7 Personality Traits of Real-Life Highly Successful People

When was the last time you read about the habits of successful people?

What did you read?

Mine was The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R.Covey.

Unlike many other people who rave about it (and you may be one of them!), I didn’t take in much.

I don’t remember why: it was quite a while ago.

Much like Tim Ferriss‘s “The 4-Hour Work Week”, which I found unrelatable.

Maybe I wasn’t ready to learn and grow back then. Maybe I’ll have a different experience if I read them again. Who knows.

There are many books or blog posts about successful people’s habits.

For a change though, I want to share the traits of successful people I’ve met in real life.

These are not about their morning rituals or exercise routines.

These are character traits I admire from my landlord who has a massive portfolio of property, local businessmen I frequent and senior managers I used to work with.

I took notice of those traits as I wanted to learn and adapt them.

It’s mostly work in progress but I’ve successfully adapted some.

Here are 7 personality traits from the successful people I’ve met in real life.

1. They’re Action Men

I call my current landlord an action man which I happily mentioned to him.

He chuckled at that.

Like all the other successful men I’ve met, he’s a man of his word, following up his promises promptly. I have huge respect for people who take their promises seriously.

As they do what they say they would and when they say they would, they earn trust and respect in their line of business or as a senior member of the company.

In other words, they’re very responsible for their words and actions.

No wonder they’re successful since integrity and reputation are the pinnacles of building a successful relationship hence a business.

We all know people who are all talk but no action.

Which is precisely why we admire and value those who walk the talk.

2. They’re Humble

He’s a humble man with much to be humble about.
– Winston S. Churchill

From my landlord to business owners, one of the common characteristics I’ve noticed is they’re incredibly humble.

Seriously, you wouldn’t even guess their wealth by the look of them!

They dress modestly and drive a modest car. They don’t brag about how much money they make. They’re the type of people mentioned in this book.

They’re calm and collective and exude quiet confidence.

Most of all, they admit when they don’t have an answer. They don’t pretend they know it all. If anything, they’re eager to learn by admitting what they don’t know.

On the other hand, they know just about everything in their own field.

3. They’re Excellent Communicators

We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.

Another thing I noticed from the real-life successful people is they have superb communication skills. They grasp others’ attention quickly and build rapport with ease.

It’s probably one of the best traits I want to adapt (quite desperately!).

They are articulate and, furthermore, very good listeners.

They pay full attention to other people and listen more than talk. So they understand the other person and the agenda fully before voicing their own opinion.

They don’t dominate a conversation or talk over the other person.

They also adjust the way they communicate with an individual and are able to convey the messages in a way there’s no misunderstanding.

They’re patient and open-minded.

They make the other person feel important by giving full attention and returning the right feedback and response at an appropriate time.

4. They Have a Clear Vision

Not only do they have a clear vision but they’re also very passionate and enthusiastic about talking about it.

I remember listening to one of them say.

I can’t imagine doing anything else.

They are self-aware and have a clear vision that aligns with the core values that make them happy.

Prioritising goals becomes easy and natural to them because they love what they do and are self-motivated to achieve them.

Their goals are clearly defined.

They pursue them with a zest which makes them an exciting company to be around and learn from.

5. They’re Positive and Thankful

They ooze a positive vibe. They don’t complain nor blame. And don’t gossip.

The successful people I’ve met in real life didn’t get a windfall to achieve their success.

I know some of them had really tough times in the beginning but they often say:

I’m very lucky.

They appreciate what they’ve achieved and are grateful for what they have.

Naturally, with their positive energy and attitudes, they attract people who want to spend time with them as they uplift others around them and are pleasant to be around.

Their positive energy and excitement are contagious.

6. They’re Generous with Their Time and Advice

They’re generous with their time and expertise.

They give sincere and encouraging feedback without criticising. Always happy to help.

Most of all, they practise what they preach although they never sound preaching or pushy.

In fact, they don’t talk about themselves much. Only when I probe to gain wisdom, they impart advice with a bucket of wisdom and humility.

7. They’re Mild-Mannered and Friendly

I’m sure “being friendly” isn’t a requirement to be successful but it sure is great when people are nice to be around.

Easy to laugh with. Gentle, kind and polite.

The successful people I’ve met are approachable, mild-mannered, friendly, down to earth and likeable.

Bonus: They’re Morning People

Many research claims that morning people are happier or even make more money than night people.

Some others claim the opposite. How confusing, right?

Just the same as countless diets.

Whether it’s a coincidence or not, the successful people I’ve met in real life happen to be all morning people.

That’s gotta say something!

Final Thoughts

One of the things I’m working on is being a good communicator.

I’m always drawn to people both in writing and talking who appear to possess an extraordinary ability to sell ice to Eskimos.

Which is what this “shipping” business is about for me.

You can get an MBA, but if you improve your communication skills, I will guarantee you that you will earn 50% more over your lifetime.
– Warren Buffet

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