Replacing the Pain of Discipline with Law of Attraction

We must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.
– Jim Rohn

You’ve probably heard of the above quote, but have you thought about the meaning and how it might affect daily choices you make?

Jim Rohn says that if we don’t bear the pain of discipline and do things that are hard and necessary today, we’ll pay the price in the future.

And the price is the pain of regret.

So we’ve got to ask ourselves:

What’s going to be: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret?

But first, we need to know what hard and necessary things are.

Watching TV or becoming keyboard worrier against some strangers online forum isn’t hard and necessary.

Worrying about some future event that may never happen is not hard or necessary.

Here’s an easy way to define the hard and necessary things.

Things that you will not regret on your death bed squarely fall outside.

You wouldn’t say:

I wish I had watched Game of Thrones a few more times.

I wish I’d won that loser online and given my last word.

I wish I had worried more.

Would you?

Here are hard and necessary things.

  • Exercising
  • Eating healthy meals
  • Learning new skills
  • Building your own business in spare time
  • Saving and investing for future

If we don’t make effort into the above areas today, we’ll likely face the pain of regret in the future.

We can fall ill.  And there’s no safety net to fall back on during a hard time or on retirement.

It’s easier not to exercise. Instead, watch TV and eat. And eat more.

Buying ready-made meals or takeaways is easier and quicker than cooking a healthy meal.

It’s easy to let a small matter of obesity or diabetes escape from our consciousness when a variety of food is presented.

Buying flashy gadget is more gratifying than entertaining the boring B-word and putting money aside for the future.

Watching TV in the evening, scrolling through social media or engaging in harmless banter online is far more entertaining than reading a “boring” non-fiction book.

The Pain of Regret

Multiply a day of not doing hard and necessary things like above by 11,000.

Here’s what you get.

Your retirement is fast approaching.

You’re still working in the same place, renting the same house, unhealthy and out of shape, no safety net in the bank with an ever-increasing amount of credit card debt.

As things are, you’ll have to work until 75… just to get by.

Suddenly you remember hearing about the pain of discipline vs the pain of regret when you were young.

Only didn’t you realise what the pain of regret really meant until now.

Problem with the Pain of Discipline vs the Pain of Regret

When young, we’re too young to take in the true meaning – the feeling of acute regret.

You just can’t know it until much later. Until it hits you like a ton of bricks.

Or you love your current lifestyle too much to give up for the future that seems very far away.

When you can’t feel the consequence of pain now, it’s hard to motivate yourself to do hard and necessary things.

Today’s instant gratification beats the heck of future regrets or pains any day.

That is why it’s difficult to grasp the concept of the pain of discipline vs the pain of regret in your prime time when your life is looking fine and dandy.

Why Replacing the Pain of Discipline with Law of Attraction

Another thing is the word, “pain”, in the pain of discipline invokes such a negative and unpleasant feeling.

Pain implies we need to put ourselves through something hard, unpleasant and uncomfortable.

Something we need to endure.

It makes us feel dreadful just to think about them.

The law of attraction is about bringing positive experiences to our life.

You don’t cringe at the prospect of pain/hard work when you think about the law of attraction. The law of attraction stirs anticipation of good things.

Which is why replacing “the pain of discipline” with the law of attraction can work better for us.

The law of attraction eliminates negativity (pain) altogether and directs us to positivity.

It’s encouraging.

It’s something we can look forward to bringing into our life.

  • Exercise today so we attract a healthy mind and body to enjoy an independent lifestyle.
  • Work extra hours after work so we attract and build emergency funds into our life for the future.
  • Build own business so we attract freedom and choice to our loved ones.
  • Save and invest so we attract and achieve financial independence and look after our future self.

Final thoughts

No one wants to wait until the pain of regret hits them.

We also don’t like the feeling of the pain of discipline, even though we understand the necessity.

Discipline gets things done. But it doesn’t always have to be in a pain-inducing way.

Replacing the pain of discipline with the law of attraction will put you in a futuristic and hopeful mindset.

When we tune in to positive mindset and apply the law of attraction to our daily routines, it’s that much easier and more enjoyable to overcome inevitable resistance and build a life of no (or less) regrets.

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