6 Simple Steps to Success (That You Already Know)

Do you remember the first thing that crossed your mind as you woke up this morning?

The day is not over yet, but we vaguely remember how we started our day.

That’s me for most of the days, anyway.

Today is different, though.

Because in my mind’s eye, the phrase below has been glaring at me like bright neon lights in Soho.

It’s not what you know. It’s what you do with what you know.

I woke up mumbling the exact phrase this morning!

And I know why.

Last night, I fell asleep while listening to The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale, which has been my go-to lullaby for the past few days.

I find his voice soothing.

In the video clip, he shares 6 Simple Steps to Success written by psychiatrist Dr. David Harold Fink.

Here’s the thing.

These are nothing new.

After reading through the 6 steps below, you’ll probably think:

Is that it? Hey, tell me something new.

Those glaring words I woke up to?

In my mind, Earl Nightingale was asking:

So, you think you know it all? Tell me: what have you done with it?

um, a good question.

When I first heard him a few years ago, the opening message struck me like a lightning bolt:

Some years ago, the late Nobel Prize-winning Dr. Albert Schweitzer was being interviewed in London and the reporter asked him,
“Doctor, what’s wrong with men today?”
The great doctor was silent a moment and then he said,
“Men simply don’t think.”

– Earl Nightingale

It was such a wake-up call as I was coasting through life, without thinking.

Here are the 6 steps on how to achieve success.

6 Steps that will Help You Achieve Success

Step 1: Set yourself a definite goal.

Step 2: Quit running yourself down.

Step 3: Stop thinking of all the reasons why you cannot be successful and instead think of all the reasons why you can.

Step 4: Trace your attitudes back through your childhood and try to discover where you first got the idea that you couldn’t be successful, if that’s the way you’ve been thinking.

Step 5: Change the image you have of yourself by writing out a description of the person you would like to be.

Step 6: Act the part of the successful person you have decided to become.

Except for the first one, the rest is all about our mindset, beliefs and behaviours.

It shows the importance of the right internal dialogue and the relationship we have with ourselves.

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Earl Nightingale explains it clearly:

Here’s the key to success and the key to failure.
We become what we think about.
Throughout all history, the great wise men and teachers and philosophers and prophets have disagreed with one another on many different things. It’s only on this one point that they are in a complete and unanimous agreement.

– Earl Nightingale

What are You Doing with What You Know?

Do you have a definite goal?

Maybe you aren’t happy with your current job. Your job doesn’t get you out of bed excited in the morning.

But if you have a definite goal, use the current job as a stepping stone and work towards your goal, you’re a success.

Because you’re living intentionally and on purpose.

How about the other five steps?

Do you have the right mindset that aligns with the life of your dream?

Do you believe in yourself, well-versed in why you can be successful?

Successful people don’t wait around to be generous or kind until they become successful.

Be generous and kind now. Act the part of the successful person today.

Deliver more than you promise. Serve others with no return. Be a giver and a helper.

By living a successful life, you manifest success into reality.

Final Thoughts

When something sounds too obvious, it’s easy to brush them off.

What we really want to do is think seriously how we’re applying each step to our life right now, therefore, living a successful life today.

Watch this, be inspired, go on and live a successful life.

The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale (Law of Attraction)

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