8 Reasons You’re Not Successful Yet

If success leaves clues, the opposite must be true, too. This post will clue us into success by learning why we are not successful yet.

Have you ever met anyone who doesn’t want to be successful?

Probably not!

Almost everyone wants to be successful and try to figure out why they’re not successful yet.

But the keyword here is “yet”.

Because we have every opportunity to live a successful life from here on.

And since success leaves clues, the opposite must be true, too.

Which means finding out why we are not successful yet can clue us into success.

With that in mind, let’s first find out what successful means.

What does Successful Mean?

“Successful” could mean a number of different things to you and me.

And the best place to look at and find the common ground is the Cambridge Dictionary.

Here’s how Cambridge Dictionary defines “successful“:

  • Achieving the results wanted or hoped for.
  • Having achieved a lot, become popular, and/or made a lot of money.

Similarly, Earl Nightingale defined success as:

Success is the schoolteacher who’s teaching school because that’s what he or she wants to do. The success is the woman who’s a wife and mother because she wanted to become a wife and mother and is doing a good job of it.

– Earl Nightingale

From the definition, you might have worked out straightaway the number one reason you aren’t successful yet.

8 Reasons You’re Not Successful Yet

1. You Have No Purpose in Life

You are not successful yet because you live without knowing what you want in life.

The reasons you get up in the morning. What ignites the fire in you.

It’s impossible to become successful if you don’t know what life with purpose means to you.

Whether it’s to become a popular YouTuber, change the world, make lots of money or teach the next generation, you can’t be successful without knowing what you want to be successful at.

Check out the below posts.

It’s a good starting point when you feel clueless.

And don’t feel bad about not knowing what you want to be successful at.

Many people don’t know what they want.

The difference between you and the others is that you’re actively seeking, trying to figure it out.

2. You Have No Goals: Short-Term & Long-Term

You’re not successful because you have no plan of goals.

And this is not surprising.

We can’t plan out our days, weeks, months or years without knowing what we want in life.

Imagine jumping in a taxi, but you can’t tell the driver where to take you.

Not only will it baffle the taxi driver, you’ll also feel pretty daft.

Life without goals is like floating in a vast ocean with no sight of the destination to reach: lost.

3. You Let Your Past Failure Win

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

– Thomas Edison

You are not successful yet because you refuse to learn from your past and give up at the first hurdle.

Each trial and error is our learning opportunity.

We build on those experiences and get better.

When your first business doesn’t work out, you learn your strengths and weaknesses in building a business.

Your practical knowledge stacks up. Your resilience grows. You’re better prepared for your next venture.

There’s reason for Quantity trumping Quality.

4. You Don’t Invest in Learning

You are unsuccessful because you engage in so many time-wasting activities.

Your days are unproductive. You procrastinate all the time.

Your constant time wasters pull you from acquiring new knowledge and skills and improving yourself.

You’re left behind or missing out on promotion as you don’t increase your market value by investing in yourself, learning and improving your current skill set.

Start investing in yourself with these self-help books and finance books

Sign up for free or paid online courses to upgrade your skills and knowledge.

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5. You Blame Others or Your Circumstances

You are unsuccessful because you don’t take ownership of your life, but blame others and your circumstances.

Complain about your job, your boss, neighbours, politicians, the weather and something yet to happen.

There will always be irrational people, corrupt politicians, tax to pay, winter to come, and so on.

Complaining changes nothing and stops you from living a successful life.

Focus on negativity all the time. Opportunities will pass you by since you’re too busy complaining to see them.

Work on adopting a growth mindset by starting gratitude journals.

6. You Compare Yourself to Others for Wrong Reasons

You’re unsuccessful because you’re measuring yourself up to others either to make yourself feel good about you or beat yourself over.

Comparing to belittle yourself or others (or just for the sake of winning) won’t help you long term.

Cultivate eagerness to connect, learn, encourage and contribute and promote healthy competition by elevating each other.

7. You Surround Yourself with Naysayer

You’re unsuccessful because you’re surrounded by people who constantly put you down.

Your effort is ridiculed by people who don’t recognise your talent or your ambition. They don’t value your aspiration to create a better life.

Some people are just better to keep at arm’s length for your sanity.

Adopt this one effective way of dealing with naysayers.

And don’t seek others’ approval.

You do your own thing with conviction and confidence and live a successful life defined by you.

8. You Feel Your Life is Enough

You’re unsuccessful because you don’t want the risk of changing. You want to stay in your comfort zone where you feel safe.

You’re being your worst enemy.

It’s hard to motivate yourself when you have no desire to get better.

You don’t want to put in the necessary hour to make something happen and become successful.

Seek opportunities to grow and improve.

Adopt changes: the world around you is constantly changing.

You either move along with it or left behind. 

Bonus: You are Not Self-Aware

You’re unsuccessful because you don’t know yourself well.

When you’re self-aware, you have a clear perception of your identity, your values, your strengths and weaknesses, aspirations and behaviours.

Which helps you tune into your feelings with a better understanding of others’ perception and attitude towards you.

You become self-assured, being comfortable being you. And start living a successful life.

Final Thoughts

A successful life is not limited, nor is it promised to a few selective people.

The moment you conceive the notion of being successful, you can achieve it.

You might find one or two things above obstructing your way.

And yes, it’s YOU who is in the way. Sorry, but it has always been you.

Now you can get out of your own way by removing every obstacle mentioned above.

Some may be more difficult than others, but nothing is impossible if you have a burning desire to live a successful life.

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