Go Away, Past Mistakes! I’m Moving On

Our past mistakes and regrets are often a significant source of unhappiness. There’s only one purpose of our past mistakes and regrets: to give us a lesson. Nothing more, nothing less.

Do you have any other impending business to attend to right now?

It’s silly to ask because we both know your answer is an obvious NO since you’re reading this.

But let’s say.

You’re supposed to pick up kids from school.

Or watch your favourite show on TV.

Switch off the oven.

Finish your writing.

Meet a friend for catching up.

Get ready for work.

There are millions of things you could’ve been doing right now.

Yet, you chose to read this.

There’s a fancy word for it called opportunity cost.

Doing something at the expense of another.

Our thoughts work exactly the same.

Sacrificing Now While Dwelling On Past

For some of us, dwelling on the past mistakes is like our favourite pastime.

We do without thinking so much we’re doing it.

The moment we do, we’re pulling our attention from some other aspects of our life that are happening right now.

Our attention says:

Leave me alone – I’m busy right now playing with my dear friend, Past Mistakes. Go away, you Present and Future.

That sounds ridiculous.

Yet, I did this for a long time.

Silly, I know. But I couldn’t get out of it until my health suffered.

While playing hard with my past mistakes, I didn’t eat properly. Couldn’t sleep well. Didn’t exercise at all.

And totally alienated people.

My diminishing health was screaming at me:

Look at me. Look at me…

And screamed some more until I was forced to visit the doctor, finally diverted my attention from the PAST to NOW.

And I took a year to put my health back to normal.

I had paid a dear price because I couldn’t move on from my past mistakes, the consequences and the endless “what-if”s.

Over to You

While you live in the past mistakes and replay them, you’re likely neglecting your career, friends or family.

Or your health.

Don’t let them be a cause of more mistakes and regrets.

Trust me.

I’ve learned the simple truth the hard way:

It only gets worse

How to Get Out of This Hell of Past Mistakes

Okay, you stop that nonsense, a living-in-the-past thing, right this minute!

You hop out of whatever state you were in and say:

Wow, that was awesome. Thank you for rescuing me.

And gets told…

Run along now. Have a good life, alright?

You go off and run into the paradise of living in the present.

Is that how it’s supposed to work out?

Ha. Don’t we wish it’s that simple to get out of living in the past?!

If it’s so simple, I wouldn’t have wasted an entire year suffering from physical pain.

In reality, it’s much harder to come out of the dark place we boxed ourselves in.

It requires a conscious effort of shifting our attention to what it really matters to us right now.

Spot the Badasses

But first things first.

We need to catch the badasses: the major mistakes and regrets haunting us.

Because they’re the root cause of all our miseries and regrets.

Dig deep.

You’ll come up with one culprit. Or two.

When we tackle the major ones, a large part of our lives improves.

Remember when things go wrong, all seems to go wrong?

It works both ways.

When things start to improve, the other part of life starts to improve too.

Accept That There’s No Turning Back the Clock

Mismanagement of money was the prime cause of my miseries and regrets.

The effect had spread over all areas of my life.

How about you: catch yours?

Now the hard part.

Accept that, no matter how much we wish to turn the clock back and fix our mistakes, we can’t.

I’d played “what if” a hundred times.

How differently I would have done, given the 2nd chance.

How badly had I wished for that 2nd chance!

This particular wishful thinking was the hardest huddle to get through.

In the end, it comes down to the only thing we can do:

Accept what’s done is done and nothing could change what’s done.

See the Mistakes for What They Are and Where They Are

Accepting what’s done is done is so important.

Because we then can see mistakes for what they truly are and, more importantly, where they are.

What they are is that they are mistakes.

The moment you recognise them as mistakes, you’re no longer the same person as you once were.

If you were the same person who made the mistakes, you’d continue to live free of guilt.

You’d be oblivious to the consequences of your mistakes to you or others.

And make the same mistakes over and over without a care in the world.

But no, that’s not you.

You’ve already grown an inch taller. And wiser.

Enough to admit that you’ve made mistakes. You’ve gained a new perspective and understanding.

You aren’t the same person anymore.


Where they are is in the past.

You recognised your past mistakes.

For which you can proclaim:

Thank God, it’s in the past.

You were once ashamed to have done certain things.

But now you’re free from making the same mistakes ever again.

Unless you live strictly within the boundary of your comfort zone, never giving you a chance to try anything new, we’re all prone to make mistakes.

You did something you thought at the time you felt right to do.

Like many people, no matter how irrational or silly it might be, we all had a valid reason for doing regretful things at the time.

But they’re now in the past.

Forgive Yourself Like You’d Forgive Your BFF

Nothing more. Nothing less.

Extend enough compassion towards yourself just as much as you would towards your BFF.

You wouldn’t remind your BFF what she had done at every opportunity.

Or how she should have done differently.

Would you?

Yet, you’re doing it to yourself by dwelling on your past mistakes.

Resolve to be kinder to yourself just as much as you’d be to your BFF.

Tools that I’ve Used

Don’t we wish that letting go the past mistakes is so simple?

The reality is this:

One day we’d wake up, feeling upbeat and hopeful.

Next day we’d face the onslaught of “what ifs” all over again.

We fight through days against emotional ups and downs.

If you’re like me, there will come a point you feel sick and tired of them.

I was exhausted from the rollercoaster of darned emotions.

So while recovering from minor surgery, I made a resolution to remove them from my life completely.

And move on, once and for all.

Below tools helped me do that.

Play Your Happy Song

Every time “what if” surfaced, I played my happy song: “You Are My Sunshine”.

I “killed” unwanted thoughts with my favourite song.

You Are My Sunshine .. Original Song...

Replacing the unwanted thoughts with something I love was the most effective way of subduing them.

I sang this song loudly and in a fast tempo or hummed it, which instantly quashed the unwanted thoughts and lifted my moods.

Punch Them Out

Other times, I used my punching bag.

I focused on punching the bag like it’s my eternal enemy.

I didn’t want to give a chance for any other thoughts to seep in until I’ve erased all unwanted thoughts.

I no longer live in the world of “what ifs”. 

And the feeling of relief is pure bliss: peaceful and light.

These two tools are still my best “weapons” every time I need to perk up dealing with mundane and hard tasks.

There’s also a mantra that’s been my life saviour.

Find your own weapons and kill unwanted thoughts like a soldier facing his enemy.

We’ll never completely forget our past mistakes.

But we get to the stage where the thought of them doesn’t cause sleepless nights or sharp pains any more.

That’s when we know we’ve truly and completely moved on from our past mistakes.

Silver Lining From Your Mistakes

Once you get past the difficult time through resolution and your own active coping mechanism, you’ll realise that your struggle wasn’t for nothing.

I’m no longer quick to judge others.

My compassion and empathy towards people around me and their circumstances have grown.

I put thoughts on what I do and what I say with careful consideration, not acting on impulse.

Final Thoughts

We’ve suffered enough.

And paid a high price.

Now we’re grateful for a new day to start all over again.

This time, wiser.

And we deserve to be happy.

Don’t we?

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