7 Alarming Signs that You’re Way Too Busy

When I ran an online retail business, I was always super busy (or so I thought).

During that time, I broadcasted proudly how busy I was with my business.

As if being busy were a badge of honour, equivalent to being successful, beckoning pure awesomeness (ha) or something inherently good.

I don’t know where and when I got the notion of being busy was a good thing.

The truth is I just kept myself being occupied, confusing motion with action.

Looking back, I realised how easily we could fall into the trap that being busy meant a successful life or doing something meaningful.

What really happened was I didn’t set my priorities right nor did I spend my time wisely.

So it’s worthwhile to heed these alarming signs that you might be way too busy not in an efficient and productive way.

Evaluate what you’re sacrificing in the name of the busyness.

Put things right before it costs you more important things such as your physical and mental well-being and your relationships with your loved ones.

Below are 7 alarming signs that you’re way too busy to watch out.

When You Get Up, You Feel More Tired

When you wake up, do you feel completely rested?

If your mind is too busy thinking about catching up a hectic schedule the next day, your mind can’t shut off completely.

You wake up feeling groggy and drained.

Stress from overwork can cause insomnia, leading to persistent fatigue.

If you aren’t rested well at night hence can’t stay alert and attentive during the day, it’s a sign that you’re too busy.

You Feel Dreadful Facing Another Day

Do you get out of bed excited, looking forward to another day with another opportunity?

Or do you want to go back to sleep, wishing to hibernate like bears?

If morning’s freshness feels like something you can only imagine in a fairytale story and you begin your day with a feeling of dread, it might be signalling that you’re too busy.

No Time for Exercise

Do you have an exercise routine in your schedule?

We know exercise increases our energy level, promote better sleep and improve our mood.

When we’re at a peak condition, we perform better at work.

It’s important to prioritise our physical wellbeing with regular exercise.

If you can’t allocate time to exercise, you’re too busy.

No Break for a Long Time

When was the last time you had a day off or holiday?

As I learned the hard way, being busy doesn’t always mean you stay productive all of the time.

Our body takes its toll without proper rest.

Taking time off improves our focus and productivity.

If you don’t give a well-deserved break to yourself regularly and don’t remember your last day off or holiday, you’re too busy.

Messy Workspace

When you walk into your workspace, do you find yourself let out a big sigh because it’s way too messy?

Do you struggle to locate your stuff?

Feels like treasure hunting in the jungle when looking for a pen or a stapler?

If your workspace gives you stress and you don’t know where to begin to tidy up, you’re too busy.

No More Invitation from Friends and Family

When was the last time you got an invite to an event hosted by friends or family?

You might have said “No” too many times they have given up on you.

They no longer ask because they know you’re going to say “No” anyway.

If you don’t remember the last time when you spent quality time with friends or family, you’re too busy.

Can’t Ask for Help

Do you find yourself overwhelmed with work but can’t ask for help?

Maybe you’re too proud.

You might be thinking that asking for help means showing your weakness and incompetence.

Your workload and responsibilities are mounting while your time is limited to do it all on your own.

If you feel paralysed with too much to do and can’t ask for help to ease up your mounting workload, you’re too busy (and time to ask for help!).

Final Thoughts

If you recognise any of the alarming signs above, take a step back and decide what’s most important to you in life.

See what you’re sacrificing for and whether your busyness is worth the things you sacrifice.

Turn busyness to productive by prioritising your tasks, delegating to others and, if necessary, taking time off to recharge so that you can run your day instead of letting the day run you.

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