Here’s a fantastic book for all you budding (and perhaps struggling) artists out there, including bloggers and writers.

Think Like an Artist: How to Live a Happier, Smarter, More Creative Life” is penned by Will Gompertz, the BBC Arts editor.

I stumbled upon this brilliant read quite by accident after flipping through “Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative” by Austin Kleon.

Now, that book is a quick read – one you can breeze through in a single sitting.

But, even though it’s easy to digest, I couldn’t shake the feeling that it had been written by a child.

The messages come across loud and clear, and the eye-catching graphics and quotes sprinkled throughout certainly grab your attention.

However, it’s a rather skimpy book, lacking any real depth or insight from the author.

Honestly, I’m baffled by the high ratings it has on Amazon.

That’s when I discovered “Think Like an Artist: How to Live a Happier, Smarter, More Creative Life” by Will Gompertz.

A reviewer who shared my less-than-glowing opinion of the other book recommended Gompertz’s work as a superior alternative for anyone intrigued by the topic.

And, let me tell you, I’m over the moon that I stumbled upon that comment and invested my time in the right book.

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Book Overview: Think Like an Artist – Unlocking Your Creative Potential

Book TypeNon-fiction, Creativity, Personal Development
Main FocusUnlocking creativity and overcoming self-doubt
Key TakeawayEveryone has creative potential and can learn from successful artists
Reading DifficultyEasy to read and engaging

Embracing Insecurity: How Artists Overcome Self-Doubt

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog, you’re well aware of the deep-seated insecurity I grapple with regarding my writing. 

This insecurity stems from a self-limiting belief that I’m just not a creative person.

Every time I’m about to publish a new blog post, I struggle with the urge to quit and retreat.

It’s an ongoing battle within myself.

This book explores various facets of what it means to be an artist:

  • how they think,
  • how they confront their own struggles and persevere,
  • how they hone their craft,
  • how they approach things differently, and so on.

Artists featured in the book may not be ordinary people, but they do face ordinary doubts and challenges that we can all relate to.

The book introduces well-known artists you’ve likely heard of, as well as some lesser-known names who have navigated similar struggles.

Unleashing Your Inner Creative Genius with Think Like an Artist

The book kicks off with one of its central messages: everyone is creative

I need to hear this over and over again to help silence my own insecurities.

The author presents his argument in a positive, uplifting, and informative manner.

Rather than merely catering to our insecurities with empty platitudes, he uses real-life examples of artists to inspire and encourage readers, maintaining a consistent tone throughout the book.

The quotes alone are worth the price of admission, and I’ve even created a blog post dedicated to them

It’s my personal wellspring of inspiration to tap into whenever needed.

Most importantly, the author’s extensive knowledge, firsthand experiences in the art world, and insights add depth to the stories shared in the book and convey lessons without coming across as preachy or condescending.

If you’re an aspiring artist seeking inspiration to help you navigate self-doubt, fear, and uncertainty and uncover the possibilities, I wholeheartedly recommend giving this book a read.

It’s engaging and incredibly easy to read.

Where to Buy “Think Like an Artist” by Will Gompertz

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(Disclosure: If you purchase through the link, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting my blog, my dear reader!)

Inspiring Highlights from Think Like an Artist

(Credit: Think Like an Artist: How to Live a Happier, Smarter, More Creative Life by Will Gompertz)

Confidence is crucial.
Artists don’t seek permission to paint or write or act or sing; they just do it.

When it comes to creativity, failure is as inevitable as it is unavoidable.

If at first you don’t succeed, don’t try exactly the same thing again.

As human beings, we are all born with not only the wherewithal to be creative but also the need. We must express ourselves. The only decisions to make are what it is we want to say and through which medium we want to say it.

… everyone thinks they are a bit of a fraud; you just have to get over it.

He (David Ogilvy) knew hard work was the unsung hero of any creative process. His past had made his future possible: there were no failures, only staging posts.

A far more important lesson to learn from artists is not that they fail, but that they prevail.

Curiosity is the tool that shapes the work of all artists, just as much as any brush or chisel.

Ideas that are born out of ignorance, or which have been flippantly hatched, are invariably weak and most often useless. But those conceived on the basis of real knowledge, inspired by a genuine passion, are much more likely to have plausibility and substance.

Collaboration can lead to unexpected, or otherwise unobtainable, discoveries.

… creativity is the presentation of pre-existing elements and ideas filtered through the perceptions and feelings of an individual.

You have to imitate before you can emulate.

Look at the early work of any artist and you will see an impersonator yet to find his or her own voice.

There is no such thing as a wholly original idea. But there is such a thing as unique combinations.

Creativity isn’t about what somebody else thinks; it is about what you think.

Questioning does not make creativity more difficult. Rather it brings clarity and brevity and purity to our ideas.

Our unique way of seeing leads to the choice we make, which differentiates our work from everybody else’s. Our point of view is our signature. 

… in the creativity game you are not a really player unless you have something to say. 

… everyday life can become a potential source of creative stimulation. 

If we want our ideas to be seen and heard it is essential we have a point of view and something to say. 

Psychological courage is needed to stand up and express your feelings and ideas in public. 

 Michelangelo decided that if the commission was going to be seen as a failure, he might as well fail spectacularly. 

(Credit: Think Like an Artist: How to Live a Happier, Smarter, More Creative Life by Will Gompertz)

Final Thoughts on Unlocking Your Creativity with Think Like an Artist

“Think Like an Artist” is a must-read for anyone looking to unleash their inner creativity and overcome self-doubt. 

The book’s real-life examples, powerful quotes, and the author’s personal experiences make it relatable and inspiring. 

By sharing the stories of artists from various backgrounds, Will Gompertz teaches readers that everyone has the potential to be creative. 

So go ahead, pick up this book, and let it help you on your journey to embracing your creativity and artistic talents.

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