Your Greatest Competitor, Your Greatest Friend and Your Greatest Enemy

Every one of us has our greatest competitor, our greatest friend and our greatest enemy.

The question is are you aware of them?

Don’t go too far searching for them.

Because they’re with you 24/7.

They won’t leave you. Ever.

That can be a good thing or bad thing depending who’s sitting in the driving seat.

Here are some clues for you to identify them.

At the end of this post, you’ll be able to tell who’s the dominator within you. And trust me: you’ll want to know!

Your Greatest Competitor

Your greatest competitor annoys the H out of you.

She demands your best all the freaking time.

It’s exhausting!

You wish she would back down a little. So you could rest a bit.

But no, she won’t let you do that. She keeps pushing you as if she knows your limit: how far you can push yourself.

She makes you crazy because she always reminds you that you could’ve done more and better.

One thing that can be said about her though is that she did make you stronger over the years.

Your past experience says that when you let her win, you’re screwed.

You’ve learned to do just about anything to avoid that happening.

That means no matter how tired you are today or how tempting to waste your time doing fun stuff, you won’t.

You want to win your greatest competitor every single day of your life.

Your Greatest Friend

Your greatest friend knows everything about you, your mood, fears, self-doubt, success, failure, your ambition and, basically, everything about you.

She is the only person in the entire universe you can truly rely on.

The one person who will never ever betray you and have you in her best interest.

When everyone turns their back on you or doesn’t care about you, she’s right there with you, making you smile, listening attentively to every word you say and even making you forget your life troubles.

She cheers you on and takes care of you.

She’ll never leave you nor will she let you suffer alone.

You can count on her 100 per cent to be on your side.

Your Greatest Enemy

Your greatest enemy wants to destroy you.

Simple as that.

She wants to take you down to a self-destructive path.

If you’re struggling, she is the first person to say “give up already”, clapping her hands.

If you’re happy with your life, she’ll find a flaw and makes sure you know about it.

She can’t wait to tell you:

You’re too happy and you don’t deserve it.

She hurls insults at you at every opportunity, putting you down and criticising you.

She keeps getting in your way because her sole purpose of existing is to bring you down to her low level.

She’s complacent and lazy and complains like there’s no tomorrow.

She knows every bad habit you can think of, dangling them in front of you and pushes them in your way all the time.

She likes comfort, familiarity and food (oh, LOTS of food!).

Did You Find Them All?

What if I tell you they all reside in you?

Yep, we human beings are that dimensional.

It’s kinda exciting to imagine to have our greatest competitor, our greatest friend and our greatest enemy within us, in one place.

Neat, right?

The problem is they’re competing with each other to dominate.

A power struggle is real.

Pecking order is frequently called for.

It’s up to you.

Your greatest competitor knows your potential.

She demands you to look within and compete with her, only her.

She knows you have something special to offer to the world.

So she keeps pushing you to go beyond your limit. She reminds you:

Don’t go and compare to someone else. Look at me. Beat me. Only me.

Now, what does your greatest friend want?

She wants you to let her love you and take care of you, your body and soul. That’s all she ever wants. She’s an amazing friend. The best!

Then you have your greatest enemy.

She’s your fast lane to self-destruction. She does her utmost to show you temptations and take you down to a dark road.

Final Thoughts

If you’re having the finest day, don’t be too hasty.

You might let your greatest enemy run wild and ruin it the next day.

Guard your thoughts and actions at all times.

Watch out who you let dominate you among your greatest competitor, your greatest friend and your greatest enemy.

Your life depends on who’s in the driving seat. 

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