30 Simple Questions to Turn Your Life Around

If you’re asked about the most important thing in the realm of personal development, you know there is no contest.

The unequivocal answer would be taking action.

There is very little value in absorbing amazing content through books, blog posts or podcasts on a daily basis without solid action.

Action is, after all, what makes all the difference. Action transforms our life. 

Our personal growth begins with the right questions we should ask ourselves.

Because deep questions disclose what we should be doing with our life and what more we can do with it.

And then we apply relentlessly what we learn to our everyday life.

So, here’s a chance for you, my readers, to do a quick reality check of your life with simple yet good questions.

They’ll reveal whether you’re doing enough and, if you aren’t, give yourself a chance to turn your life around.

At the end of this blog post, you’ll have a clear picture of the most important questions below:

Have I applied what I’ve read and learned to my life?


Have I been a personal development junkie, thinking about doing something but not doing it at all?

Good Thoughts Provoking Questions

I wanted to make sure I was doing all I could to live out my dreams, maximising my full potential.

I know you are as much ambitious as I am.

This checklist will help you stay on track and turn your ambitions to reality.

Tick the checkbox that applies to your mental attitude and daily action you take.

Make sure you congratulate yourself for the things you’re doing well.

And pay extra attention to action you couldn’t tick off and employ a solid action plan to correct those areas.

Don’t feel disheartened though if you find too many unchecked questions.

Knowing itself (and being self-aware) is the very first step in personal growth: your chance to improve all-around starts from here today, no matter what stage of life you’re in right now.

Think through what’s causing inaction for the unsatisfactory areas in your life and what you can do to change them so that you can turn your life around onwards and upwards.

Only tick off the checkbox you feel 100% certain of.

This way, you can get the most out of this exercise.

Oh, don’t skim through the questions: you won’t find an unanswerable question.

Use the Checklist On-Page

You can tick off the checkbox on-page as you read through the list.

When you’re done, scroll back up, choose one or two important ones you haven’t ticked off.

Come up with an action plan to correct them and execute your plan daily.

Don’t attempt to solve too many things. Too many goals overwhelm you. You end up doing nothing.

If you have several unticked on the checklist, come back for them another day and work them through the same way you did the first time.

Repeat the process until you’re happy with everything on the list.


A 30-Questions-to-Turn-Your-Life-Around Checklist

1. Am I taking responsibility for my life?

2. Do I live an exciting and ambitious life?

3. Am I understanding others instead of being critical and judgemental?

4. Am I polite to everyone I interact with?

5. Am I generous to others without expecting anything in return?

6. Have I forgiven those who’ve wronged me and let go of resentment and bitterness?

7. Am I treating myself right, talking to myself kindly and lovingly?

8. Do I compare myself to my yesterday (not to others)?

9. Do I seek approval of myself, not others’?

10. Do I know well when to say Yes or No and do so comfortably?

11. Do I focus on things I can control and let go of things I can’t control?

12. Do I spend my times and energy on things that truly matter to me such as my personal growth than wasting on things that don’t matter?

13. Do I spend time getting to know myself well instead of wasting time blindly following other people?

14. Do I have my own opinion, not mimicking others’ ideas and freely express my own view without being apologetic or fear of what others might think?

15. Do I form my opinion based on my own research and study, not from social media or newsfeed?

16. Do I think logically, not emotionally?

17. Do I accept the reality and deal with difficulties with a cool head, not sugar-coating life problems or lying to myself?

18. Do I drink enough water?

19. Am I looking after my body, nurturing it with the right food and exercising daily?

20. Am I reading good books to learn and be inspired?

21. Am I taking action to achieve my goals?

22. Do I do little things every day to improve myself and achieve my big goals?

23. Am I being patient towards others as well as the long game of my life goals?

24. Do I see the bigger picture of what really matters to me hence not taking things personally?

25. Do I always look at the bright side?

26. Do I appreciate little things I do every day to become a better person?

27. Do I feel excited and happy about the possibilities of the future instead of dwelling on the past?

28. Do I see humour and lightness of life, not taking it too seriously all the time?

29. Do I tell the truth? Or at least, not lie?

30. Do I include my future self in my daily planning and do what’ll benefit me now as well as my future self?

Out of 30 questions to turn your life around, how many did you uncheck?

Since my ongoing effort with personal development has begun, some areas are still work in progress albeit much improved such as using more kinder words to myself or comparing myself to my yesterday, not to others.

Final Thoughts

Although you may find living up to 30 things on the checklist is overwhelming, you’ll soon find that when you start working on one area of your life, the other areas also improve without making too much of an effort.

Good things accumulate and double the impact just as much bad things accelerate deterioration.

Have faith in your ability and focus on things you can control starting from the checklist in this post and make a conscious effort to turn your life around and live your absolute best life each and every day.

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