15 Things to Do Every Day to Become a Better Person

You can become a better person by practicing little things daily in this post. Grow without losing yourself. Be the best person and build your best life.

Do something that scares you every day.

It sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

But let’s be honest — as appealing as it sounds, it’s a tad impractical.

You can’t go off bungee jumping, do public speaking or climb Everest as you please, let alone every day.

More realistic advice would be:

Do something that scares you occasionally.

Good news?

You can train yourself to be a better person every day and build your best life.

Below is a list of things you can do to become the best person.

15 Things to Do Every Day to Become a Better Person

1. Thinking about Your Actions and Words

Every encounter is a learning opportunity to refine our actions and words.

If everyone acts kind, the world will be nicer.

Encouraging words or a nod with a smile make a difference.

Reflecting on your day — how your actions and words affect others — will make you a better person.

2. Read Something Positive Every Day

A lot of us start off our day watching sensationalised clickbait news that fuel negativity.

We carry them throughout our day like a foul smell we can’t get rid of.

Offset that negativity by reading something positive every day.

Feed your mind with motivational quotes or listen to educational podcasts or motivational TED Talks.

Positivity breeds positive attitudes, which makes you a better person.

3. Don’t Criticise You for Mistakes or Procrastinating

We can be our own worst critic and unforgiving.

When I took this path, I became more self-destructive.

Learn from your poor decisions and mistakes.

Forgive yourself immediately.

Resolve to be better.

Remind yourself you can always do better.

Never say anything to yourself you would not say to your best friend.

4. Practice Gratitude Every Day

Thank all things and people that bring you joy in your life.

We have countless stuff to be grateful for.

The longer we enjoy them, the more we get immune to them, ultimately taking them for granted.

Opportunities we have.

Loved ones who are always with us.

The food we eat.

The secure environment we live in.

Being grateful for what you already have will make you a better person.

5. Treat Your Body Like a Temple

It’s true you’re what you eat.

We may not see the effects of terrible food until we get sick.

Don’t gobble up anything and everything.

Your body is not a trash can.

Look after your body like a temple. It’ll keep your mind in a healthy place, which helps you become a better person.

6. Drink At Least Two Litres of Water Every Day

Plenty of water will help your body function properly by keeping it hydrated and gets rid of toxins from your body.

When everything works at its optimal level, our body emits healthy energy that helps us aim for excellence in everything we do.

7. Cook Every Day

Sorry — I don’t believe all you can make is toast.

Or you can’t even boil an egg.

Anyone who can eat can cook.

It’s a matter of practice: the more you practise, the better you get.

The best thing about cooking is you get to choose what ingredients to use.

You can be as creative as you want to be.

As a bonus, you’ll be healthier and happier by learning and creating a variety of recipes with fresh ingredients.

The Happy and Healthy You are highly likely to become a better person.

8. Love Yourself Every Day

Imagine being trapped on an island with someone you despise.

Those ill feelings, conflicts, resentment and unpleasantness.

It’d be hell to just breathe, right?

You’re the only person who will be with you until your last breath.

Make it heaven to live together, not hell, by accepting and loving yourself completely.

Don’t believe what anyone else says.

Being you is enough — you are enough, you know enough, and you have enough. 

9. Be a Really Good Listener

When I got off talking to a friend on Skype a few weeks ago, my immediate thought was:

Wow, I never gave her a chance to talk!

I don’t know what came over me.

If I don’t pay attention, I can get carried away, dominate the conversation, and make it all about me.

Definitely not a way of becoming a better person.

I also used to think about what to say when it’s my turn instead of truly listening to what others say.

Now I make a conscious effort to become a good listener and develop excellent communication skills.

10. Be Intellectually Stimulated Every Day

Learn something every day.

It doesn’t have to be a degree or a musical instrument.

Just something you didn’t know before.

By learning something new every day, you develop habits of curiosity, keeping your brain active by feeding your intellectual need.

11. See the Possibilities

Choose a growth mindset.

Believe in what’s possible.

Positive people succeed in life.

They spot opportunities, seize them, overcome life’s hurdles with resilience, attract like-minded people and keep growing as a person.

Don’t allow negative thinking that adds zero value to your life.

Negative people interpret everything as impossible and miss opportunities right in front of them.

Always see opportunities and possibilities.

12. Be Your Own Best Friend

Give yourself a happy boost with nice compliments.

Pick a couple of things you like about yourself and speak loudly about them.

You’ll spend 24/7 with yourself. Be the best companion you can be.

Avoid negative talk at all costs.

The moment you catch yourself with negative talk, replace it with this wonderful self-talk.

Be always positive and encouraging to yourself.

13. Celebrate Your Small Wins Congratulate Others’ Accomplishments

Remember how you felt when others complimented you?

Be that person who uplifts others around you.

Make others feel the way you want to feel.

Many people don’t hear how good they are or what accomplishments they have made.

Acknowledging their achievements makes them feel encouraged and motivated to do better.

Be humble with your accomplishments. Be excited about others’ accomplishments.

Not only do you become a better person, you also help others become a better person.

14. Keep Your Promise

Whether you make a promise to yourself or someone else, take your promise seriously and always follow through.

If possible, do more than you promised.

That’s how you maintain your reputation with others and with yourself.

By keeping your promise, you build confidence within you.

Others will also trust you, want to do business with you and invite you to their life.

And more opportunities will come your way.

While you can take a lifetime to build a reputation, you can lose it overnight after breaking one promise.

And reputation is everything in a relationship.

15. Be Active

Exercise every single day.

Whether it’s an intensive training, light stretch, yoga or a walk around the block, make exercise your everyday routine.

Just like an eating habit, the effect of exercise habit (or the lack of) accumulates.

Active life today ensures that you continue to live a healthy and independent life further down the road.

Final Thoughts

As you read through the above, you may find that you’ve already embraced some of them in your everyday life.

See what else on the list you feel will benefit you most right now so you can strive to be the best person.

Focus on those.

Start with one or two.

When you fully adopt them, move on to the next on the list.

Enjoy working towards the best version of yourself every day and build your best life.

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