4 Reasons Why Positive Affirmations May Not Work (and What to Do)

Do you use positive affirmations in your goal accomplishment process?

A daily affirmation is known to be highly effective when it’s used correctly.

But not everyone is successful nor sticks at it.

Some people become doubtful and frustrated because affirmations didn’t work for them.

If you’ve had the same negative experience, read on.

You’ll find the reasons why it didn’t work and what you can do to make it work for you.

When I was first introduced to the law of attraction from the book called, “The Secret”, I wasn’t impressed.

The messages flew right over my head.

It all sounded wish-wash to me.

I think to some extent, I was right.

The book seemed to promote zero action in our part.

Chant or daydream your wish. It’ll come true.

That kind of thing.

Or perhaps I misunderstood it.

It was a long time ago.

As I ventured into my personal development journey, I’ve learned more about positive affirmations and why they didn’t work in the past.

Here’re why positive affirmations may not work for you.

You Take No Action to Match Your Affirmations

Affirmations are commands you give to your subconscious mind.

Whether it’s one word or a simple statement, orders you give to your subconscious mind represent the ideal state of your being.

For example, we may start our day with a few encouraging words to ourselves while standing in front of a mirror:

I always keep promises I make to myself.

Which means you do the daily tasks you promise to yourself each day.

If you don’t follow up with action to support your ideal being this affirmation represents, you’re repeating empty words.

Can you imagine how you’d feel after saying the above affirmation and spending a half-day browsing social media or gossip sites, not getting work done you promised to yourself?

Without action, affirmations don’t work.

You have Internal Conflicts with Your Affirmations

In addition to the above, I also had this issue which I briefly mentioned in my book review here.

When you want to be financially successful, for example, you might use an affirmation, “I’m wealthy” in the hope of becoming wealthy in future.

I learned that affirmations don’t work this way.

Our conscious mind knows you aren’t wealthy no matter how many times you repeat the affirmation.

You can’t feed your subconscious mind with a false statement that creates a conflict between your conscious and subconscious mind.

Dr. Murphy in his The Power of Your Subconscious Mind suggests replacing “I’m wealthy” to a simple one-word “wealthy”.

When I applied his teaching to my affirmations, I felt the instant change in the way my conscious and subconscious mind responded to them.

When you switch “I’m wealthy” to “wealthy”, your conscious and subconscious mind is focused on a positive aspect of finance without conflicts.

With an internal conflict, affirmations don’t work.

You Have Too Many Goals

It’s one thing to pump yourself up with positive affirmations.

It’s entirely a different thing to have too many goals and expect them to materialise all at once.

You’re setting yourself up for failure by not prioritising your goals.

With too many goals, your focus is diluted.

Your resources are scattered.

Your too many goals become a series of wishful thinking without proper attention and execution.

Select a couple of really important goals, focus on attaining those goals first and branch out.

You don’t Visualise Your Goals

If you’re promised with a birthday gift, say, your first Kindle, you’ll spend days being excited about your Kindle in your hand, dreaming and imagining the feel for it and researching your first ebook to buy.

You carry excitement with you as if you already possessed the Kindle.

Until your birthday comes.

Affirmations require the same visualisation manifested to your everyday life.

Act as if your goals were achieved.

If you want to be successful, act as if you were already a successful person.

You treat other people as a successful person would.

Be confident in dealing with all business affairs as a successful business(wo)man would.

Final Thoughts

Take action, let your conscious and subconscious mind be in harmony, focus on a couple of very important goals and live each day as if your goals were achieved.

You’ll soon materialise everything you want in life.

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