How to Build Healthy Daily Habits to Improve Life

Some of us go about habit forming in the wrong way, making it unnecessarily difficult to stick to it. Find out if you’re doing it wrong.

My post about 7 Healthy Daily Habits is one of the most popular blog posts I’ve written so far.

I’m thrilled to bits that this post attracts steady traffic and many people seem to find them helpful.

Which shows that lots of people are keen on having healthy daily habits to improve life.

It makes sense because how we live our day is how we live our life.

But it might also suggest that many people are struggling with creating the right daily habits.

No surprise there.

It’s one thing to know the importance of daily habits, but it’s another thing to nail it and own it, right?

Forming the Right Habits to Improve Life

Maybe you’ve read about my 7 daily habits or similar blog posts about building healthy daily habits.

You know what habits you want to build to improve your life, but you’re having difficulty in creating and sticking to them.

Below are a few things you might want to consider so you can build successful daily habits.

How to Build Healthy Daily Habits to Improve Life

1. Don’t Feel Pressured to Copy Others Just for the Sake of it

Maybe you’ve tried to become a morning person after reading lots of successful people waking up at crazy hours.

According to the prevailing early birds, you’re supposed to feel energetic with full of will power in the morning.

Except for you feeling disorientated and unfocused.

And it seems to take several hours for you to fully wake up after waking up!

You just can’t function in the morning.

Which means the morning may not be your best productive time.

Who says there’s only one way to peel onions.

All kinds of people, not just the early birds, achieve success in life.

Many people work at night, burning candles who incidentally find late-night more productive.

Listen to your body and find YOUR most productive time of day.

Just make sure you’re fully rested with the right amount of sleep.

You’ll find that sound sleep has a more positive impact on your day than the time you wake up.

2. Don’t Go In Like You Want to Prove Something

The entire purpose of adopting a new habit and testing it out is to see if it helps you better yourself.

Don’t experiment with a competitive edge or wrong attitude like:

Heck, I’ll prove you wrong.

Not only are you missing the points, you’re wasting your most valuable asset, your time.

We evolve constantly. We can adopt new things.

Something you hated when growing up can become your favourite activities in your 20s.

Which is why it’s always worthwhile to experiment again, and again.

You just never know how it’ll improve your life the 2nd or 3rd time around.

3. Be Ready to Fill Your Mind with New Knowledge and Experiences

It’s a long-winded way of saying: stay open-minded.

Approach every opportunity with an attitude to learn something from it.

If you think you know everything, you can’t learn.

What you think you already know stops you from seeing things from a different angle.

When you read a book for the 2nd time, you pick new nuisance you’ve missed the first time around because you’ve evolved.

You’re reading the book in a different stage of your life.

And there’s a new lesson waiting for you.

A closed mind person never picks the same book again.

She thinks she knows everything and misses the opportunity to see things and learn with a different perspective.

4. See It Through

If you aim to write 10 ideas every day, for example, commit to it for at least 30 days.

In the grand scheme of things, 30 days is seriously nothing.

But when you see it through, its upside is massive.

By the end of 30 days, you’ll see the improvement your daily habit has made on you and your life.

And you’ll want to stick to it.

Make 30-Day challenge a crucial part of your personal development.

I made many things in the list above permanent or semi permanent habits after the 30 day challenge.

5. Make A Tight Link

Every day, you do something without thinking.

Maybe it’s making your first cup of coffee as you wake up, taking a shower or brushing teeth.

During lunchtime, you may check your social media whilst having your lunch.

Think about the things you do automatically every day, sneak in one habit and link it to the activity.

For example, after your lunch but before checking social media, quickly jot down 10 ideas for a side hustle.

Image how many ideas you’ll have after 30 days.

Not only that, you’ll train your mind to be creative and actively seek opportunities.

Want to declutter your mind before creating a new habit? Download this quick and effective checklist and catch your top 3 worst time-wasting activities and remove them from your life!

6. One Habit At A Time

If you try to build several habits, you’ll likely feel overwhelmed and give up.

It’s better to focus on one healthy habit at a time.

Choose one habit that will make the biggest impact on you. 

The good thing about building a habit is it’s never about one habit, even if you start with one and zero in on it.

The effect spreads to other areas of your life.

If you write 10 ideas for a side hustle or your life goals every day, you’ll likely spend more time thinking about them, visualising them, making a plan and taking action on one of those ideas.

You’ll likely watch less TV but learn a new skill, read more books, create a blog or write your first eBook.

It’s never about just one habit you pick. 

Final Thoughts

I failed multiple times in the past when I wanted to build a healthy habit because I tried to change too many things all at once.

When I realised one habit created a rippling effect on all areas of my life, I got more relaxed and enjoyed the entire process of building healthy habits.

Trust you can create and build healthy habits easily and focus on one at a time. 

Avoid copying others for the sake of it. Instead, try to find your own rhythm. And remember, the only person you want to impress is you.

Stay open-minded, undertake a 30 day challenge and see it through.

Make habit forming easy by linking it to daily activities.

You’ll surely build healthy habits that’ll have a lasting impact on you and your life.

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