35 Gratitude Journal Prompts for a Happy and Healthy Life

Can you name one thing you’re grateful for right at this moment?

(Let’s pause for a bit)

Try it now: name one thing.

How long did you take to come up with the one thing?

A second or two?

If you had to think hard and took you a good few minutes or worse, you thought “meh, I have nothing to be grateful for”, well, that’s not good.

The slow answer doesn’t mean you have nothing to be grateful for in your life.

For a start, you’re reading this.

Which means – sorry to say but – there may be many things in your life that you’re taking for granted right now.

But not any more!

Seriously, you don’t want to throw away the chance to unlock the key to a happy and healthy life like that.

According to the research by two psychologists, Dr. Robert A. Emmons of the University of California, Davis, and Dr. Michael E. McCullough of the University of Miami, the participants who wrote about what they were grateful for were happier and healthier.

Turned out they were more optimistic and also exercised more than those who focused on daily annoyances.

They felt better about their lives which made them happier. They made fewer doctor visits which meant they were healthier.

Many studies discovered the scientific benefits of gratitude.

Gratitude improves relationships.

It improves physical and psychological health.

Grateful people are mentally strong, sleep better and have a positive mindset along with high self-esteem.

A few daily habits can have such a positive effect on many aspects of our life. 

Gratitude is one of them.

I always start my day with one or two things that I’m grateful for. It set the right tone for the day.

Sometimes, I randomly utter things I appreciate during the day.

Every time I express my gratitude, small or big, it instantly boosts my mood and makes me happy.

Gratitude is so easy.

We can do anywhere anytime.

It can be a simple “thank you” to your loved ones or colleagues.

There really is no excuse not to!

So, to get you to start off your happy and successful life you thoroughly deserve, I have gratitude journal prompts for you.

Better still, get this popular Five-Minute Journal and write all your gratitude journal prompts and answers!


1. Describe your favourite thing about your morning?

2. What are you good at doing?

3. What act of kindness did someone show you?

4. What book are you grateful for reading?

5. What did you think you took for granted today?

6. What’s the best thing about your job?

7. Who is your favourite person at work and what do you like about her/him?

8. Who made a positive impact on your life?

9. Name your favourite movie. What do you like about it?

10. What’s your favourite activity you enjoy doing?

11. What did you enjoy the most today?

12. Describe your best holiday. Where did you go and what did you do?

13. What’s your favourite food?

14. Describe your favourite activity on your day off.

15. What’s your favourite drink?

16. Describe the most hilarious thing your best friend did.

17. What do you like about you that’s unique?

18. Describe the last time all your family got together.

19. What’s your favourite website that adds quality to your life?

20. What do you like about your commute?

21. Who made you smile today?

22. List 5 things you like the most about your country?

23. Name one historical figure who influenced your philosophy about life.

24. What technology are you most grateful for having access to everyday?

25. Describe a happy story or an uplifting quote someone shared with you.

26. What new knowledge did you gain lately?

27. Describe one best thing about today.

28. Where did you visit lately that made you thankful? What did you like about the place?

29. Describe your past difficult experience that made you a stronger person.

30. Who is your mentor/hero that inspires you? What did you learn from him/her recently?

31. What activity that helps keep you healthy?

32. List 5 things in your bedroom you’re grateful for.

33. What made you laugh today?

34. Describe your neighbourhood. What do you like about it most?

35. What’s the latest podcast you’ve listened to?

Final Thoughts

When we deliberately look at our daily happenings with appreciation, we sure can find lots of things to be grateful for.

Gratitude moves our attention from negative to positive.

Practising it every day can turn the most pessimistic person into a positive one as we retrain our mind to focus on goods things.

Use gratitude journaling prompts above.

Embrace gratitude as a daily routine, change your life into a grateful one and live a happy and healthy life.

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