How to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Life always begins with one step outside of your comfort zone.
– Shannon L. Alder

Do you love staying in your comfort zone?

The cocoon of safety and familiarity you’ve built around your life?

It feels so safe that you want to stay there forever?

Most sane people love that familiar spot. So much so, our loyal friend called brain makes sure that we don’t venture out the safe zone.

Our brain does this by promptly sending out signals and urges us to stay put every time we think about stepping out of our comfort zone.

That’s our brain’s job. Keeping us safe from potential danger.

Little does our brain know that our comfort zone is our demise.

So when you feel subtle resistance next time, tell your brain (that little voice whispering inside your head) to calm down.

That you aren’t wandering out to a minefield or a war zone! ha.

Our little friend needs to know that what you’re facing is minor “discomfort”, not a losing-your-limb danger.

But sometimes (okay perhaps many times), the action is louder than cheap talk.

Quieten your voice with:

I got this. Trust me!

And take any of the actions below.

The more you venture out, the more you convince your brain that stepping out of your comfort zone is actually a good thing.

There is no real threat but excitement waiting for you when you embrace the initial discomfort.

Here are a few ways of stepping out of your comfort zone.


Travel is an excellent way of stepping out of your comfort zone.

It takes you out of your element.

When you step into a place you haven’t been, your sixth senses are fully engaged in a way that you haven’t felt for a long time.

They’re all on alert mode with a tingling sensation of nervousness and excitement.  

You see and feel everything more intensely like we do with all our first experiences. 

You no longer have control of what’s happening around you.

Along with it comes freedom. You don’t need to hold tight to everything nor do you feel the need to control every little thing.

Go with the flow as you pass through places. 

Enjoy exploring the unknown and with each experience, you become bolder and more comfortable doing your own thing rather than following the crowd.


Volunteering gives you an opportunity to meet people outside your usual circle of friends and family.

Expose yourself to a new environment to learn and gain a new perspective of what’s around you.

Showcase your passion project for constructive feedback while helping others in need.

It could be your local charity shop where you help out a couple of hours a week.

Or approach a local business and offer your service free of charge and exchange mutual benefits.

Anything that causes discomfort pushes you out of your comfort zone and forces you to adapt, learn and grow.

Be a Happy Fool

Be ready to be a fool and happily step out of your comfort zone to learn something new.

When you know how much you don’t know, you can truly master something.

There are so many free/ paid resources online.

You can try a few things, to begin with, and narrow them down to one or two things that you really enjoy and want to explore more.

You might discover something you never thought you’d be interested in!

♣ Online courses are excellent tools to learn new skills and improve existing skills. Sign up below for thousands of courses: paid and free. I took my first paid online course from Udemy: thoroughly recommend it!
Creative Live

Be a Risk Taker

Nothing exciting happens inside your comfort zone.

If you want to find a partner and have a loving relationship, you’ll have to get out of your home. No one is going to come and knock on the door.

Sign up for dating sites. Join a Meetup group or attend a Meetup event.

Don’t let your first interview, the first book, first blog or first anything that went wrong stop you.

Congratulate your effort, acknowledge that no one died from that experience (ha!) and do more of everything that got you apprehensive, nervous yet exciting!

By continuously taking a risk, your comfort zone expands and your life experience stacks up.

You develop a thick skin while staying relaxed and confident whatever life throws at you.

Final Thoughts

Your comfort zone is where you imprison your dream life.

The place where you keep dreaming with:

Maybe one day…

That one day never comes.

Your real life begins just outside your comfort zone where you feel alive, living your dream life, one that on your deathbed puts a smile on your face for a daring life you truly lived.  

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