10 Advantages of eBooks (that will Make You Read More)

If there is one thing in common among personal development fanatics like you and me, it would be reading.

We consider reading to be a vital part of personal growth and want to read more.

By the time you finish reading this blog post, you’ll be sure that, with eBooks, you’re definitely going to read more than before.

Much more.

Over the past three or four years, I’ve read hundreds of books, fiction and non-fiction.

I was becoming a book addict all because of eBooks.

So if you haven’t fully embraced eBooks yet, here’s my experience.

It’ll give you some insights and in no time will you find yourself hooked on ebooks and read more books.

Irrational Stubbornness

When eBooks were gaining popularity, I resisted it.

I loved my physical books so much it felt like I was ‘betraying’ them.

See the unhealthy emotional attachment there? ha. It was a weird thing.

I also had the odd ‘belief’ that eBooks would lessen my reading experience. Seriously, I don’t know where that came from.

It’s just that because I loved my physical books so much that I seemed to have attached many reasons I should hold on to them.

Oh, there’s one more (quite embarrassing) reason I held onto physical books.

I was vain!

You know when you have visitors and they say, “wow, you have so many books!” 

The comments like that make you feel clever. Or look clever.

People would assume I must be clever, having read all those books. How I fooled them!

Perhaps that’s why some YouTubers have their study room full of books in the background. Displaying like a prize they have won.

It would’ve impressed my old self, but now I know better. I say, “gosh, all those books – wait until you have to move” ha.

Naturally, that’s the number one benefit of eBooks over physical books.

1. So Easy to Carry Around

Whether you’re moving to a new place or popping into a local coffee shop, all you need is your electric reading device: your smartphone, tablet, iPad, laptop or any other reading device.

It doesn’t matter whether a book contains 1,000+ pages or 20 pages.

All of your books – hundreds and thousands – are nicely “stacked” in one (tiny and slim) place, which you can carry with you and read anywhere and anytime.

2. Saving Shelve Space

Throughout your career, you’ll move several times.

You take your books with you. They feel like your treasure. Do relocation a few times. You feel the burden of books you’ve accumulated over the years.

You’re going to deal with them one time or another: I gave away most books in the end.

With eBooks, no more packing and unpacking. No more shelf space. No more worrying about a small space to keep all your books.

3. Bedroom Friendly

My bedroom is the comfiest place to read, so I read every night.

And I love not having to hold a thick book with both hands or keep my bedside lamp on.

eBooks make reading more comfortable and relaxing than physical books.

4. Binge Reading

If you stumble upon a unique author you really like, eBooks likely make you read one book after another without moving much.

You can download your next book instantly and start reading it right away.

A traditional trip down to the bookstore and queue in the line or, if ordered online, the waiting time till it’s delivered, all this would’ve slowed down reading.

Now the sheer speed and convenience of ebooks make it easy to binge read and make you a book addict.

eBooks make you read more and faster.

5. Fresh Perspective

Every new experience is a chance to peek at the inner workings of our mind.

The moment the transition to eBook is complete, you learn yet again how irrational your perspective can be.

Physical books have no real benefits over eBooks other than we may love the smell of them and the sentiment we associate with them, which dies quickly after the transition.

Our preference for physical books isn’t out of practicality and functionality: it’s an old habit.

Like most habits, we won’t know the benefit of alternative until we let go of the old habit and replace it with the new.

6. Better Value

eBooks require fewer resources to produce than physical books: no paper printing, no paperback covers, no packaging cost and no shipping cost.

So authors can price eBooks lower than physical books.

Naturally, eBooks save you money and time.

7. Easy on the Eyes

With eBooks, you can choose the most friendly format for your eyes!

You can choose your preferred font type. Increase or reduce the font size. Choose a single space or double space text format. Alter the brightness of the screen.

eBooks make your reading experience optimal.

8. Download Highlights

You can download all your highlights with a couple of clicks: no more note-taking of your favourite lines.

This is a massive time-saver, which makes your reading experience, from start to finish, easy, fast and convenient.

And we definitely want to save time, don’t we?

9. Environment-Friendly

According to this site, eBooks are far more environmentally friendlier than physical books.

It says:

Ebooks save the energy consumed by book production, save trees from destruction, reduce the use of paper, eliminate packing materials and the energy associated with packaging and delivery, and reduce the energy and pollution needed to recycle or dispose of old books.

10. Vanity Buster

It probably applies to me only (or maybe not!).

All our book collection is hidden in our reading device: no more vanity with books to show off in the living room/study.

I know firsthand the number of books in possession doesn’t correlate to intelligence, so with eBooks we truly turn inward, seeking real improvement within us, instead of chasing others’ validation.

Final Thoughts

The most significant benefit of eBooks seems to centre around its cheaper cost.

But since I’ve started borrowing more books from my local library, that’s rather a moot point for me.

I love more than anything the rapid reading turnover eBooks allow to readers.

eBooks make you read faster. Read a wider range of genres, hence enjoy reading more.

If you haven’t fully embraced eBooks, I thoroughly recommend you sign up for Amazon’s 30-Day FREE Kindle Unlimited (you can cancel anytime).

I promise you won’t look back. And you’ll definitely read more than before.

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It’s good to know that authors sometimes have lower prices with eBooks. Since I have more time at home now that all our kids are out of the house, I’ve been wanting to download more eBooks to read. I’ll be sure to keep this in mind as I ask around for good books to read, preferably nonfiction books.

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