How to Find Your Best Habit Hacks

Find clues from your own accomplishments, double down on them, and approach new habits with the same tactics.

Everyone is eager to find a secret of successful habits formation, hoping new habits we attempt next would stick permanently.

I bet you have attempted building countless healthy habits.

You’ve failed many, but also succeeded some.

So you know you can build good habits when you put your mind to and regularly look for challenging ideas to improve your life.

At the beginning of a new year, month, week and day.

You want to chase away the inferior version of yourself with a new challenge and habit and create the best version of yourself.

Which is why you’re reading this.

So let me suggest you do one thing before embarking on another new exciting journey.

It’ll speed up forming new habits, guaranteeing the success of your future endeavour in habit forming.

Here’s what you do.

How to Find Your Best Habit Hacks

Make an inventory of all the habits you’ve tried so far and identify your best habit-forming tactics and methods from the inventory.

Grab a notebook.

On a page, jot down every successful habit you’ve built that you’re proud of, as you should!

On a new page, write every habit you tried but failed hence didn’t stick (hey, who doesn’t have them).

Next to each habit you wrote, describe the tactics and methods you used to make the habit stick. Pay particular attention to habits that have stuck to this day. They’re your golden boys!

Doing this exercise will give you a clear idea of what habit-forming method or tactic works for you.

Therefore, you handpick the best habit formation method that’ll guarantee your success.

Following Other People’s Habit Hacks

When we are eager to emulate other people’s habits and rituals, therefore success, we blindly follow them and their methods.

And then, when the habit doesn’t stick like they claim to, it discourages us. So we give up and beat ourselves over it.

Please don’t do that.

It’s important to stay open-minded: try everything at least once to find out what works and what doesn’t.

Introducing new ideas help you learn, experience and figure out what gels with you.

So you’re doing the right thing, even when things don’t work out.

It’s just that we’re all unique.

In the way our own life goals are determined by our unique life circumstances, the stimulus that gets us to fire up and take action differs from the next person. 

That’s why it’s super important you find your unique tactics and methods that work best for you.

And the clue is in your past failures and success.

Below are a few examples to illustrate how differently we’re wired in habit-forming motivation.

Examples of Habits Formation Methods

Can you scare yourself into quitting smoking or drinking?

The terror-inducing black lungs from smokers (OMG!) may scare some heavy smokers into stopping smoking, but others may not blink eyes.

Maybe 5 minutes’ motivational YouTube clip is all you need before you grab your trainers and run 3 miles.

Maybe visualisation works great for you to motivate yourself to write daily or work on your business.

Or it’s a motivational quote that gets you going.

Maybe you have an innate ability to find the sheer will within yourself without prompt and complete 30 minutes of daily cardio workout.

Maybe mantra or motivational affirmations is the most effective tool.

Or having a reward system is the best way to go about.

See, there’re so many tactical ways to build a healthy habit that sticks.

Look for patterns in your past achievements and use the same tactics to achieve success with the future habits you want to form.

When you test out other people’s recommendation, experiment it as quickly as you can so you can find out its effectiveness, pronto and, if not working out, revert to your own.

This way, you continue to enjoy building habits without being discouraged or abandoning the whole idea of self-improvement.

The bottom line is other people’s experiences don’t guarantee the same result.

And it’s important you don’t take this the wrong way.

Not achieving the same result doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough or you’re weak or flawed.

Not at all!

You just need to find the best method for yourself because certain things will be far more effective for you than others.

♣ If you’re struggling with changing habits or suffer from low self-esteem, you might need to change the stories you tell yourself. What to Say When You Talk to Your Self will help you the best way you talk to yourself. It literally changed my life!

Few Tactics to Build Habits

Here are some ideas on how to build habits.

I suggest you look back on your experiences first and draw solid evidence from them.

Below are additional ideas you can try if you haven’t already.

And share your best tactics in the comment below. By sharing your experiences, you may help others too.

Link a habit to a trigger: connect a new habit with one specific action. For example, drink a tall glass of water the moment you wake up.

Bribe yourself into a habit: make yourself look forward to finishing a certain activity for a reward. For example, a tasty protein bar after a workout.

Announce your goal to the world: my 100-day publishing blog post challenge is a typical example. It was tough. Funny thing is, although nobody cared (I think), it made me accountable. It also laid an important foundation on my blogging journey, since the challenge has led me to write daily (although I publish less frequently).

Scare yourself into doing things: when you try a new habit, come up with one plausible bad scenario: what might happen if you don’t follow it through. For example, print out a picture of black lungs and look at it every time you’re tempted to smoke!

Do it with friends or family members: you’re much less likely to give up on goals when you team up with someone and hold each other accountable.

Find a good cause: if the cause is bigger than you, it’ll carry you through challenging times. For example, running to support a charity or to help friends in need.

Donate money to your opponent: if you don’t achieve your goals, donate a certain amount to, say, the opposite political party you support. That’s got to hurt!

Wager your way into a good habit: okay, so friends and family are happy with their current weight and don’t want to join you but they can still help you: you wager a certain amount and lose it to them if you don’t keep up. Fun time!

Get paid for losing weight!: along with friends and family, get involved with HealthyWage. The tremendous incentive here is you get paid money when you lose the weight! This is great since money can be a serious motivator to achieve your goal. Sign up here, decide how much weight you want to lose by when, lose the weight and win money!

Inspirational resources to keep you motivated:

Final Thoughts

We all know success leaves clues. But we may be too busy looking at others’ success and often forget our own.

Find the clues from your own accomplishments, double down on them, and approach new habits with the same tactics.

You’ll have a higher chance of successful habit formation, create a productive day, and become the best version of yourself.

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