboo.

But if you’re interested in making money blogging, we need a moment to think it through.

We can never convince ourselves to promote goods and products through our blog to make money unless we’re comfortable talking about money.

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We walk into a supermarket, knowing how much we expect to spend.

We pay for our coffee with knowledge of how much it is.

Ask a friend how much her rent costs when we plan to move to the same neighbouring area.

Share how much our dress costs when everyone compliments it.

Money is a tool in life. An essential tool at that.

And talking about it is the most natural thing.

Taboo Maybe to Trust Fund Babies

Sure, it may be taboo to those who had a comfortable and wealthy upbringing that allowed them to never have to talk about money.

But a lot of us grew up without even knowing what a trust fund meant.

I didn’t.

Did you?

We struggle for money. I

Money breaks a relationship. Hinders us from enjoying the best quality of life.

Talking about money is no different from talking about the weather.

We plan our trip depending on the weather. e.g. it’s a snowy day: I’m taking a train instead of driving

Popular bloggers who publish their income reports enable us to do research on a potential business (= our blog).

How much it’ll cost to set up. How much income we should aim to make. And how long it’ll take to make income and so on.

Is Blogging a Business?

But wait, isn’t making money blogging different?

You say?

Let’s say you find yourself in Amazon Jungle.

All things fatal in a rainforest, you’re dying for your morning coffee. ha.

You stumble upon a makeshift stand in the jungle with arrows and pictures.

The stand displays a maze of the map leading to your coffee. You have a vague idea but not the exact location.

You don’t want to mess around, setting off to the wrong direction and wasting a whole day.

So decide to ask for directions to the hunky man guarding the stand.

Thanks to him, reach your coffee destination much quicker than otherwise.

At dawn (before retreating to his hut), the jungle man collects a tin of biscuit for his cuppa from the coffee man.

Jungle Man, Coffee Man and You — All Happy

Jungle Man with a tin of biscuit, Coffee Man from selling his coffee and you with ‘life-saving’ coffee — everyone is happy.

Blogging is the same.

Blogging is about creating a community.

Connecting like-minded people.

People looking for the same thing that’ll benefit them e.g information, products or services.

An online community, the same as in real life, is made up of individuals.

With varying wants and needs: Jungle Man, Coffee Man and the Consumer.

Bloggers identify the need in the community.

Provide them with goods and services. Either developed by them or a third party they recommend.

It’s a win-win, right?

But Why Publish the Earnings

Now, each blogger may have his or her own reason to publish income reports.

The most common theme is accountability.

When you publicly show the current performance AND announce your plan for the following month, you’re bound to do your utmost to achieve your goals.

Wouldn’t you?

And there is transparency.

Sure, these bloggers have a vested interest in goods and services they promote.

But the income reports show they walk the talk.

Support their claim they’ve made so and so, doing what they’re showing others to do.

From Zero to Beyond

Every successful blogger has started from ground zero.

Publishing income reports with such an enormous amount of money is also to say to us:

If I can do this, so can you.

Isn’t that wonderful?

This is a fair summary of why they publish their earnings.

The amount of work, dedication, resilience and patience they must have is beyond imagination.

The best part?

We can pick up valuable information from their detailed sources of income.

Now, what will you do with them?

Time to have a crack at it, me think 🙂

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