Smiling woman with a raised hand demonstrating the resolution to keep the promises you make to yourself

Hey there, ever looked yourself in the mirror and whispered a promise, only to break it later?

Even the most dependable superhero version of you sometimes fumbles when it comes to keeping the promises you make to yourself.

So you vowed to leap out of bed an hour earlier today.

But then the morning ambushes you, and you snooze – there you go, betraying yourself.

“I’ll start tomorrow,” you say.

As the sun rises again, so does the cycle of snooze-and-excuse.

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Conducting Your Self-Promise Symphony

Smiling woman working on a laptop depicting the process of keeping the promises you make to yourself

Our days play out like a symphony of promises we conduct for ourselves.

The melody of your day, then, depends on whether you keep those promises in harmony.

That one extra hour you promised isn’t just about ticking off sixty more minutes.

No, my dear reader, it’s about injecting a zest for life into your daily routine.

Imagine 30 minutes of sweat and endorphins as you work out before the world wakes up.

Or an hour of creative magic, crafting your blog as the sun rises, before you hustle off to work.

How about those precious 30 minutes you devote to a nonfiction book, savouring every word as your treasured “me time?”

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The Power of Promises to Others

A group of women looking at each other smiling depicting the importance of promises to others in a relationship

Think of your best friend who needs a lift to the airport at an ungodly hour.

Being a good friend, you promise to take her.

With a bit of effort, you wake up, pick her up, drive her to the airport, and see her off.

You feel fantastic about yourself; you’re a superb friend who keeps their promise, earning the title of BFF.

So why is it hard for you to wake up when you promised yourself to do things that truly matter to you?

We already know it’s not because you can’t.

When we commit to others, our words and actions become an opportunity to gain their approval.

We relish the validation others bestow upon us.

We enjoy being liked and respected.

And we certainly don’t want to lose our reputation as a trustworthy person or be removed from the reliable friend list.

We might be a selfless person who always helps others in need.

Mastering the Art of Self-Commitment

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could keep the promises we made to ourselves just as much?


But most of us find it challenging because breaking them seems harmless.

No one’s there to judge us. Nobody is hurt or disappointed by our not getting up an hour early.

But is that really true?

We don’t realise the actual price we pay for breaking our promises.

The Hidden Price of Broken Promises

Wooden dock frame on sea shore missing the middle frame depicting the hidden price of broken promises

Consider someone who keeps breaking promises to you.

It’s hard to trust them. Once or twice might be fine, but repeatedly?

You can’t hide your disappointment.

You know they’re not a bad person. They’re just not trustworthy. You can’t build a relationship with someone you don’t trust.

They can’t be important in your life since they don’t treat you with respect.

You can’t help it; you slowly distance yourself from them.

Just like that, your bond weakens.

When you keep breaking the promises you make to yourself, the same phenomenon happens within you—with yourself.

You slowly lose trust in yourself.

Good intentions are useless without good action.

Your good intentions and promises without action create guilt and disappointment. It erodes your confidence.

That’s a massive price to pay because low self-image and self-esteem affect every area of your life.

So, my dear reader, let’s start keeping the promises we make to ourselves.

Add zest to your life and embrace the harmony of a self-promise symphony.

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Embodying the Spirit of Promise-Keeping

Text YES made from flowers symbolising keep the promises you make to yourself

When you embrace the art of keeping promises to yourself, you cultivate an unwavering sense of self-trust and inner strength.

It’s reflected in the little everyday victories, as well as the larger accomplishments.

By honoring your word, you build a foundation of self-respect, discipline, and resilience that permeates all aspects of your life.

Now, imagine this:

  • Your audition didn’t go as planned, but you still rose at 6 a.m. the next morning, violin in hand, because you promised yourself you would.
  • Despite uncertainty about your book’s sales, you sit down at your desk every morning and pour out 1,000+ words because you promised yourself you would.
  • The moment your alarm clock rings, you’re out the door because you promised yourself that’s how you’d start your day.

Final Thoughts: The Rewards of Promise-Keeping

No matter the setbacks—a disheartening interview, slow book sales, or meagre side hustle income—you honour your promise.

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Show up and put in the work.

By doing so, you set in motion a cycle of success.

It signifies that you love, trust, and respect yourself enough to keep the promises you made to yourself.

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Just as your dedication to your best friend is reciprocated by a deeper bond between the two of you, your relationship with yourself will thrive.

That’s the ultimate reward you reap (or a price to pay, if the opposite is true) when you keep the promises you make to yourself. 

So go on, embrace the art of keeping promises, and watch your life transform.

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