How to Boost Motivation to Reach Your Goals

Don’t let temporary setbacks fool you. They’re just that: temporary. You can easily boost your motivation and reach your goals. Here’s how.

How do you keep your motivation alive while pursuing your dream life?

Having a goal and pursuing it enthuse you with a wonderful feeling.

Especially at the beginning.

You’re full of hope, imagining all the possibilities of your dream life.

Feeling supercharged, you embark on your exciting journey with a fervour.

But the novelty of new goals fades with time.

Your once aimless old self rears its ugly head, tempting you to give up. Or take an easy route.

We all go through such a temporary setback.

But with a few tricks, we can get back on track and revive our fading goals.

Here are a few tricks to get yourself back on track and keep pursuing your dream life.

5 Ways to Boost Motivation to Reach Your Goals

1. Stroll Down Memory Lane

Do you remember the day when you wrote your goals?

Something inspired you that day to write them down. Do you also remember the excitement you had then?

Your goal wasn’t just about making lots of money. You had a big why.

Maybe your big why is to buy freedom, choice and security. To be a better provider for your loved ones.

Maybe you decided to lose weight before summer comes so you can wear your favourite bikini.

Imagine walking along the beach, happy and radiant in your favourite swimsuit with a big smile on your face!

Taking yourself back to the moment you set the goal and the future you envision will surge you with motivation and get you right back on track.

2. Make It a Joint (Ad)Venture

Find a partner in crime.

A member of the family or your best friends. Someone you deeply care about.

Make a pact that’ll benefit both of you.

Have you heard about a granddad who smoked all his life finally quit smoking because he promised his granddaughter he would if she did?

It was as simple as that.

No turning back on his promise because there was no stronger motivation for him than his granddaughter’s health.

Teaming up with someone you deeply care about and working towards each other’s goals will definitely boost your motivation. 

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3. Inject a Jolt of Fear

Wouldn’t you work hard to reach your target when a bonus is promised upon completing the task?

A performance-based bonus is a positive motivation. We’re incentivised by a reward.

The opposite works the same.

The company announces that the worst performer is to be let go.

Now we have a different motivation. It’s fear.

Albeit negative, fear of being fired works as a great motivator too.

That’s why a man who had a health scare decides to works out 6 times a week.

He fears not being able to walk his daughter down the aisle on her wedding day.

Think about your fear when you don’t achieve your goals. Perhaps you’ll be stuck in a job you hate.

Does the prospect scare you?

It sure boosts your motivation to build business or write that book, doesn’t it?

4. Understand It’s Normal to Feel Down

Imagine every marathon runner gives up the moment they feel tired. We’ll see no one at the finish line.

A marathon runner doesn’t give up in the middle because he’s tired.

He’s known all along that tiredness is part of the deal to reach the finish line.

It doesn’t mean he’s free from the temptation to give up.

We all have that moment, feeling exhausted and frustrated while pursuing our goals.

Acknowledge what you feel is normal and remind yourself how far you’ve come.

Understanding the difficulties of your journey while recognising your progress will keep you motivated to push forward.

5. Do Small Things

If you can’t summon the inner strength to complete one massive action towards your goal, go small.

Consistency feeds motivation and keeps it afloat. 

It’s not the number of push-ups that keep you motivated. It’s the act of doing.

Doing 10 push-ups is more impactful than planning to do 100 push-ups and not doing at all.

Writing 100 words is more important than not writing at all because you won’t write the target word of 1000.

Small actions bind you and motivation.

Even on days when you don’t feel like doing anything, you don’t fall too far down to abandon your goals altogether.

Do small things and keep your motivation.

Final Thoughts

Keep your big why at the forefront of your mind or have a partner in crime to rally together.

Let your future version of life scare you into action if your goals aren’t met.

And embrace the feeling of down, but get back up by doing small things every day.

By following the above, we can let our temporary setbacks be just that, temporary.

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