2 Lessons About Positive Thinking

Ever embarked on an exciting journey and found yourself hit by the most unexpected side effects? 

That’s what happened when I plunged into the 100-Day Shipping Challenge, a journey filled with unexpected positive thinking lessons.

Every night, I began dreaming so vividly that it felt like stepping into another reality. And the funniest part? 

I dreamed of being pregnant!

Dreams as Gateways to Positive Thinking Lessons

Dreams are often perceived as gateways to our subconscious minds, mirroring our deepest thoughts and fears. 

At first, these vivid dreams rattled me. They were unexpected, even a tad unnerving. 

But as I delved deeper into my 100-Day Challenge, I started to see these dreams not as disturbing intruders but as echoes of change and growth. 

This realisation was both empowering and enlightening, marking the beginning of my journey towards positive thinking lessons.

Positive Thinking Lessons from My Dream’s Interpretation

Quick to seek an explanation for my peculiar dream, I found an interpretation that resonated deeply: pregnancy dreams symbolise growth and development in some aspect of your personal life

Strangely enough, it hit home.

My mindset, once plagued by scarcity, was evolving, growing, and stretching in ways I had never thought possible, offering me my first real positive thinking lessons.

Daring to Dream: Positive Thinking Lessons in Action

As my mindset began to shift and evolve, I started to see the power of positive thinking. 

It wasn’t about blindly chasing unrealistic dreams or ambitions, but rather about daring to dream in the first place. 

It was about embracing optimism, even in the face of adversity, and believing in the potential for growth and success. 

This marked a pivotal shift in my thinking and set the stage for the valuable positive thinking lessons I was about to learn.

Positive Thinking vs. Being a Fool: A Crucial Lesson

The first lesson in my journey of positive thinking lessons was this:

There’s a fine line between positive thinking and plain foolishness. 

I used to mock the concept of positive affirmations, equating them with unrealistic, wishful thinking. 

But then it hit me – positive thinking isn’t about unrealistic expectations; it’s about focusing on possibilities rather than limitations.

Zig Zigler’s Wise Words: Key Takeaways for Positive Thinking

The second lesson came courtesy of the wise Zig Zigler who said,

Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.

The keyword here is “better”, not perfect. 

So why do we often fall into the trap of negativity when we know positive thinking could be a game-changer?

Let’s delve deeper into how we can reprogram our minds for positivity with this insightful clip from Brendon Burchard titled ‘How To Reprogram Your Mind (for Positive Thinking)’.

How To Reprogram Your Mind (for Positive Thinking)
Brendon Burchard’s guide to reprogramming your mind for positivity – an essential part of learning positive thinking lessons.

Negativity as a Comfort Zone: A Barrier to Positive Thinking Lessons

I started to realise why negativity often feels like a comfort zone. 

It’s a self-defence mechanism, a way to avoid facing our fears or stepping out of our comfort zones

But the truth is, embracing negativity is like wearing blinkers, limiting our vision and potential. 

The more we entertain negative thoughts, the more we deny ourselves the chance to grow, to succeed, and to thrive.

Negativity: A Hiding Spot from Positive Thinking Lessons

Negativity, as I discovered, is an all-too-convenient hiding spot. 

It’s our subconscious attempt to shield ourselves from the hard, necessary work. 

We let ourselves off the hook with negative thinking, convincing ourselves that failure is inevitable. 

But here’s the truth: We are not destined to fail. We are simply afraid to try.

Criticism vs. Creation: Positive Thinking Lessons from a New Perspective

Consider this: how often have you seen someone criticise another’s work instead of creating something of their own? 

It’s far easier to tear down than to build up, right? 

This realisation struck me as I navigated my 100-Day Challenge, and it’s a reminder that we must focus on creating, not criticising.

Stepping Out of the Shadows: Embracing Creation Through Positive Thinking Lessons

Criticism is often a mask for fear – fear of failure, fear of judgement, fear of stepping into the spotlight. 

But the 100-Day Challenge taught me to step out of the shadows and embrace creation over criticism. 

I began to understand that it’s far better to create something imperfectly than not to create at all. 

This shift in perspective was, in many ways, a game-changer.

Shaping Your Reality: Positive Thinking Lessons on Thought Influence

Our thoughts have a tremendous influence on shaping our reality.

Every thought we entertain, be it positive or negative, serves as a blueprint that the mind uses to turn our world into a reflection of our inner thoughts and beliefs.

It’s time we realise that by entertaining negativity, we’re creating a self-fulfilling prophecy, setting ourselves up for a life filled with pessimism and unfulfilled dreams.

The Power of Positive Thinking: Unveiling Lessons for Personal Growth

So here’s my call to action: let’s step out of our comfort zones and face our fears. Let’s replace “I hate today already” with “It’s going to be a fantastic day.”

Let’s embrace the power of positive thinking and strive to be better than we ever thought we could be.

In the end, the 100-Day Challenge taught me more than I ever bargained for. 

It opened my eyes to the transformative power of positive thinking and the destructive power of negativity. 

But most importantly, it showed me that the only person standing in the way of my growth was myself. 

And that is a lesson worth learning.

The Choice is Yours: Positive Thinking Lessons on Embracing Positivity

One of the key positive thinking lessons is this:

Choosing positivity over negativity is not about ignoring life’s unpleasant situations.

It’s about approaching these situations with the mindset that something good will come out of them.

This mindset can make all the difference, leading to resilience, hope, and a sense of control over your life.

Final Thoughts: The Journey of Positive Thinking Lessons Towards Self-Betterment

In hindsight, the 100-Day Challenge was far more than a commitment to a task. 

It was a journey towards self-betterment, a lesson in resilience, and above all, a testament to the transformative power of positive thinking lessons.

The Power to Change: A Reflection on Positive Thinking Lessons

The 100-Day Challenge served as a mirror, reflecting back at me the reality of my mindset and the power of my thoughts. 

It served as a wake-up call, reminding me that the power to change, to grow, to succeed, lies within me. 

The choice to be negative or positive, to be a critic or a creator, is mine and mine alone. 

It’s a choice that we all have, a choice that can transform our lives in ways we never thought possible.

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  1. I think it is because negative thinking is much easier than positive thinking, even though we know that positive thoughts and attitude can bring us better results. I was hiding behind negative thinking for a long time as I didn’t believe there was something better for me, or that I deserve better..

    1. Hi Denisa, thanks for stopping by and your thoughtful response. Aren’t we glad we’re done with hiding? All the best and have a wonderful day!

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