Popular Blog Posts Roundup (Halfway Through My 100 Day Challenge)

Today is Day 51 since I started publishing a blog post every day.

I started the challenge to improve my writing, gain clarity of thoughts, improve communication skills, and so on.

I posted about the whole reasons and my frustration over writing in my Day 1 post here.

Below are popular blog posts from the past 50 days of writing every day.

“Popular” here means most read or viewed in my blog.

If you’ve come across 1 or 2 posts before, here’s an opportunity for you to check out the posts that other readers enjoyed the most and you might too.

I’m so humbled that people visit my blog and READ what I have to say.

Also, I haven’t had one nasty comment (yet). phew.

I’ll embrace it all, so leave a comment to your heart’s desire.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank you for subscribing, reading, and following me on Pinterest.

If you have any suggestions at all, please drop me a line.

Here are my top 15 most read or viewed blog posts from the last 50 days, during which I posted every day.

UPDATE: my 100 Day Challenge is complete now. You can read about them below, in order, before, during, and after the challenge.

Top 15 Most Read/Viewed Blog Posts from the Last 50 Days

Life Lessons

I’m shocked to find these two posts at the top of the list.

These were the lessons I’ve learned from my life full of mistakes.

It’s great to see that readers seem to resonate with my experiences.

Fall in Love with Yourself

I’m proud of this one.

Not because it’s of super quality—none of my blog posts are—but because I strongly feel it’s the very first step to taking to live our lives to the fullest.

Seriously, everyone should master all the things in this post.

Negative Self-Talk

I don’t know if it’s good or bad to have this post among the popular ones.

I feel like I’m inadvertently leading readers to focus on the wrong thing.

My intention was to help others be aware of negative thoughts. Then replace them with the following:

Positive Self-Talk

I feel kind of sad this post reached the bottom of the list of popular blog posts.

Because I suffered from an inferiority complex for a long time, and this simple step turned my life around.

I hoped others (like me) would achieve the same and free themselves once and for all from self-doubt.

Maybe there aren’t many people like me…

Get to Know Yourself Well

I imagine some of my readers sit in the corner of a quiet cafe and go through this list.

What a pleasant image, huh?

I’m telling you, it’s my favourite daydream!

Had I done this exercise now and then during my full-time employment, I’d have had a more fulfilling life.

So, kudos to you for reviewing your awesome life regularly.


Ah, the pain of decision paralysis!

Check out Seth Godin‘s way of thinking mentioned in the post.

I applied the same principle to my 100-Day Challenge.

I decided once.

Not thinking about it again (except on Day 1; I almost changed it to the “30 Day Challenge” ).

Overcome Procrastination

Another surprising one for me

I guess we all suffer from procrastination.

I bet even the queen of productivity will succumb to it once in a while.

Anyway, I hope the simple trick in the post works for you to eliminate the unwelcome I-will-do-it-tomorrow habit.


Why do we have to be so nice to put others first or care about others’ opinions, huh?

I think it’s one of the primary reasons we can’t let ourselves be happy (and sabotage our own happiness).

Only if everyone knew how liberating it was to ditch “the caring too much thing”.

Positive Signs

All very positive signs of living the best life you truly deserve.

I’m rooting for your wonderful life!


Here’s something to think about for a perpetual whiner.

Definitely not you (I think).

Debt Quotes

I should’ve taken them to heart in my early 20s, but it’s never too late.

So That’s It

My top 15 most read or viewed blog posts from the past 50 days, which I posted every day.

You might also want to check out the posts below. They’re from the last three days, which didn’t gain traction yet.

Book Review

I’m reviewing the books I’ve read since I started my blog, not including the books I read before.

Have only 3 books – it’s slow going.

The first one is literally life-changing—a book you’d want to gift to all your friends and family.

The second one is a must-read for non-fiction writers and bloggers.

The last one: you decide.

The Best Place to Get Books
Public Library: Get a library card and sign up for Libby. Enjoy full access to thousands of FREE physical books, ebooks, and audiobooks.
AmazonSign up for a 30-day free trial of Kindle Unlimited for immediate access to unlimited reading and unlimited audiobooks.
Blinkist: Short on time? Join 7 million people who love reading a book summary. Sign up for Blinkist’s 7-Day Free Trial.

Blog Posts Before My 100-Day Challenge

Below are the posts prior to my 100-Day Challenge.

They all attract steady pageviews each month.

Thinking About Starting Your Own Blog?

If you’re thinking about starting your own blog but writing scares you, don’t be.

Just dive in and give yourself a chance to learn as you go along.

I wish I’d started sooner.

Below are some blog-related posts that might interest you, all of which were written before this challenge.

Final Thoughts

Wow, this whole post unintentionally became an archive.

If you’ve read this far, thank you!

So, I have 15 posts (out of 50) worthwhile to mention.

I will not bang my head against a wall and weep over 35 underperforming posts. I’m too grateful for my readers to do such a thing.

I’ll go back to each post and improve as much as I can.

Thank you again for sticking around. I’ll soldier on and keep writing every day for the next 49 days and planting a seed…

My Favourite Writing Tools

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BlueHost – get a super easy and reliable hosting plan from BlueHost. They also give you a free domain name for one year. Sign up here and start your blog in a few minutes.

Namecheap – get a dirt-cheap domain name if you change your mind and fancy a new domain name later (like I did).

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