Are you new to journaling and looking for journaling ideas for beginners?

Maybe you are stuck with what to write in your journal, feeling a tad bored with writing the same stuff over and over, struggling to come up with new ideas.

You might think there are so many days you can write about your daily routine, describing uninspiring stuff every day.

The thing is, your focus may be on the wrong thing.

One of the huge benefits of keeping a journal is that it improves your communication skills.

You can get an MBA, but if you improve your communication skills, I will guarantee you that you will earn 50% more over your lifetime.

Warrent Buffet

Journaling helps you clarify your thoughts and express them coherently.

It can apply to a variety of topics you’re interested in, not just your daily stuff.

After all, journaling is an exercise in learning to think, organise your thoughts, compose them, and be able to express them in your own words.

The moment you understand this, journaling ideas for beginners like you will spring up everywhere!

Perhaps you read about an interesting story or watched news that caught your attention.

Hey presto! Write about what made them special to you, what you learned from them, and what makes it an exciting story for you to be drawn into.

Any of my blog posts can be a wonderful source of journaling ideas for beginners. 

Say, for instance, that you may not agree on some topics I talk about (that’s okay; I welcome it!).

Write about your own thoughts on them.

Put forward your compelling argument: why you don’t agree; what other suggestions do you have in mind?; is there a better way to convey the same message?

All this requires critical thinking, which improves your cognitive function and your communication skills.

Cultivate a Writing Habit

In my post for the 100-Day Challenge, I shared Seth Godin’s career advice.

For a long time, he’s been advocating:

Start a blog.

Being able to express your thoughts assertively is a vital skill for anyone who pursues worthy goals.

Whether in private or on a blog, the tool isn’t so important as writing consistently.

Below, I have 25 journaling ideas for beginners.

Not only will the writing exercise improve your communication skills, but it’ll also make you feel good and positive about yourself and your life.

Oh, avoid a one-word answer.

It defeats the whole purpose of improving writing skills.

Let your creative juices flow.

Make your answer descriptive and detailed while being precise and clear about the message you want to convey.

Explain why you chose a particular answer or how it makes you feel, in what way, and so on.

You get the idea!


25 Feel-Good and Positive Journaling Ideas

1. Your favourite childhood memory

2. Your first family trip

3. The first movie you ever watched in the cinema

4. The best compliments you’ve received

5. Positive adjectives to describe yourself

6. What do you like most about your best friend

7. Your favourite thing to do with friends

8. Best gift ideas for your parents and siblings

9. Things you did that made your mum happy cry

10. Describe everyone you love and give them a nickname

11. The scariest things you’ve done that made you feel happy afterwards

12. The best way to celebrate your accomplishments

13. One life lesson you live by that makes you feel good about yourself and your life

14. The most precious possession you own

15. The great thing about being you

16. Write about your first love

17. One thing that cheers you up when you think about it

18. One thing you like about your body

19. Your favourite thing to do when you’re alone

20. The most pleasant person to be around in your life

21. Your favourite fictional character

22. Your favourite country

23. Your best personality trait

24. Things that made you excited in the morning

25. The first person you call when something exciting happens

That’s it.

I hope you enjoyed the above journaling ideas for beginners and your writing about them so far.

And I know by now you’re primed for more!

More Journaling Ideas…

I have plenty of more blog posts that’ll ignite your passion for writing. And you’ll have fun discovering more about yourself while writing out your thoughts (isn’t that super cool?).

The above blog posts will help you reflect on your life goals, choices, behaviours, habits, and so on.

The more questions you ask yourself (and answer), the clearer your thoughts become, and the closer you are to creating the life you desire that’s true to yourself.

Final Thoughts

I’d like to think that as we write more and more, our writing gets better, but in reality, I get more critical and frustrated with my writing and its limitations.

I’ve learned to bear the burden of my insecurity and keep pushing forward to get better at it.

Chances are, you’ll go through something similar.

For most days, you’ll immensely enjoy writing. On odd days, you’ll get incredibly frustrated with yourself.

If I learned one thing from prominent writers though, there is no shortcut.

What’s more important?

Through journaling, you’ll find that your life becomes infinitely better than before.

What more can we ask for, huh?

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