Blogging Update: Font Size, Bounce Rate, Failing SMART Plan and More

So I gave my blog a little makeover.

This is one of my desperate attempts to reduce a high bounce rate.

After updating some old content and a little tweak on the layout, I see it gone down by 1%.

Result! ha (Not much, I know, but I’ll take it).

Since over 80% of readers are on mobile, I thought I’d increase my already standard font size so my mobile users have a better experience on my blog (and hopefully, stay longer!).

I’m not a massive fan of the big font size on the desktop, but I’m reminding myself it’s about you, my readers (not me).

Why Font Size Matters

Blogging Update: Font Size, Bounce Rate, Failing SMART Plan and More

Have you ever tried to read blog posts that make your eyes squint?

I know I have. I had to give up a few times because it got too frustrating.

It’s a real shame though, as the content was good.

Tiny font size makes little sense. It’s like you’re chasing your readers away.

The standard font size is 16px (12pt or 1em). This is medium.

The bigger the better (within reason).

Anything smaller than 16px is too small and bad for user experience.

I had 17px before, but now it’s 20px. And my bounce rate already has fallen by 1%.

So I’ll see how it goes before making changes again.

Blogging is about constantly experimenting.

If you’re blogging to make money, user friendly font size is super important.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who abandons a blog amidst reading because of the tiny font size.

Why Bounce Rate Important?

When you visit your favourite blogger, what do you do?

You likely scroll page after page, right?

That’s what I do, anyway.

Writing is so engaging I can’t help but read more and more.

So, from my high bounce rate, I know my writing isn’t up to scratch: sad reality I’m facing.

I’ve known this from the beginning, which is why I did my 100 Day Publishing Every day Challenge.

I don’t see any other way to improve my writing, but to write!

In case you want to support poor-me, please read one more page after this! (I don’t even feel bad about asking. ha)

Bounce rate shows you whether your content is worthwhile for your readers’ time.

My SMART Plan Not Going Well

If you’ve read my SMART plan blog post, you’ll likely know I was aiming for 200 posts.

At the time of writing, my plan was to publish 49 blog posts within 2 months to make 200 posts.

Now I have 41 more posts to publish with 33 days to go!

As you can see, I’m quite behind my plan. It doesn’t look like I’ll hit the target.

I’ve had some setbacks which were quite a blow to my blogging progress. Maybe I’ll write about them another time.

Those setbacks prompted me to go through every post and improve it!

That’s what I’ve been doing for about over 10 days straight. Published 3 new posts during the time.

Still, tons to go through.

I don’t feel bad about being behind my SMART plan because my priority has changed from reaching 200 posts to updating every post to increase pageviews and reduce bounce rates.

Education is Irrelevant to Blogging Success

I have a well-educated acquaintance who spends hours and hours in library researching and writing his blog posts.

He’s frustrated by a lack of success because he’s nowhere near the numbers he has seen by other successful bloggers.

Your background doesn’t matter one bit. 

Although a very few successful bloggers are dry as Sahara desert in her writing, most successful bloggers show personality through writing.

Personality speaks to readers. It grabs and holds readers’ attention.

Readers find them relatable, so they remain loyal.

The last time I checked, education has nothing to do with personality.

This is another area I struggle as I don’t seem to be able to increase engagement.

Maybe my writing voice just sucks! ha

All the more reason to THANK YOU for subscribing here and following me on Pinterest!

Pinterest / Tailwind (Tribes) Promo

I haven’t created a new pin for a few weeks now.

I used to create 7 or 8 pins for each post and scheduled them on Tailwind.

For the past few weeks, I mostly re-pinned the most re-pinned pins to group boards and Tailwind Tribes, not adding fresh pins.

While updating the content, I hardly did anything on Pinterest, which explains a big drop of monthly unique viewers from 1.3m to 990.8K.

I expected this.

But I made sure I spent some time re-pinning tons of tribes members’ pins from Tailwind Tribes because I like returning the favour.

So, the other day, I re-pinned 100+ pins from other Tribe members in one sitting!

Thank you for sharing my pins (if you’re one of them!).

If I haven’t returned the favour, it’s because our niche is different or your pin is taking me to:

  • A Podcast page
  • An opt-in form
  • A blank page / Error page
  • A very short content page
  • Your home page

Or you have:

  • A tiny square pin
  • A pin with a foreign language!

I check every pin before re-pinning them to avoid spam site.

Spam pins can lead you to a Pinterest ban!

So you’ll be safe to pin any pins in my account.

If they’re from my website, 99.99% will lead you to a content page.

I know it helps when you’re too busy to check every pin and its content.

It helps me!

Update: I still attempt to return the favour to tribe members who repin mine but can no longer do 1:1 due to high volume. 

Going Forward

I’m planning to create tons of pins in the next few days and promo like mad.

I have enough blog posts so upgrading content and promoting it has to take a priority over publishing now.

I still write every day. It’s the first thing I do.

Update: since this post, my Pinterest monthly unique viewers has grown to 1.7m. I stopped pinning to group boards and only pinned to my boards for about a month. All Pinterest stats have gone up faster than before. 

Few Things I’m Not Too Sure

Blogging communities: I have joined none.

Making a comment on other blogs: have done 3 times since I started blogging.

I don’t know whether I should invest time doing this. Some say yes and others no.

I guess the only way to find out is trying myself.

I also haven’t started Facebook. Again, I’m not sure if it’s worthwhile to do.

Final Thoughts

Although I’m far from being an expert blogger, I learned that font size matters for user experience. A high bounce rate likely shows your content isn’t good quality.

And it’s okay to fall behind your blogging plan when you have a good reason for it.

Most of all, blogging is a never-ending process of learning and experimenting.

My Favourite Writing Tools

Grammarly (Free) – a great writing tool. Help you with spelling and grammar errors. It’s SO worth it even if all you do is writing an email or on social media.

BlueHost – get a super easy and reliable hosting plan from BlueHost. They also give you a free domain name for one year. Sign up here and start your blog in a few minutes.

Namecheap – get a dirt-cheap domain name if you change your mind and fancy a new domain name later (like I did).

Tailwind – an absolute must-have for Pinterest to schedule hundreds and thousands of pins and save tons of time. Sign up here and get one month free!

Mailerlite – another must-have to create email marketing campaigns: sign up forms, landing pages, surveys and so on; free up to 1,000 subscribers.

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