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Hey there, ever bumped into someone who doesn’t crave success?

Nah, me neither!

Just about everyone’s on a quest for success and itching to know why they haven’t struck gold yet.

But hang on, let’s focus on that word for a second: “yet.”

‘Cause guess what? The world’s your oyster now, and success is yours for the taking.

And you know what they say, success leaves clues. 

Well, guess what? Failure does too.

So, let’s flip the script and figure out why success has been playing hide-and-seek with us. 

But first, we need to understand what “success” even means.

What’s the Deal with “Success,” Anyway?

A woman jubilantly celebrating success, contrasting the question 'why am I not successful' which might be pondered by others observing her achievement

“Success” is a shape-shifter, looking different for you and me.

But there’s gotta be some common ground, right? 

Let’s hit up the Cambridge Dictionary to see what’s cooking.

Cambridge Dictionary defines “successful” as:

  • achieving the results wanted or hoped for.
  • having achieved a lot, become popular, and/or made a lot of money.

And then there’s Earl Nightingale, who had his own take on success:

Success is the schoolteacher who’s teaching school because that’s what he or she wants to do.

The success is the woman who’s a wife and mother because she wanted to become a wife and mother and is doing a good job of it.


Just like that, you might’ve already spotted the pesky culprit keeping you from success.

8 Sneaky Reasons Success Has Been Dodging You

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1. You’re a Ship Without a Rudder (a.k.a. You Lack Purpose)

You haven’t tasted success yet ’cause you’re cruising through life without knowing your true north—the reason you jump out of bed every morning and the passion that sets your soul ablaze.

Here’s the deal: You can’t score a home run if you don’t even know what game you’re playing.

So whether you dream of ruling YouTube, changing the world, stacking cash, or moulding young minds, success won’t come knocking until you figure out what you want to excel at.

Feeling stuck?

Give these posts a whirl:

They’re the perfect launchpad for those “I don’t know what I want” moments.

And hey, don’t sweat it if you’re still figuring things out.

Tons of people are in the same boat.

The difference is, you’re rolling up your sleeves and diving in headfirst to find your true calling. 

2. Goals? What Goals? (You Need Short-Term and Long-Term Ones)

You haven’t tasted success yet because your goals are MIA.

And honestly, it makes sense.

Without knowing what you want, how can you map out your days, weeks, months, or years?

Imagine hopping into a cab without a clue where you’re headed.

That’s one confused cabby—and you’ll probably feel like a total goofball.

Life minus goals equals drifting aimlessly in an endless ocean, destination unknown.

3. The Ghost of Failures Past Is Haunting You

Thomas Edison quote about finding 10000 ways that won't work

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

Thomas Edison

Success is playing hide-and-seek ’cause you let past failures call the shots instead of learning from them.

Every stumble is a chance to grow.

We rise from the ashes, wiser and stronger.

When your first business nosedives, you learn what makes you soar and what grounds you.

With each try, your know-how stacks up. Your grit intensifies. You’re primed for your next big thing.

Remember: sometimes, quantity trumps quality.

4. You’re Not Feeding Your Brain

You’re not successful yet because you’re a master of time-wasting activities.

Days slip through your fingers as you procrastinate like a champ.

These distractions yank you away from learning, growing, and levelling up.

And guess what?

You’re left behind or passed over for promotions because you’re not boosting your market value through self-improvement.

Ready to invest in yourself?

Check out these self-help and finance books.

And don’t forget to explore online courses to upgrade your skills and knowledge.

♣ Online courses are your secret weapon for learning new skills and polishing existing ones. Dive into thousands of courses, both paid and free, by signing up below.

I took my first paid online course from Udemy and loved it!

5. Pointing Fingers Won’t Get You Anywhere

You’re missing the success boat because you’re playing the blame game instead of taking charge of your life.

Griping about your job, your boss, your neighbours, politicians, the weather, or imaginary future problems?

Big no-no.

Let’s face it: There will always be irrational people, corrupt politicians, taxes, and winter.

Constant complaining changes zip, zilch, nada and stops you from living your best life.

Ditch the negativity and start a gratitude journal to nurture a growth mindset.

6. The Comparison Trap: Don’t Fall for It

You’re not successful yet because you’re sizing yourself up against others—for all the wrong reasons.

Using comparisons to belittle yourself or others (or just to “win”) won’t do you any favours in the long run.

Instead, foster a spirit of connection, learning, encouragement, and contribution.

Elevate each other through healthy competition.

7. Naysayers, Begone!

Group of friends sitting by the sea enjoying a tranquil sunset, undeterred by naysayers, yet the contemplative phrase 'why am I not successful' subtly resonates in the scene.

You’re not basking in success because you’re surrounded by Debbie Downers who love raining on your parade.

Your efforts get scoffed at by folks who don’t appreciate your talents or ambitions.

They don’t value your drive to build a better life.

Sometimes, it’s best to keep certain people at arm’s length—for your own sanity.

Try this effective way of dealing with naysayers, and remember: you don’t need anyone’s approval.

Forge ahead with conviction and confidence, and live a successful life defined by you.

8. Don’t Let Comfort Zones Trap You

You’re not quite successful yet because you’re hesitant to take risks and venture beyond your comfort zone.

Newsflash: You’re holding yourself back.

It’s tough to find motivation when you’re not itching to level up.

You’re unwilling to invest the time and effort it takes to truly achieve greatness.

Seek opportunities for growth and embrace change.

The world is always evolving, and you should too.

Bonus: Get to Know Yourself Better

You’re falling short of success because you’re not in tune with your inner self.

Being self-aware means understanding your identity, values, strengths, weaknesses, aspirations, and behaviours.

This self-awareness allows you to connect with your emotions and better comprehend how others perceive and react to you.

Gain confidence in yourself and start living a successful life on your terms.

Final Thoughts: Overcoming “Why Am I Not Successful” to Unleash Your Success Story

Success isn’t an exclusive club, reserved for the lucky few.

The moment you believe it’s possible, you’re on the path to success.

Chances are, you’ve stumbled upon one or two roadblocks mentioned above.

And guess what? It’s YOU who’s standing in your way.

But now you can move past these obstacles and reach for the stars.

Some challenges might be tougher than others, but with a burning desire to succeed, nothing is impossible.

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