The Ultimate List: 70 Ways You’re Wasting Your Time

This ultimate time wasting activities list will help you make better choices with time and energy, review life goals and dreams, and reclaim your precious time and life (and sanity!).

Whaaaat, 70 ways wasting time? Is that even possible?

I know – sounds impossible, right?

But hey, I got your attention.

And that’s not all.

You might not want to admit it, but the part of you already know you have a lot of time wasting activities woven throughout in your day.

(Don’t we all?)

So you felt compelled to check out this mammoth list to confirm the existing bad habits.

Because you want to use time wisely and live more productively. You want to take control of your life.

Like we all do.

A Radom Pin on Time Wasting

A random pin about time wasting on Pinterest inspired me to take stock of my life and the ways I was wasting my time.

Which I narrowed down to 8 things.

And the blog post became one of the most read/viewed articles I’ve written.

It suggests that I’m not alone who struggle with time management, focusing on the wrong things.   

Many people waste time, doing things that are not conducive to personal growth.

So I thought I’d create the ultimate list: you’re wasting your time and help my super awesome readers, YOU, to live a more productive and happy life.

This list will help you find the culprits and eliminate them from your life once and for all so you can free up time to do things that really matter to you.

How to Use This Time Wasting Activities List?

When you read through the list, you may feel um or ah about certain things.

If that’s your immediate response, ignore them.

They’re likely insignificant to you at this moment, meaning you don’t consider them to be a major obstacle stopping you from living a quality life.

But some of them on the list will bring out a strong feeling.

Yep, definitely me: this gotta go. Like right now.

Because we all know our problems, even though sometimes we pretend not to.

And that’s a good thing (nope – not the pretending bit!).

Because we can be our own life coach and become a confidant to ourselves.

All we need to do is trust our fabulous gut instinct and be willing to listen to another dimension of ourselves.

The person inside us already knows lots of things and will guide us through to a quality life, if we let her. 

Make a note of everything you feel strongly about on the list.

Like I did in my 8 things I stopped wasting my time on, write about them and think through how negatively they’re affecting you in the way you’re living.

This simple exercise will help you make better choices with time and energy, review life goals and dreams, and reclaim your precious time and life (and sanity!).


Let’s get to it.

1. Drinking too much alcohol

2. Eating junk food
3. Eating too much food
4. Not exercising
5. Reading the tabloids

6. Smoking

7. Staying up late
8. Watching reality T.V
9. Watching too much T.V
10. Forever indecisive

11. Hitting snooze

12. Hoarding stuff
13. Making bill payments manually, not automating them
14. Disorganised workspace and environment
15. Multitasking

16. Not chasing your dreams

17. Not jotting down ideas (and missing opportunities)
18. Not having a daily plan/to-do list
19. Not having an organised system to keep items in place
20. Not putting things back where they belong after using them

21. Not setting a clear goal

22. Not using a planner
23. Procrastinating
24. Shifting through the clutter to locate the things you need
25. Staying in your comfort zone

26. Taking up too much work

27. Waiting for something to happen
28. Working a job you hate
29. Arguing with strangers on the internet
30. Constantly updating your social media status

31. Following what others are doing on social media

32. Endless consumption without a purpose i.e reading blog posts or watching videos on YouTube
33. Mindless scrolling through social media
34. Not being mindful of online distractions
35. Playing video games

36. Answering your phone when it’s not convenient

37. Checking your emails throughout the day
38. Emailing back and forth when a phone call can wrap things up
39. Having notifications on your phone
40. Arguing

41. Being nasty to others

42. Being passive-aggressive
43. Being stubborn
44. Chasing the wrong romantic interests
45. Comparing yourself to others

46. Complaining

47. Doing things that makes you unhappy
48. Gossipping
49. Hanging out with negative friends
50. Having low-self esteem

51. Having no hobbies

52. Holding onto things that don’t work
53. Holding onto your emotions
54. Jealousy
55. Making promises you can’t keep

56. Not acting on what you know and learn

57. Not being fully present
58. Not being your authentic self
59. Not facing your fears
60. Not learning anything new

61. Not travelling beyond your city

62. People pleasing / being unable to say no
63. Picking a fight with others
64. Pursuing perfection
65. Regretting and dwelling on the past

66. Spending too much time caring about what others think of you

67. Staying in a toxic relationship
68. Too much socializing
69. Trying to control everything
70. Worrying about everything

Final Thoughts

Not all activities are bad in itself.

I don’t think watching TV is bad: nothing wrong with enjoying your favourite shows for relaxation.

It’s a personal preference.

It only becomes an issue if it keeps you from doing the things you want or need to do.

Check back the above ultimate time wasting activities list once in a while.

Each time you review it, some other things on the list will spring on you.

Trust your intuition 100%, follow its guidance, eliminate your most wasting activities and distractions, and take back control of your life.

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