The Best Writing Tool for Blogging – Grammarly

Did you finally pluck up the courage to create your own blog?


Blimey, wasn’t it hard to make up our mind and just get on with it?

I know what one thing that scared you though.

It’s your darn English.

I mean, you can talk.

But when you try to put words on paper, you seem to make so many mistakes.

You cringe at obvious typos and often say:

Why did I miss that?

It frustrates you.

I know the feeling.

Especially after sending an important email.

One of my life mottos is, “don’t take yourself too seriously.”

And I’m pulling my hair out over tiny errors on an email I just sent.


But it’s in the past now thanks to the wonderful tool, Grammarly.

I’ll show you what Grammarly can do for your writing, too.

You won’t get frustrated or disheartened any more.

You’ll become a confident blogger.

Here are a few mistakes we’re prone to make

See how many spelling errors you can spot below.

John: Hey, where’s my phone?
Amy: It isn’t their? Wait, its in the bathroom.
John: Your cute when your forgetful.
Amy: (um.. but its youre phone.)

You’ve seen the errors like this from blogs, books and your own writing, right?

I see them all the time.

Especially, when I read books by a self-published author on Kindle Unlimited. I swear I don’t go out of my way looking for them.

They just jump out at me.

Typos stop a flow of reading and can be irritating.

But I don’t judge the quality of books or blogs by typos.

These are mistakes, after all.

I often email the author and let them know.

I’m thinking, you know, how much work they must have put in.

They would want to have an error-free work presented to readers, right?

I also thank them for their wonderful work after enjoying the book.

But not everyone is like me.

Many people are put off by simple grammatical errors.

Not only that. They judge the entire work based on those errors.

And get this: they also conclude what kind of books the author is going to write in future.

You only have to read negative feedback left for the self-published authors on Amazon.

The writers lose their credibility straight away. Labelled lazy and amateurish.

Many readers just don’t take them or their work seriously.

Don’t Lose Your Readers on Trivia

It’s the same with your blog posts.

If your posts are riddled with too many schoolboy errors, your potential readers will judge you.

Make their mind about your content before reading them.

Leave as quickly as they find you and never come back.

For such trivial errors, penalties are severe..

The worst thing of all?

Sometimes, we can’t see our own errors in our work. Even if they’re staring at us. We just can’t spot them.

That’s where an awesome tool, Grammarly, comes in.

Unlike your grumpy sister, Grammarly is only too happy to help you out.

How and What does Grammarly do?

Grammarly highlights those mistakes we saw earlier.

Do basic grammar and spelling checks for us.

You either change the errors as you write. Or do it later on your editing stage.

See the errors flagged here.

The details of errors are highlighted and suggested with correction.

Handy, isn’t it?

Now you go and correct them.

Viola:  full marks now.

Do you see “Advanced Issues” and “Vocabulary enhancement”? (More on those later.)

Sign Up for Grammarly Free Account

Sign up for Grammarly here for the free account.

It’s super easy to use. And simple to implement.

You can add a Chrome extension on your browser.

Every time you write e.g your blog post or email, Grammarly is there to help you.

I’m using the free version.

But the premium version offers more: alternative words, suggestions tailored to your writing style, plagiarism detector and so on.

“Advanced Issues” and “Vocabulary enhancement” we saw earlier are available in the premium account.

Here’s what Grammarly says about two different accounts.

I’m intrigued by “genre-specific writing style checks”.

If you’re keen on getting suggestions tailored to your writing style ( and not on a tight budget like me), you might want to try the premium account.

There you go.

Go on and now enjoy writing with no fear of tiny errors.

My Favourite Writing Tools

Grammarly (Free) – a great writing tool. Help you with spelling and grammar errors. It’s SO worth it even if all you do is writing an email or on social media.

BlueHost – get a super easy and reliable hosting plan from BlueHost. They also give you a free domain name for one year. Sign up here and start your blog in a few minutes.

Namecheap – get a dirt-cheap domain name if you change your mind and fancy a new domain name later (like I did).

Tailwind – an absolute must-have for Pinterest to schedule hundreds and thousands of pins and save tons of time. Sign up here and get one month free!

Mailerlite – another must-have to create email marketing campaigns: sign up forms, landing pages, surveys and so on; free up to 1,000 subscribers.

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