How Thoughts Affect Actions and Change Your Life

There was a moment in my life that taught me a powerful lesson about how our thoughts influence our actions.

It’s a moment I often revisit when I’m faced with uncertainty or fear.

Maybe you’ve had similar experiences.

This lesson is perfectly encapsulated by a quote from Henry Ford that has always resonated with me:

Whether you think you can do or think you can’t, you’re right.

An Unexpected Adventure with Amy: Thoughts and Actions

Years ago, my friend Amy offered me a temporary home when I was in between places.

We were already close, but living together brought us even closer.

Before moving into my new flat, we brainstormed ways to create lasting memories.

One idea was morning bike rides.

The catch?

Amy was a morning person.

On the other hand, I was anything but (though I’ve since converted). 

A Reluctant Morning Ride: How Thoughts Influence Actions

One day, like any other, an overly enthusiastic Amy dragged me out of bed.

She was like a six-year-old who just got her first bike, bouncing with excitement.

I, however, eyed the bike with a silent wish for it to disappear.

No such luck.

So, I reluctantly got on the bike, trailing Amy like a prisoner marching to his doom.

A Self-Fulfilling Crash: The Power of Thoughts

As we entered a narrow footpath running alongside a hill, I was fully awake and starting to enjoy the morning’s freshness.

The path had a steep incline, pushing us to ride faster than on the previous street.

At the far end, I spotted a couple walking towards us, pushing a baby stroller.

Beyond them was our destination: an open field where Amy and I could ride side by side, chatting and laughing.

When Amy neared the couple, they kindly moved aside, making room for her to pass.

Then it was my turn.

Suddenly, the path seemed incredibly narrow.

A thought dominated my mind: “I’m going to crash into the baby!”

The Power of Fearful Thoughts: How They Influence Actions

My eyes and thoughts were glued to the baby stroller, not the path I was on.

In my mind, the stroller seemed large enough to block my way.

Panic set in, but the ride’s momentum and speed wouldn’t let me stop.

As I approached the couple slower than Amy, I kept envisioning myself crashing into them.

And sure enough, I did!

I was immediately consumed with worry for the baby when I crashed into the stroller.

Seeing my panic, the parents quickly reassured me that the baby was unharmed.

The crash was light; I had barely touched the stroller and instinctively shielded the baby with my body to block the bike.

But in my mind, it felt like a massive impact, and the worst-case scenario flashed before my eyes in those split seconds.

Every time I face uncertainty or fear, I think back to that day.

Henry Ford’s words ring true:

Whether you think you can do or think you can’t, you’re right.

We can’t multitask, despite what we might think.

Our thoughts rapidly shift from one to another, creating the illusion of multitasking.

At that moment, I had two choices: ride past the couple or crash into them.

My fear of crashing made me focus on them, not the path I could easily navigate.

This fear and uncertainty led me to envision a crash scenario.

My repetitive thoughts made this fear more plausible until I fulfilled it.

If I had focused on the fact that Amy had passed them and I could too, I would have avoided the crash.

Where Are Your Thoughts Now? Understanding Their Influence on Actions

Have you ever questioned whether your life is a failure?

If not, why not ponder that question now?

I found myself asking the same thing when I hit rock bottom due to my debt.

Remember Henry Ford’s words as you contemplate your answer.

Again, we face two choices.

We can either view our lives as failures, or we can choose not to.

In my case, I had another question to consider: could I pay off my debt or not?

The Power of Self-Perception: How Thoughts Influence Actions

Why does our answer matter?

Because it shapes our actions and attitudes towards our current lives.

I took my business failure hard, and the massive debt I accumulated only made things worse.

After a long period of grief and self-sabotage, I decided to change my mindset.

I no longer see my life as a failure.

Instead, I view all my experiences, both successes and failures, as lessons.

They’ve prepared me to make better choices in the future and to grow as a person.

If I believe I can’t pay off my debt, then that’s exactly what will happen—I’ll give up.

But if I believe I can, I’ll explore all possible ways to do it.

Final Thoughts: How Thoughts Influence Actions

Our thoughts shape our feelings, which in turn influence our actions.

If we label ourselves as socially awkward, we’ll feel and act that way, reinforcing our belief.

Be mindful of the thoughts you’re feeding your mind.

They can either lead to disastrous actions or pave the way to success.

Ultimately, they have the power to change your life.

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