Defending the Belief You're Good Enough

Have you ever found yourself doubting if you’re good enough?

Some might argue that believing you’re good enough is nothing more than naive optimism.

Others might justify your feelings of inadequacy by saying:

You’re not good enough. That’s why you have goals. That’s why you struggle so much.

The rationale behind this is that our goals propel us to reach new heights.

Striving for goals is proof that our present selves aren’t good enough compared to what we could become.

Why aim higher if you’re already good enough?

It sounds plausible, almost convincing.


The issue with this argument is that it ignores the fundamental nature of our existence.

As humans, we grow and evolve; we don’t live for just one goal. We don’t stop the moment we achieve it.

Throughout our lives, we set numerous life goals and chase them relentlessly.

You’ve had countless goals up until this point. And you have many more you’re working towards right now.

That’s What Sets Us Apart from Animals

We’re the only species capable of envisioning things that don’t yet exist and pursuing them.

Does that mean we’re destined to feel “not good enough” for our entire lives until we draw our last breath?

That doesn’t seem right, does it?

How about this counter-argument:

We’re not good enough, and that’s why we suffer.

If we were truly good enough, we’d be free from life’s fundamental struggles.

Or so they say.

But this notion clashes with my core belief:

Suffering is an inherent part of living.

Everyone experiences despair, betrayal, hardship, failure, illness, and ultimately death.

It’s hard for me to accept that these sufferings are merely punishments for not being good enough.

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This post will provide you with valuable insights and practical advice to help you shake off the baggage that’s been weighing you down and begin to believe in yourself.

400,000,000,000,000 TO 1

If you’re still questioning whether you’re good enough just as you are, think about the odds of your being born, alive, and reading this right now.

The odds are so incredibly slim that the number itself is mind-boggling: 400,000,000,000,000 to 1.

If that can’t persuade you that “you’re good enough” as you are, nothing will.

400,000,000,000,000 TO 1 : THE ODDS OF BECOMING A HUMAN BEING

Naive Positivity

Whenever I hear the words “naïve” and “positivity” used together, it makes me cringe, as it implies that positivity can only be naive.

But if “positivity” is such an empty concept, why do we encourage our children to make birthday wishes?

Or why do we feel a warm glow inside as we watch a child, hands clasped and eyes closed, make a wish?

Without “naïve” positivity—the belief that if we hope fervently enough, it will happen—we wouldn’t be able to dream, make plans, take action, seek, and create environments that conspire with the universe to make our dreams come true.

So, embrace the journey of learning how to believe you’re good enough and allow yourself to see the limitless possibilities that unfold when you trust in your own worth.

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Embracing Your Inherent Goodness

You are good enough to have defied the astronomical odds of being born, being alive, and existing just as you are, right here and now.

In fact, you’re more than good enough: you’re a born warrior and a winner.

And that’s just the beginning.

You’re meant to keep winning.

  • You’re good enough as you are to envision your future and place yourself there.
  • You’re good enough to sacrifice today’s pleasures to achieve your goals and claim your rewards in the future.
  • You’re good enough to recognise your shortcomings, work diligently to learn and improve your skills, increase your value, and reach your goals.
  • Even when your goals feel overwhelming and frustrating, you’re good enough to know that with perseverance, you can achieve them.

Debunking the Misconception of Believing You’re Good Enough

The misconception of believing you’re good enough involves thinking you’re perfect in every way and already have everything. But that’s not what “you’re good enough” means.

“You’re good enough” means:

  • You’re here for reasons you may not yet understand, but you believe that you deserve to be here and now.
  • You wouldn’t have overcome the incredible odds otherwise. Therefore, you make every day count by giving your absolute best to this journey called life.
  • You have the right to make your mark on the world in your unique way, unapologetically pursuing your own path with the conviction that you belong exactly where you are, as you are.
  • You’re fully aware of your shortcomings, limitations, and obstacles. And despite all those things, you leap out of bed to seize the opportunities of a new day just because you can.
  • You take responsibility for everything that happens and make the most of what you have right where you are.

The Consequences of Not Believing You’re Good Enough

Imagine going through life with thoughts like:

“What’s the point?” “Why do I even bother to try at all?”

That’s what happens when you stop believing you’re good enough or start believing you aren’t skilled at anything.

You constantly compare yourself to others, complain about circumstances, retreat at the first sign of a setback, resent the success of others, fail to appreciate what you already have, and consistently beat yourself up.

Final Thoughts: Embracing Your Inner Warrior

Remember, you’re a born warrior.

The moment you were born, you were destined to win.

Even when you’re exhausted and disappointed by your own weaknesses or repeated mistakes, you’re good enough to believe in yourself and start anew.

You may feel like you’ve taken two steps forward only to fall three steps back, causing you to doubt yourself all the time.

Take pride in what you’ve achieved while making those two steps, evaluate how you could’ve avoided those three steps, believe in yourself, and give it another go.

You’re more than good enough to do that. 

Embrace your inherent goodness and watch how believing you’re good enough becomes a natural part of your life.

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