Defending the Belief You’re Good Enough

You’re good enough! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Perhaps you need to convince yourself first? Read on and do that.

Have you ever questioned yourself whether you’re good enough?

Or, as some people do, do you consider believing that you’re good enough to be naïve positivity?

Some justify your not-good-enoughness with:

“You aren’t good enough. That’s why you have a goal. That’s why you struggle so much.”

The logic is that we have goals to move us up to the next level.

Pursuing goals proves that our current self isn’t good enough compared to the next level up we can reach.

“Why would you aim higher if you’re good enough?”

Sounds plausible and almost persuasive.


The trouble with this proposition lies in the very nature of our being.

We, humans, grow and evolve: we don’t have just one goal to live for. We don’t call it a day the moment we achieve it.

Through various stages of our life, we come up with a series of life goals and pursue them diligently.

You’ve had many goals up to the present moment. You also have many more goals you’re working towards right now.

That’s What Makes Us Different from Animals

We’re the only species that can conjure up imaginary stuff that doesn’t yet exist and pursue them.

Does that mean we’re bound to feel ‘not good enough’ throughout our lifetime until we die?

That doesn’t sound right, right?

How about the other argument: ‘we aren’t good enough; that’s why we suffer.’

If we’re really good enough, we should be free from the fundamental struggles of life.

So they say.

But the idea clashes with my fundamental belief:

Life’s sufferings are the privilege of living.

Everyone goes through despair, betrayal, hardship, failure, illness and ultimately death.

I have a hard time to convince myself these sufferings are punishment because we aren’t good enough.

400,000,000,000,000 TO 1

If you have doubt whether you’re good enough as you are, consider the chances of you being born, being alive and reading this right now.

The odds are a pure miracle that my eyes glaze over the number, 400,000,000,000,000 TO 1.

If this can’t succinctly defend why ‘you’re good enough’ as you are, nothing will.

400,000,000,000,000 TO 1 : THE ODDS OF BECOMING A HUMAN BEING

Naive Positivity

Every time the word ‘naïve’ and ‘positivity’ comes up in the same sentence, it makes me cringe.

Because it implies positivity can’t be anything but naïve.

If positivity is such an empty word, why do we encourage our little kids to make a birthday wish?

Or feel a warm glow inside us, watching a child with hands clasped and closed eyes make a wish?

Without ‘naïve’ positivity – if we pray enough, it would happen – we can’t dream, make a plan, take action, seek and create environments that conspire the universe to make the dream come true.

♣ If you want to learn more about following your dream and how the universe conspires and makes your dream come true, read an inspiring tale of self-discovery, The Alchemist.

How We’re Good Enough

We’re good enough to have beaten the astronomical odds to be born, be alive and exist as you are, here and now.

Heck, we’re more than good enough: we’re a born warrior and winner.

And it’s only the beginning.

We’re meant to go on winning over and over.

We’re good enough as we are to imagine and put ourselves somewhere in the future.

We’re good enough to sacrifice today’s pleasures to attain our goals and collect our prize in the distant future.

We’re good enough to acknowledge our shortcomings, work hard to learn, increase skills to raise our value and attain our goals.

Even when our goals overwhelm us and frustrate us, we’re good enough to know with perseverance, we can achieve them.

The Misconception of Believing that You’re Good Enough

The misconception of believing you are good enough is thinking you are perfect in every way possible and you have everything.

That’s not what ‘you’re good enough’ means.

‘You’re good enough’ means you’re here for the reasons you may not know yet, but you believe that you’re good enough to be here and now.

You wouldn’t have survived the crazy odds, otherwise.

Therefore, you make every day count by giving your absolute best to this thing called life.

‘You’re good enough’ means you have the right to leave a mark on the world in your own way and, without being apologetic, do your own thing with the conviction that you belong where you are as you are.

‘You’re good enough’ means you’re fully aware of your shortcomings, limitation and obstacles.

And despite all those things, you jump out of bed to give another go at a new day’s opportunities just because you can.

You own up to everything that happens and make the most of what you have right where you’re.

When You Don’t Believe You’re Good Enough

Can you imagine going through life with:

“What’s the point? Why do I even bother to try at all?”

That’s what happens when you stop believing you are good enough or start believing you aren’t good at anything.

You keep comparing yourself to others, complaining about circumstances, retreating at the first setback, resenting others’ success, unable to see what you already have and constantly beating yourself up.

Final Thoughts

Remember, you’re a born warrior.

The moment you were born, you were born to win.

Even when you’re sick and tired of your own weakness making the same mistake again and again, you’re good enough to believe in yourself and start afresh.

You may feel you’ve made two steps forward only to have three steps back, which makes doubt yourself all the time.

Take pride in what you have achieved while making those two steps, evaluate how you could’ve avoided those three steps, believe in yourself and give another go at it.

You’re more than good enough to do that.

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