7 Things to Do When You Feel So Stuck in Life (and Live Your Authentic Life)

Feeling so stuck in life is another way of expressing some areas of our life are screaming for attention, change and excitement.

Do you catch yourself letting out a gigantic sigh more often than you’d like?

Wondering when you laughed out loud, carefree, in joy and blissful contentment last time?

Feeling the weight of life pressing down on your shoulders and want to give up?

Maybe you feel suffocated in an unfulfilling relationship. Deeply dissatisfied with a dead-end job.

Feel so stuck in life, questioning yourself:

There’s got to be more to life than this.

Feeling lost with a hollow emptiness seemingly out of nowhere overwhelming us.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here are 7 things you can do when you feel so stuck in life and start living your authentic life.

7 Things to Do When You Feel So Stuck in Life (and Live Your Authentic Life)

1. Visit a New Place and Dig Deep

Visit a new town, a new park, or a new cafe and dig up which area of your life you’re feeling stuck in.

Distance yourself from the usual place.

A fresh environment with new scenery will energise you. Helps you take your mind off from the usual happenings in your life.

Your worn-out mind and body are boosted with newness, giving you a fresh perspective.

Sit down in a quiet cafe, watch people pass by for a while, grab a piece of paper and pen, write everything that makes you feel stuck and hunt down the source.

If you need a little help, start with the below blog posts:

2. Trust Your Instinct

And believe you can come out of this rut. 

Once you find the culprit(s), trust you can stamp it out of your life and shift the life path you’re on to your ideal.

If your current job is causing you grief, for example, you may not come out of the rut straight away.

But find your strength in preparation.

Look for job opportunities, update your CV or learn a new skill. Create activities that’ll get you out of the rut and focus on them.

Let them be your fuel to move forward.

And never stop believing in your ability to change the circumstances.

When you find trust within you, you become solution-oriented.

You then no longer feel so stuck in life and will eventually find what you look for.

3. Start Something New

We all have something we’ve been thinking of doing, but never did. Or something we’ve never thought of doing but now want to do.

Take up a new hobby, start a 30 Day challenge, make extra money, meet new people or take up an online course.

Anything that exposes you to experiment and experience will get you out of feeling stuck.

Sometimes, we feel so stuck in life when we’re bored out of our mind. Our days feel like watching paint dry on the wall.

Everything feels like the same old and same old.

Some people are content with the same meal every day. Most people get bored after two days.

Yes, life choices are more complex than choosing a meal.

But anything new will energise you and get you out of the rut.

4. Have a Me Time

Maybe you’re too busy all the time.

Your entire life revolves around looking after someone else but you.

You feel overwhelmed and tired, feeling stuck.

Give yourself a time out.

Some people find a great sense of achievement and satisfaction from looking after others. Their life revolves around kids, the significant other, friends and family.

They love it. Do a good job of it.

If that’s not you, it’s okay to give yourself a break now and then.

Make time for yourself and do little things that make YOU happy.

5. Be True to Yourself

And don’t emulate someone else for your happiness. 

Maybe you thought you’d be happy when you had a promotion and earned more money. You wanted to be in the same league as your peers.

Except you still feel something is not right and frequently feel so stuck in life.

A pay increase and a promotion come with responsibility.

You spend more time stuck in the office than with your friends and family, feeling more miserable day after day.

You finally realise what made your friends happy doesn’t make YOU happy. You chased their dreams, not yours.

You created a false persona and alienated your real self.

Be true to yourself. Don’t imitate others’ life just because it looks good on the surface.

Honour your needs, desires and values.

6. It’s Okay to Ask for Help

When I felt stuck and couldn’t see a way out, it was hard to reach out and ask for help. I was always independent, so asking for help didn’t come naturally to me.

But once I got past it, I wished I’d asked for help sooner.

Sometimes when you feel stuck, you can’t analyse your situation objectively.

Your mind gets murky with false assumptions and self-inflicted anxiety. You don’t see a way out that others can easily spot.

It’s invaluable to have others’ fresh perspective.

When you bring in others’ eyes, you’ll realise that things aren’t always as bad as they seem.

When you notice you bottle things up, look for advice and support from close friends and family you trust.

Join in a local support group. Or online groups of people who have the same aspiration as you.

Be open to listening to others’ tales and advice.

7. Embrace Change

It’s inevitable you’ll experience some change when you try to get out of a rut.

You may feel discomfort at the beginning.

Accept change as essential, but be eager to embrace it even in a challenging time.

Change is the first step to get you unstuck in life.

It forces you to take a different path and try new things.

Whether it’s your mindset, new morning routines or a new career, you’ll feel edgy and awkward.

That’s a good thing: you’re getting out of a rut.

As long as what you want to achieve makes you happy and excited, embrace uneasiness as a natural reaction to change but remind yourself all will be okay.


Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.
– John Lennon

Final thoughts

We feel so stuck in life when we mostly do things that make us unhappy.

Review each point mentioned above and do your utmost to prioritise your happiness above all.

You’ll get out of the rut in no time and start living your authentic life.

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