This is When Successful People Wake Up (But I Prefer Amount of Sleep)

Hey, you know what they say:

Success leaves clues, and if you sow the same seeds, you’ll reap the same rewards.

Brad Thor

Now, if you’re itching to walk in the footsteps of wildly successful people and build your own kick-ass life, there’s one secret ingredient you might want to sprinkle into your daily routine.

You probably guessed it from the title—it’s all about waking up with the roosters.

Curious about when these high-flyers roll out of bed? I’ve got a list for you.

But one name on that list made my jaw hit the floor:

Tim Cook, the big boss at Apple Inc.

Any guesses on his wake-up call?

Let’s just say it’s at an “are-you-kidding-me” hour.

Here’s a rundown of some famous folks’ wake-up times. 

Brace yourself for a mix of disbelief and a surge of motivation to rethink your mornings and morph into an early bird on the road to success.

3:45 am: Tim Cook’s Early Riser Success Story

When I found out Tim Cook kicks off his day at 3:45 am, I blurted out:

No way!

I’m almost ashamed to admit that, as a former die-hard night owl, that used to be my bedtime!

It takes ironclad self-discipline to resist daily temptations, avoid late nights, and make the most of our time.

Sure, knowing your priorities is one thing, but putting them into practice every day? 

That’s a whole other ball game.

No wonder I’ve got mad respect for people like Cook, who make me believe some folks just don’t do things halfway.

4:00 am: The Power of Rising Early for Successful CEOs

Believe it or not, some folks really do have to roll out of bed at 4 a.m. for their job. 

But the high-flyers we’re talking about? 

They’re up before the sun because they choose to be.

Rumour has it that 4 a.m. is the “golden hour” of productivity. No distractions, just pure focus and a feeling of total control over your life.

Different early birds have different reasons for their pre-dawn awakenings.

Take Sallie Krawcheck, Ellevest CEO and Co-Founder, for example. 

She’s up and at ’em by 4 a.m., claiming it’s prime time for her creative thinking.

But it was former Pepsi CEO Indra Nooyi who really caught my eye.

Not only is she another early riser, but her pearls of wisdom, shared in her farewell letter to employees, left a lasting impression on me.

  • Set goals.
  • Listen openly to feedback.
  • Pursue lifelong education.
  • Think hard about time.

Each piece of advice struck a chord with me. 

And since we’re talking about the waking hours of successful people, that last one seems to be shouting from the rooftops.

What about you?

5:00 am: Morning Routines of Successful People Waking Up Early

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, who’s up at 5 a.m., has an intense morning routine. 

He spends 15 minutes in a sauna, then plunges into a 2°C ice bath.

And he does this three times in a row!

His reasoning is both awe-inspiring and admirable:

If I can will myself to do that thing that seems so small but hurts so much, I can do nearly anything.

Jack Dorsey, Twitter co-founder

Now, I don’t know about you, but diving into a 2°C ice bath doesn’t exactly sound “small” to me. 

But let’s look at another mega-successful early bird.

Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, is also an early bird who’s up by 5 a.m.

He’s mentioned before that these early hours allow him to get a head start on his emails before the rest of the world logs on.

The Importance of Sleep for Successful People

Interestingly, some successful people place more emphasis on getting the right amount of sleep than on waking up super early.

As someone who knows all too well the negative effects of sleep deprivation, I’m a firm believer in the importance of quality shut-eye.

But make no mistake, these folks are still morning people.

Take Warren Buffet, for example, who wakes up at 6:45 a.m

He’s a big fan of sleep, usually clocking in a solid eight hours.

Then there’s Amazon founder and richest man Jeff Bezos, who’s also part of the 8-hour sleep club

He says he tries to make it a priority.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates likes to get his seven hours of sleep because it helps him “stay sharp, creative, and upbeat.”

If these ultra-successful people prioritise their sleep, who are we to argue otherwise?

Embracing the Early Bird Lifestyle: Tips for Becoming an Early Riser

If you’re itching to wake up early and adopt the habits of these successful individuals, a 30-day challenge is a fantastic way to kickstart your new routine.

I once took on the challenge of waking up at 5 a.m., and even though I was already an early riser, this was a whole new level of early. 

But it lasted for 30 days and turned out to be a valuable personal development experience.

So, how do you become an early riser?

Set a specific wake-up time and commit to it for 30 days.

Alternatively, ease into it by waking up 20 or 30 minutes earlier each day until you reach your desired time.

If you want to use that extra time to exercise in the morning, slip on your sneakers and hit the pavement as soon as you wake up.

Or team up with someone to keep each other accountable. 

When you involve another person, your sense of obligation increases, which can help keep you motivated.

Incorporating these strategies into a 30-day challenge can further help you maintain consistency.

Head over to this post and find out the power of 30-day challenges.

Final Thoughts: Harnessing the Power of Waking Up Early for Success

Since I became a morning person, I’ve noticed a significant boost in my proactivity across all areas of my life.

That’s a huge plus.

Plus, waking up early sets the tone for a good mood and helps me feel more in control of my time, reducing procrastination on important tasks.

There are many other benefits to rising early, and as we’ve seen from the impressive individuals mentioned above, being an early riser can play a significant role in achieving success in life.

So, if you’re looking to emulate their accomplishments, waking up one or two hours earlier than usual could be a game-changing experiment for your day-to-day life. 

Give it a shot and see the difference it makes.

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