4 Simple Things You can Do Today to Take Control of Your Life

When feeling overwhelmed and losing control of our lives, stripping down our activities to handful things can give us an immediate boost. Here’s how you can do that.

Are you feeling overwhelmed and desperate to take control of your life?

People from everywhere are pulling you to all directions, demanding your time and attention.

You feel stretched beyond your limit with endless things to do.

When you finally take a moment to catch your breath, you realise the day’s gone.

And there comes another day rolling in.

It starts all over again (phew…).

I know the feeling.

And here are 4 suggestions that I hope will help you take control of your life.

4 Simple Things You can Do Today to Take Control of Your Life

1. Know When to Say Yes or No

This is one of my favourite things I’ve learned lately.

Once you learn and decide when to say Yes or No, you declutter your mind.

You free up time and energy to focus on what’s really important to you.

For example, if you’re saving money for a rainy day or to pay off debt, a night out is almost a definite no.

You may feel bad about saying “No” all the time, but remind your friends and family (and yourself) that this isn’t a forever thing.

Let them know you need their support and understanding.

People who care about you will respect you and admire you for it.

Who knows, they might even follow in your footsteps and decide to sort their finances too!

Saying Yes or No applies to all areas of our lives, including saying No to social media that’s constantly alluring our attention.

Think about “to what and whom you could say Yes or No” that’ll make you feel less overwhelmed and less stressed.

Implement them and start decluttering your mind and take control of your life.

2. Find Your One Thing

Here’s a question you can ask yourself and find your one thing.

What is one thing that’ll make me extremely happy and make my life meaningful?

Think about your core values.

When we align our lives with our core values, we become happier, living a more fulfilled life.

For example, if you value peace, harmony and positivity, working in a toxic environment where finger-pointing and gossiping are prevalent will make you extremely unhappy.

I left my full-time job and started my own business because of this reason.

Negative energy throughout the company persisting like a foul smell you can’t get rid of (imagine that!).

Get to know yourself well and find your core values.

Below is some example of core values that can help you find yours.

As you read through the list, see which words jump out at you.

Check the box next to the word that describes what you value most.

You’ll find your core values in a few seconds.

Choose as many words as you want that “speak” to you.

  • Kindness
  • Honesty
  • Quality
  • Knowledge
  • Creativity
  • Security
  • Gratitude
  • Challenge
  • Responsibility
  • Empathy
  • Autonomy
  • Freedom
  • Success
  • Optimism
  • Passion
  • Love
  • Independence
  • Beauty
  • Family
  • Integrity
  • Health
  • Trust
  • Adventure
  • Contribution

Now you have your core values. Think about activities that match them.

If you value success, climbing the career ladder or building your own business is likely your one thing.

If love is your core value, spending as much time as you can with friends and family is likely the most important thing to you.

You feel happier with quality time with loved ones than a pay increase with extra hours of work, for example.

You prioritise various activities according to the core values you consider most important to you.

By engaging in one thing that aligns with your core values, you focus on what makes you happy and makes your life meaningful, hence taking control back of your life.

3. Be a Doer, Not a Dreamer or a Talker

Have you been talking about looking for a better-paying job?

Maybe spending more time with your loved ones?

Writing your own book?

Cutting out expenses and saving more money?

We keep saying tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes.

I had been talking about starting my blog for a couple of years before starting it.

After I published one post, I said I was going to post once a week, which of course didn’t happen.

As I started my 100 Day (Publishing Daily) Challenge, I realised that the whole thing became more than the challenge.

It enabled me to take control of my time.

The challenge became the anchor that guided me on how to prioritise my day.

Take the first step by actually doing what you’ve been telling yourself.

I promise it’s a lot easier than you think!

4. Replace One Bad Habit with a New Habit

The best way to get rid of a bad habit is by replacing it with a new one.

Healthy eating, for example, is tough to maintain.

If you eat 5 packs of chips a day, start with replacing 2 packs with carrots and celery sticks.

And slowly increase the intake of vegetable sticks.

If you try to remove it all at once, it’ll make your craving worse. It’ll make you crazy and miserable (I’ve been there!).

Focus on one bad habit at a time. Once it’s replaced and stuck, tackle the next one.

The best habit-forming strategy is to incorporate it into a weekly or monthly challenge.

Not only will it help you live with intention, you’ll also take control of your life.

Also, it’s worthwhile to spend a little time and learn how to find your best habit hacks.

Bonus: Doodle (Odd One, I Know!)

I’m not a creative person. I can’t paint or draw to save my life.

But doodling has become a respite to my brain.

Seriously, it surprised me!

Drooling reveals my deepest thoughts on a blank page which includes bad habits, obligations, ideas, goals and dreams.

Oddly enough, I always end up with flowers and trees.

And then, before I know it, the whole thing turns into a mind map.

Each branch leading me to abstract ideas that collectively become my life vision.

It’s quite relaxing and therapeutic, which can ultimately help you take control of your life.

Final Thoughts

Remember, life is made up of choices we make every day.

You already have all the power you need to take control of your life.

If you take a moment and really think about it, you’ll realise that having a choice every day is an amazing thing.

What if today is a new beginning for you to decide and make better choices and take control of your life.

You’ll feel lighter, happier and more purposeful and finally start enjoying your life.

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