12 Super Easy Good Habits

Fancy a little motivation to spice up your life with some effortless routines?

Look no further!

I’ve got 12 easy peasy good habits lined up for you to dive into right now.

They’re as simple as tying your shoelaces, yet they pack a punch that’s bound to make your life significantly better. 

Can you picture yourself healthier and happier? (Seriously, who wouldn’t want that?)

They’re so straightforward, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t thought of them before. 

As you scroll down, let each habit speak to you. Pick the one that sings to your soul and get it to stick.

Then, pop back here, choose another, and keep the ball rolling.

Watch how such tiny changes spark significant improvements in your day-to-day life. 

Fancy a challenge?

You could tackle them all at once; they’re that simple!

And for those feeling extra ambitious, I’ve got a treasure trove of 100 inspiring 30-Day Challenge Ideas awaiting you.

Ready to dive in?

Let’s go!

12 Easy Good Habits to Improve Your Life

Before we jump into each habit, remember that the goal is progress, not perfection.

Adopting these habits isn’t about immediate transformation, but rather gradual improvement over time.

Each of these habits is designed to be simple and manageable to integrate into your daily life.

Let’s begin our journey with the simplest, yet most crucial of them all – hydration.

1. Hydrate Yourself: The Magic of Drinking Water

You’re probably aware that staying hydrated is paramount.

But what if the taste of water doesn’t thrill you? Or perhaps, you rarely feel the call of thirst?

Well, you’re not alone. That’s my story, too.

Even when the summer sun is blazing, I hardly find myself reaching for a glass of water.

I’ve attempted to regularise my water-drinking habit in the past, but each attempt turned out to be a damp squib.

Then, one day, I chanced upon warm water. And, just like magic, it worked! 

If you aren’t a water-enthusiast, give warm water a try. It’s a game changer. 

Now, if water isn’t your main squeeze, consider replacing one of your go-to drinks with it.

Maybe you’re a two-cups-of-coffee-and-a-Coke-a-day person.

How about swapping one cup of coffee or that can of Coke for a refreshing bottle of water?

You’ll be surprised at the transformation once you start drinking plenty of water.

For starters, my skin has never looked better.

The bathroom battles?


I feel healthier, happier, and brimming with energy knowing that I’m regularly flushing toxins out of my body.

Now that’s the power of adopting easy, good habits!

2. Happiness: A Choice Worth Making

Ever thought about how you react to what life throws at you?

Well, I’ve got a bit of a secret – it’s a choice, and you can choose to respond with happiness. (Honestly, why would we want to react any differently?)

Choosing happiness paints our world in a positive light, making every problem a little less daunting.

Sure, life has a knack for sending us sprawling, but remember, it could always be worse.

And isn’t life challenging enough without adding a dollop of gloom?

Here’s a super-easy good habit for you – make a conscious decision to be happy.

It’s a light lift that brings a heavy dose of positivity into our lives.

Some smart folks even refer to it as the “The Happiness Advantage“!

Boost Your Happiness with This Insightful Talk

The happy secret to better work | Shawn Achor
Dive deeper into the science of happiness with this enlightening YouTube video. It’s time to choose joy!

3. Embrace Gratitude: Write it Down!

Gratitude is an incredibly powerful tool.

It’s another easy good habit that you can kick-start in an instant and see massive benefits from.

Here’s the plan: grab a pen and paper and jot down everything that makes you thankful.

Struggling to get started?

I’ve got 35 gratitude journal prompts to help you out. 

When we express gratitude, we shift our thoughts towards the little things that bring joy to our lives.

It could be as simple as your morning cup of coffee or a neighbour’s friendly wave. 

Here’s the thing: a grateful person naturally exudes positivity, radiating it to everything and everyone around them.

It’s incredible how powerful gratitude can be for your physical and mental wellbeing, and all with minimal effort.

All it takes is a moment of peace and quiet.

So, grab your gratitude journal today and start writing!

Your journey towards a happier and healthier life starts here.

4. Lace Up Those Shoes: It’s Time to Walk

How much time do we all spend glued to a chair?

Too much, if you ask me!

I’ve found myself frequently having to nudge myself to stand up and stretch my legs.

It’s incredible how such a small shift can make such a big difference.

Now, I’ve stopped ordering my groceries online, and instead, I walk to the store.

Sometimes, I even take a longer route on purpose just to fit in more steps.

As an added challenge, I opt for the stairs over the lift, running up and down just to get the blood flowing and ease my tense muscles.

How about a stroll around the neighbourhood after a hearty meal?

Trust me, you’ll feel lighter, and your mood will lift.

Walking everywhere is an easy good habit that can bring about massive changes in your life.

5. The Power of a Smile: Free and Contagious!

Picture this: everyone you meet wearing a smile. A bit weird, right? But imagine the difference it could make.

Here’s a fun fact – most people can’t resist returning a smile.

You flash your pearly whites, and they reciprocate. It’s a beautiful, costless exchange that makes everyone feel better.

Plus, you come off as friendly, and who doesn’t love making new friends?

Now, if you’re not naturally a big smiler, here’s a handy trick: stand in front of a mirror and practise your best smile.

Pay attention to the shape of your lips, the part of your teeth that shows, and the spark in your eyes.

Keep practising, and before you know it, you’ll be flashing your best smile without a second thought.

It’s an easy good habit that’s not only free but also spreads happiness.

Win-win, right?

6. The Art of Complimenting: Light Up Someone’s Day!

Ever thought about how a genuine compliment can make someone’s day?

Why not sprinkle some positivity around and compliment your colleague, friend, partner, children, or even your friendly barista at Starbucks?

A simple but heartfelt compliment shows you’re observant and a good listener.

It’s an easy good habit that not only brings joy to others but also enhances your interpersonal skills. 

7. Feed Your Curiosity: Learn Something New Daily

With the internet at our fingertips, the opportunity to learn new things every day is endless.

There’s never been a better time to expand our knowledge; no excuses!

It doesn’t have to be a complicated physics theorem or a baffling maths equation.

Just one interesting fact or an inspiring quote can be enough to stimulate your mind and keep it buzzing.

Try to memorise them and give your brain a delightful treat!

Or how about learning something practical from a nonfiction book?

People from all walks of life share their wisdom and experiences, and there’s a lot we can learn from their successes and failures. 

As an avid reader myself, I believe Kindle Unlimited is a godsend.

Think about it – millions of books and audiobooks at your fingertips, all for a minimal cost.

If you’re a fellow bookworm without a Kindle Unlimited subscription, why not take up Amazon’s one-month free trial?

It’s a fantastic deal! If it’s not for you, you can cancel it at no cost. 

8. The Secret Ingredient of Productivity: Plenty of Sleep

Oh, sleep! That was a tough one for me.

I used to have the most irregular sleeping pattern – staying up late engrossed in a book or a movie.

But once I fixed my sleep schedule and became an early bird, my productivity skyrocketed.

Starting tonight, try going to bed a bit earlier and getting a full night’s rest.

See how you feel in the morning.

Trust me, when you experience how refreshing and productive your day can be, you’ll want to make this an easy good habit to stick with!

9. Focus on the Road Ahead: Forget Past Mistakes

Let’s face it – we all make mistakes.

However, the key is not to get stuck in the past, reliving it over and over.

If you find your thoughts drifting back to previous blunders, snap back to the present immediately.

Learn to forgive yourself and shake off those heavy chains of past mistakes.

Once you’ve done that, make a promise not to dwell on them again.

After all, they belong in the past, not in your bright future.

Stay present, look ahead, and march forward with confidence!

10. Rise and Shine with a Song: The Joy of Musical Mornings

Want to start your day on a high note?

Set your favourite upbeat tune as your alarm.

Yes, it might sound a bit mad. Singing first thing in the morning is probably the last thing on your mind.

But just try it!

You’ll gradually wake up, and the singing will have you wide awake and ready to spring out of bed.

Continue your musical routine as you shower and brush your teeth.

Even a little dance while enjoying your morning beverage wouldn’t hurt.

See? You’ve set a positive tone for the day. Just like that!

11. Increase Productivity: Hide Your Phone While Working

Let’s be honest, our phones can be quite a distraction, especially while we’re trying to work.

The best way to avoid wasting precious time is to create a temptation-free environment.

Leave your phone in another room, or at least out of sight, while you work.

Decide on a timeline.

For instance, “I won’t check my phone until I’ve finished this task.”

This simple step can help you focus and accomplish more, making it one of those easy good habits you’ll want to keep.

12. Stay Focused: Close Extra Browser Tabs

Are multiple tabs on your browser hampering your productivity?

Try keeping only the essential ones open, directly related to your current work.

Log out of all social media sites.

No notifications mean fewer temptations.

Set a timeframe for your task, say 30 minutes, and work as if everything depends on it.

Sounds dramatic?

Maybe, but it gets the job done!

Once you complete your task, reward yourself with a social media break, but not more than 20 minutes.

According to a study by the University of California, Irvine, interruptions can significantly impact productivity.

A Toggl blog post referencing this study states that it takes an average of 23 minutes and 15 seconds to refocus on your task after an interruption.

Final Thoughts on The Power of Easy Good Habits

On the surface, each of these habits may seem minor.

But the beauty of everyday activities is their potential to compound over time.

Adopt any, or preferably all, of these habits, and you’re on your way to enriching your life incrementally.

The rewards of these easy good habits?

A healthy mind and body, and a successful, fulfilled life.

So why not start today?

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