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The famous philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once said,

He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.

This powerful statement emphasises the importance of finding purpose in our lives. 

When we have a clear “why,” we can endure the challenges and obstacles that come our way. 

Our “why” fuels us, giving us the motivation and direction we need to make our lives meaningful and fulfilling.

But finding that purpose isn’t always easy. 

Many people struggle with feeling clueless about their life purpose and unsure of where to begin. 

From my own experience, let me suggest one simple yet effective way to start giving your life meaning: focus on making someone else’s life better.

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A smiling, happy woman and Friedrich Nietzsche quote about having a why to live bearing any how

A Meaningful Starting Point 

The meaning of life sounds abstract and confusing.

The concept of “the meaning of life” can indeed be abstract and confusing. 

Many people go through life without even thinking about it. 

Even if they do, some people never find it. 

I suspect one of the key reasons is that they think the meaning of life has to be something grand. 

In search of it, all they do is think, until they get stuck and run out of time. 

By focusing on making someone else’s life better, you give yourself a meaningful starting point that may well lead you somewhere along the way.

In fact, taking on a 30-day challenge dedicated to improving someone else’s life can be a great way to begin this journey.

Make Someone Else’s Life Better

A couple looking happy making each other happy when clueless in life.

If you are unsure of your life purpose, here’s a mission you can aim for.

Make someone in the immediate vicinity happy.

It’s one of the best ways you can make your life meaningful because you take an unselfish act towards someone important in your life.

For example, your parents have never had proper holidays.

They have spent their entire life working and taking care of you and your siblings.

You decide your purpose is to become as successful as you can be and buy two round-the-world tickets for your parents.

Looking after their well-being and creating and maintaining a strong family bond is a worthwhile purpose to pursue.

It’s infinitely better than struggling to find your life purpose and wasting your whole life over it. That’s for sure.

Or perhaps it’s your significant other, with whom you wish you could spend more time.

You want to help him relieve the financial stress and burden and “save” him from slaving at work.

You decide your purpose is to build a successful home-based business, allow your partner to quit his job and do his passion project instead, spend more time together, and start a family.

Or you could volunteer in a local charity shop, tutor basic computer skills at a community college for seniors, and contribute to the community.

Often, the meaning of life can sound so philosophical that we forget that the simplest and most meaningful thing we can do is better someone else’s life.

Your “Why” Doesn’t Have to Be Grand

A cute puppy sleeping and James Baldwin quote about change happening when faced.

Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.

James Baldwin

The quest for a grand, world-changing purpose can be overwhelming. 

But your “why” doesn’t have to be monumental to be meaningful.

Taking small steps towards personal growth and success can also help you find your purpose.

Start by Strengthening Relationships in Your Immediate Vicinity 

A happy woman pointing to Morrie Schwartz quote about the importance of giving out love and letting it come in.

The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love and to let it come in.

Morrie Schwartz

Instead of striving for something as lofty as world peace, focus on improving relationships with those closest to you – your family, friends, and community. 

These connections have a direct impact on your well-being, making your immediate environment stronger and more supportive.

A positive environment nurtures your sense of fulfilment, satisfaction, and happiness. 

It allows you to flourish as you discover your life’s purpose.

Final Thoughts on When You are Clueless in Life

If you’re feeling stuck in your search for the meaning of life, begin by looking at those around you.

Seek ways to make their lives better, even if it’s just a small act of kindness.

Do something for someone close to you, and their happiness may provide the sense of purpose you’ve been searching for.

It may not lead you to a grand revelation, but it’s an excellent starting point that could open the door to new possibilities. 

Embrace the journey and see where it takes you.

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