The Simple Truth About Making Your Life Better

Little things we do daily can tell us just how serious we are about making our life better.

Like most people, you probably have a few bright ideas about making your life better.

You’re fed up with the soul-destroying job. The job has become a means to an end.

You’re looking for a way out.

Can’t wait to put your soul into where your heart belongs, which will ultimately improve your life.

Your genuine passion is perhaps writing a book.

Or you just want to make some extra cash to save up for next holiday. Maybe you always wanted to run your own business. Learn to play the piano. Start your blog. Find someone to share your life with.

You know the thing that keeps hammering down on your brain.

It keeps telling you:

Let’s do it!.

You might have tried once or twice. And gave up. But you still have that longing that never goes away.

Or you might not have tried it yet. And it’s always in the back of your mind. Nagging you.

Besides, so many people appear to live the life you want to live.

Why can’t I do the same?

You bellow.

So, you decide to give it a go (or another go).

Will This Time Any Different?

What do you think?

How can you tell that you won’t easily give up this time around and you have reasons to be optimistic about your latest endeavours?

Consider this:

9-5 Job, Daily Routine and Life-Changing Habit

I always dreamed to start my own business.

One day while on my lunch break, an advertisement caught my attention.

Why don’t I go and check it out and see what’s out there?

So off I went after work.

When I arrived at the advertised place, I found a full of animated people in a big conference room.

It turned out to be about Herbalife marketing, which I haven’t heard of.

I was shy and a little awkward, and I found it difficult to approach others.

They looked super smart and intimidating.

I decided then it wasn’t for me.

After one such feeble attempt, I stopped looking for opportunities and, dutifully, spent the next few years working for the man, helping him pay for his mortgage and live a luxurious life.

After work, I went home, turned on the TV, made dinner and watched Eastenders (a popular soap opera in the UK).

Did the washing up and watched more TVs. Then went to bed.

On weekends, I slept in and watched more TV.

That was me being firmly attached to my hamster wheel.

A Friend in a Different League

My friend, on the contrary, had a different routine.

He also had a full-time job. But he got a side project going, building his own business in his spare time.

Oddly enough (for me, anyway), he’s someone who takes a shower in the evening, not in the morning as I do.

That wasn’t what put us in a separate league table in life.

In fact, his routine didn’t seem massively different at first glance.

After work, he went home, turned on the TV (took a shower), cooked dinner and watched TV while eating dinner. Did his washing ups.

He then switched off the TV and started working on his side project until bedtime.

The difference in our routines was so tiny.

Yet, it changed the trajectory of our lives.

Your New Daily Routine

This is the surefire way to tell if you’re serious about your new resolutions this time around.

If your routine is the same as before, the chances are you aren’t taking another attempt seriously.

It’s just confined in your mind, as it has been for a long time.

CHANGED-YOU would have this new thing going. You’d have a new daily routine.

  • Wake up one or two hours early before you go to work.
  • Stay up an extra hour before going to bed.
  • Spend weekends working on a side project instead of going out.
  • Find the horrible traffic jam even enjoyable now: listening to a podcast or an audiobook.

You’re so motivated that you do things without so much force.

The side project (or any new endeavour) has become your passion. Your obsession.

It has become more important to you than your day job.

That’s how my friend got to live life on his terms.

He too was tired after a long day’s work.

But the desire to make his life better was so strong it won the physical tiredness.

Along with the possibilities of what he could’ve created, the excitement of learning new skills, growing as a person and finding the purpose and direction in life were stronger than just working to make a living.

Simple Truth About Making Our Life Better

For a long time, I hated being average.

Everything about me and my life was mundane, mediocre and average.

But if I really, I mean really wanted to be more than average, I’d have made different choices: better choices.

I’d have worked my socks off so I wouldn’t stay average.

Now I know it all came down to making the right choice with my day.

The “Lost” Time and the Potential Lessons

I spent many days regretting the “lost” time and what I could’ve achieved had I made better choices and spent my time wisely.

Even if I’d failed at everything I tried all that time, I would’ve stacked up valuable lessons along the way.

Lessons that we could only learn by trial and error.

Final Thoughts

As Karen Lamb said:

A year from now you may wish you had started today.
– Karen Lamb

As it stands, that’s all that matters right now when we realise the importance of the choices we make and our daily routine.

Small details in our daily routine may seem insignificant.

But they give us a validation that we’re serious this time around enough to change our routine and create the dream life we so desire.

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