Dream Big and Aim High, and Its Rippling Effect

Dreaming big may sound intimidating. Truth is, people who dream to change the world change the world.

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.
– Norman Vincent Peale

I didn’t realise until recently I’ve been living by the above quote without even knowing it.

When I was a student, I remember saying to our study group if we aimed for A+, we’d at least get B.

And guess what.

I was right.

That’s the thing about “dream big and aim high”.

Realistic Goal and Playing Safe

We set a realistic goal to protect us from the horrible feeling of failure in case we fail and get disappointed.

As if we’d fail automatically when dreaming big.

Talking about feeling defeated and discouraged!

This is even before we get down to setting a nitty-gritty action plan for our goal.

And that’s not the only thing that happens when we are conservative with our goal.

We also play safe.

We only give so much effort into it, just enough to make it happen.

Because a realistic goal doesn’t require a strenuous effort, does it?

What’s worse is you might subconsciously believe that it’s not a big deal if you don’t reach your goal.

Which makes you wonder why you would bother in the first place.

If I said to our study group that our goal was to get B, we wouldn’t put so much effort into it. We wouldn’t be pumped up by our “easy” goal.

There wouldn’t be an intensity or work ethic in our group.

As a result, we’d get our very realistic goal B, as expected.

Or, in the worst case, end up with C.

Can you picture anyone hollers in excitement after seeing the result B or C?

Dream Big and Opportunities

When we aimed for A+, we got either A or A+.

The bigger goal pushed us to work harder with long hours, high intensity and strong work ethics.

B was the worst case for us, but our aim was A+.

As we worked hard for it, that’s what we achieved most times.

We were happy and excited about the results. A collective sense of achievement alone made our effort worthwhile.

With realistic goals, not only do we lose out on these empowering feelings, we also deprive us of a far more important thing: opportunities.

We can never reach our potential doing the same thing over and over.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
– Albert Einstein

Realistic goals hinder us from expanding and progressing beyond what we’re capable of.

They aren’t big and motivating enough for us to be strong and overcome our self-limiting beliefs, bad habits and behaviours.

Only big dreams can get us excited about testing our limit and see how far we could go.

Big Goals are Your Drive

When you dream big, the vision you have for your future is so strong and appealing that you get excited every time you think about it.

It keeps you engaged and highly focused.

Your life becomes meaningful and purposeful.

It also forces you to re-born by exploring new things.

Learn new skills, meet a new group of people to network with, test out a new system or obtain a professional qualification.

Your big dream pushes you hard to stretch.

With new knowledge and experience, your self-confidence grows exponentially.

Even when you stumble along the way, you quickly pick yourself up with your sights firmly on your big dream.

Your strength and confidence propel you to keep going.

Rippling Effect

Dreaming big, aiming high and working diligently, you become much wiser and stronger.

You’re totally transformed from your starting point.

You learn and gain so much that you can now show others how to dream big and aim high.

Your achievement and positive attitude become an inspiration to others and affect their life positively.

You might touch one person along the way. Or more.

It starts from you, and its rippling effect continues.

Final Thoughts

Dream big and aim high.

Keep your sights firmly on your ultimate dreams and keep going in the right direction.

By doing so, you give yourself a maximum chance to reach your highest potential and live a fulfilling life.

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