12 Alarming Signs You’re in Money Troubles

Have you ever been told stupid in your life?

I still remember the disdain tone of my ex-landlord when he said:

People are so stupid.

Unless someone tells us straight up, we’d rather live in denial than admit the stupid choices we make.

Because it takes courage to face reality and get out of the comfort zone to put things right, right?

He was Spot On

Years later though, when I found myself up to my neck in debt, his voice suddenly rang in my ears out of nowhere.

People are so stupid.

I realised he was talking about me.

People who bought tons of stuff with money they didn’t have.

A fair amount of debt I had accumulated came from when my business failed.

But I could have stopped it from spiralling out of control had I acted sooner.

Instead, I buried my head in the sand, wishing for it all to go away.

And it didn’t.

What It All Means…..

Don’t wait until your money problem gets worse.

If you see one sign below, it’s time to act.

The sooner you realise it, the quicker you can get out of debt and take control of your finance.

12 Alarming Signs You’re Heading to Your Financial Woes – Money Problems

1. You don’t know how much you have in your bank account.

2. You’ve missed credit card or loan payments.

3. You regularly pay late fees on your credit cards or overdraft fees.

4. After paying for the bills, you have nothing left.

5. You use credit cards to pay for daily expenses.

6. You borrowed money from friends or family.

7. You’ve recently been denied credit.

8. You avoid paying the bills and get a reminder often.

9. You avoid talking about money with your spouse.

10. You’re maxed out on one of your credit cards or more.

11. You worry about your finances day and night.

12. You’ve consolidated your debt more than once.

If you’re experiencing any of the above, now is the time to go through your finance thoroughly.

Don’t make the mistake and expect all the problems will magically disappear as I did.

We both know they won’t, right?

12 Ways to Deal with Money Troubles

1. Start budgeting

Know exactly how much coming in and going out. The best way to work out this is, pull out the previous month’s bank statements and credit cards statements. Write all the expenses.

2. Look for expenses you can cut out.

3. Check your bank balance regularly.

4. Use cash only for a whole month – go without credit cards.

5. Negotiate a lower rate or an affordable payment plan with creditors.

6. Shop for a better deal for utilities or phones and broadband services.

7. Look for money-making opportunities.

8. Cut up your credit cards or stash them away.

9. Make an actionable plan to reduce debt with your spouse or family member and give yourself accountability.

10. Remove all your card details from your favourite retailers’ sites.

11. Every time temptation arises, say, “it’s only an itch. I can live with that. It will pass”. It does if you hold tight.

12. Don’t beat yourself up over debt: what’s done is done; debt can be solved.

How Many Did You Spot?

I read somewhere a psychologist is the one who needs help most. Ha.

I’m doing the same, ain’t I?

I have a massive debt, telling you how to spot the bad money habit signs.

It’s only because I’ve experienced it all and know exactly what’s like to make things worse by ignoring them.

I don’t want you to make the same mistake and go through unnecessary emotional anguish.

Had I acted even one month sooner, I could have avoided all the struggles and anxiety that have followed.

You can solve your money problems much sooner if you act straight away when you see any of the signs above.

Final Thoughts

Don’t beat yourself up about debt.

Most of all, stay positive.

When I had many sleepless nights because I didn’t know what to do, the random comment on some forum “any debt can be solved” spurred me to take action.

I just believed it and made a plan.

(Besides, I was sick of worrying!)

Now I live with no stress. Even with a big debt.

All because I took action. I started budgeting properly for the first time, looking for ways to make extra money and cutting out all the expenses.

I started living the life of somewhere between frugal living and minimalism.

So can you.

I’ll go so far as to say you owe it to yourself.

Act today and take back control of your finances and therefore your life. 

Remember, any debt can be solved!

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