How to Find Obsession

Have you ever been obsessed with a thought or an idea?

Unlike a fleeting interest, this thing won’t leave you alone?

Like an obsessive homicide detective who barely sleeps and devotes every waking moment to catch a serial killer.

That’s a grim picture, but I remember a formidable protagonist in a popular TV show and her tenacity, resilience, dedication and brilliant mind.

Back then I didn’t have a thing that interested me. Everything was bland and boring.

And it made me (and my life) sad.

For a long time, I was jealous of people who proclaim to love what they do and are obsessed with their work like the homicide detective.

Turned out an obsession is the common denominator of the self-made millionaires.

No wonder.

Because any worthwhile goals take time to achieve.

So unless you’re sufficiently obsessive about them, where can you summon the strength to pick yourself up when the inevitable obstacles knock you down?

It’s obsession that makes you relentless in your pursuit.

Obsession makes you courageous and ignore naysayers.

Obsessed-you don’t care about others’ mockery at your stumbling.

You don’t give a toss whether someone has more money, time or talent than you.

You just don’t care.

Because you’re, um, OBSESSED!

Following her six sense, the competent detective led her whole team to a rundown building.

Her strong hunch took her and the team to an EMPTY pitch black basement.

Had she followed her team out, who made a snide remark about her hunch, she would have missed a hideout and the hideous murderer!

That’s what obsession does to us.

It drowns out the outside noises, mockeries and all.

Obsession makes you think of your own accord and harness laser-sharp focus to achieve your goals, no matter what.

Can you imagine a marathon runner who is obsessed to beat his own record throws a towel halfway through?

Not a chance.

You’ll likely find him training for his next marathon in 3 weeks time  – not long after nearly collapsing at the finish line.

Because he’s obsessed.

So What Are You Obsessed About?

If you’re lucky enough to have found your obsession, you’re likely well on your way to reach your fullest potential, stretching your limit by pursuing a goal relentlessly.

You might be already reaping the rewards of the incredible power of single-mindedness and perseverance.

Meeting the superhuman inside you who you knew all along buried deep.

If you haven’t discovered that amazing person within you yet, it’s time to explore more.

By the way, stalkerish obsession doesn’t count! (Leave him alone.)

How to Find Obsession

How would your current job be different if you give your all?

Is there a chance you can become obsessed with your job?

We know mediocre input produces mediocre output.

When we do the best we can, wonderful things can happen.

For example, a waitress superb at what she does becomes obsessed with her job.

She becomes the most reliable employee who always shows up on time. She delivers the highest standard service to every customer.

Her reputation grows. She’s the first to move up the ladder when an opportunity arises.

She might develop the same level of obsession to run her own establishment one day.

And make that happen in a few years.

If what you do daily doesn’t inspire you, you need to step out of your comfort zone.

Because you can’t force or fake obsession.

You need to give yourself a chance to learn, explore and experience to find your obsession.

A friend of mine had an interest in Japanese manga when she was young. Over time, her interest has turned into a full-fledged obsession.

She eventually moved to Japan and learned the language.

She now speaks fluent Japanese and teaches Japanese in Japanese school!

Obsession makes you do crazy things.

Before you know it, crazy things happen.

Final Thoughts

Since I started blogging, writing well has become my obsession.

I know full well the substandard of my writing.

But my obsession keeps me going, regardless.

It inspires me to write every day, pushing through insecurity and embarrassment.

Your obsession will never allow you to give up or settle until you attain your goals and dreams.

Find your obsession right where you’re by giving your all to what you do daily or by stepping out of your comfort zone and exploring new opportunities.

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