(Life Lessons) Ups and Downs of Life and Thick Skin

When I face rejection or disappointment one too many times, I remind myself of this one important life lesson. It helps me persevere and continue to put up a good fight.

Do you ever feel like this thing called life exists with the sole purpose of spatting out rejection or disappointment on you?

So much so you just feel like giving up trying?

When bad things happen in a row, it’s difficult not to feel hard done by, right?

I’ve had those moments one too many times.

And along the way, I’ve learned one little truth of life that enables me to persevere.

I want to share this valuable life lesson with you in case you’re going through tough times.

It’s knowing this:

Life doesn’t dole out “downs” all the time.

What’s more,

Time only marches in one direction so, every next second, we can start all over again.

If you’re feeling that things don’t go the way you hoped, I want you to know that your next second around the corner can be your “up”.

And you have every reason to believe it so.

Rejection By a Crush

I know a girl who was rejected by her crush.

She was crying, embarrassed and heartbroken when a bystander, a boy – after witnessing her humiliation – came up to her and consoled her.

That was the beginning of their 25+ years of a loving relationship, the boy who has grown up to be a fine man devoting his entire life to doting on her.

Wouldn’t you say that her next second turned out to be remarkably UP, even though she may not have felt that way during her “down” time?

Insecurity with Writing

When I started blogging, I was terribly insecure about my writing.

Approaching other bloggers on Pinterest to join Group Board, I used to read my messages millions of times, hovering my fingers over the keyboard before I finally clicked “send”.

I was almost always surprised when I was accepted to a group board.

Then the inevitable happened. One rejection email. Polite yet made it clear that my content (or/and the design of the site) wasn’t up to the standard.

I instantly forgot all the others who had accepted me. And put my magnifying glass on this one rejection and started wallowing in self-pity.

And the pity party lasted one day.

Because the very next day, someone contacted me and said how what I wrote encouraged her.

It was such a morale boost that has helped me keep going.

See… you just don’t know what your next second will bring you.

Why Give Up or Not Give Up

One blogger I’ve been following appears to have given up blogging: she wrote the last blog post several months ago.

I feel sad for her because she has a superb writing skill I wish I had!

Then I see why.

She earns a 6-figure salary from her day job.

It’s reasonable to guess that her desire to make blogging a full-time income source is unlikely as strong as mine.

Who can blame her?

We know the comfort of a regular paycheck.

Whatever you’re pursuing, if you have the reason not to give up (or a powerful reason you HAVE TO make it), you’ll not give up.

More accurately, you cannot give up.

Your Next Second

Life constantly throws in unpleasant surprises and obstacles in our way: they’re guaranteed to happen to everyone.

But life isn’t static and doesn’t end with “downs”.

Knowing this simple fact gives us the courage to pick ourselves up, stay positive and hopeful and ride through “downs”.

Remind yourself nothing is permanent in life.

And do your best not to dwell on “downs” too long.

You just don’t know what your next second will bring you.

Develop a Thick Skin

Do you know what other extra armour can help you ride through today’s woes?

Having thick skin.

And the paradox of life is that the more hardship you endure, the thicker your skin becomes!

Learn to have the right conversation with yourself and pay less attention to what others have to say.

It’s important you don’t get swayed by others’ approvals, criticism or negativity.

And when you finally adopt the right mindset through the right narrative with yourself, you develop a thick skin, therefore, learn to use your time and energy wisely.

One of my life mottoes is:

You are not as good as you think you are. You are not as bad as you think you are.

With that in mind, I can confront my limitations, develop a thick skin and continue to forge my life journey, no matter what outcome of my endeavours turns out to be today.

Final Thoughts

The human mind is a funny thing.

We immediately forget ten good things happened to us the moment one bad thing hit us.

Don’t let occasional bad stuff hold you down.

Hang on to your Strong Why, embrace life’s temporary “downs”, believe in yourself, keep learning and improving and have thick skin in your arsenal.

Your UPs are just around the corner…

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