8 Things that Cause a Lack of Motivation

Find out what causes a lack of motivation and get your motivation and energy back.

Do you get frustrated with a lack of motivation to get anything done?

You suspect that you’re getting in your way but can’t put your finger on exactly what’s stopping you from getting on with your life with a zest?

Maybe there are deeper causes that you aren’t aware of.

A lack of motivation and laziness can signal a deeper cause.

See any of the below sounds familiar.

8 Things that Cause a Lack of Motivation

1. Stress

Some level of stress is healthy.

It keeps us sharp and focused and helps us get things done quickly and efficiently.

But too much stress does the exact opposite as it wears you out. It affects your mental and physical state.

Find out which area of your life is causing you an excessive amount of stress that keeps you demotivated.

Maybe you’ve taken up too many responsibilities that leave you with no time to recover from stress. Review how you spend your time and prioritise your activities.

Learn to say “No” and keep a few important things to do so you can free up time to relax and de-stress.

2. Lack of Energy

If you feel physically too tired to do anything, pay attention to your body.

Experiment with a number of hours’ sleep you have. Your optimal hours of sleep can differ from others.

Oversleeping or lack of sleep can equally make you feel sluggish and tired.

In my experience, sound sleep makes everything better.

Diet also plays a big role. Sugary snacks and food with too many carbohydrates can boost your mood and energy, but only for a short period.

They bring you right back down, wreaking havoc on your energy level.

Good sleep, healthy food and regular exercise make you feel good and keep you motivated.

3. Negative Environment

Study your environment – people you spend most of the time with or conversations you have with them.

How do they make you feel? Do you enjoy your interactions with them? Do you look forward to seeing them again afterwards?

How about your work? Is it fulfilling? Since we spend most of our waking moments working, job satisfaction has a massive impact on the level of motivation.

If you dread to go to work, it’s a sign of being in a negative environment.

Surround yourself with positive people who inspire you.

If you aren’t happy with your current job, find things you enjoy doing outside the work. Upgrade your current skill by enrolling an online course.

Update your CV and prepare for an opportunity elsewhere or start your own side hustle using existing skills.

Look for outlets that can counteract the negative environment that will energise and motivate you.

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4. Negative Memories

Perhaps you had bad experiences in the past that let you down.

You’re too scared and hesitant that you can’t motivate yourself to give another attempt at doing things.

Your fear, limiting beliefs and negative self-talk might be holding you back.

But also be honest with yourself. Is this thing really what you want to do? Maybe you feel obligated to do, but deep down, it’s not your thing?

Know what’s really causing you to be hesitant.

If the past experiences are causing a lack of motivation, let them go. Learn from them and be prepared to do it differently, but don’t let what happened in the past induce inaction.

If you’re hanging by a sense of obligation but feel miserable and demotivated, forget this thing. Dig deep and find what you REALLY want that will kick you into action.

5. No Fresh Ideas

Getting stuck with the old way of things without finding new ideas can stop you from being motivated.

It can be frustrating.

But you can’t come up with new ideas all the time without learning new knowledge.

You need to read more and learn more.

The more you devour new and relevant information, the more knowledge you build to turn into ideas.

Keep learning: read books, listen to Podcast and network with others.

Ideas will spring upon you.

6. Unclear Goals

It’s impossible to stay motivated when you have no clear goals.

Imagine you’re packing for your holiday. The content of your suitcase will vary depending on the purpose of holiday e.g. yoga retreat, trekking in the jungle or round world trip.

You wouldn’t pack your fancy swimsuit for trekking in the jungle, for example.

The destination determines our action.

Until you have clear goals, your life will continue to be in limbo. Think long and hard about what’s really important in your life. Find your values and beliefs that lead you to your purpose in life.

7. Lack of Confidence

Are you suffering from low self-esteem?

From my personal experience, I know low confidence can be the most detrimental factor to a lack of motivation.

If you don’t feel confident about yourself and your abilities, you can’t convince yourself to pursue a goal and take action.

Find out the causes of low confidence. Is it because deep down you don’t believe in yourself? Remind yourself of past achievements and reinforce the possibility of achieving your goal.

If you feel overwhelmed and paralysed by the size of your goal, break them down into several smallest chunks.

Arrange each chunk in sequence from A to Z.

Start with A. Focus on A only until you finish it. Then move on to B and so on. This way, the whole thing becomes easier and manageable.

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8. Unexpected Life Events

Our life can be thrown out of whack by unexpected emergencies that halt motivation.

What can we say?

It’s a privilege for living.

Ask anyone buried deep six feet under: they can’t even answer you! Left behind are tons of unrealised dreams and regrets.

Unlike the dead and forgotten, we have the chance to realise our dreams.

Yes, life can be extremely tough, but how we react to them matters most.

As hard as it may be, train your mind to count your blessings at every opportunity. You’ll no doubt find something to be grateful for that makes you think it could be worse.

The realisation will spur your motivation.

Final Thoughts

When you don’t feel motivated, you’ll find one or two reasons mentioned above.

Don’t deprive yourself of living a fulfilling life by drifting into an unmotivating path and staying there.

We can solve every obstacle when we think through. Most of the times, we already know the solution.

Take one positive action today that will create a chain reaction to move you forward.

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