5 Things I Consciously Do Every Day to Achieve Personal Growth

We have different values and priorities we want to focus on achieving our personal growth. Below are my priorities.

Have you ever read a book that makes you more overwhelmed than inspired?

I can’t remember the title of the book.

But distinctively remember how unnecessarily detailed the book felt.

The book was about organising if my vague memory serves me right.

The process of organising described in the book was way too complex.

I felt exhausted by the system that I meant to build before attempting to organise anything at all.

After reading so many personal development blogs, I kinda became a cynic for a while.

Seriously, are they doing all those things they recommend?!

These thoughts constantly plagued my mind.

It seemed entirely and humanly impossible to me.

I’m sure not all bloggers follow their own advice to a T.

Maybe that’s why some say you’ve got to be careful who you listen to.

Maybe that’s why I love and respect people like David Goggins or Seth Godin who walks the talk.

Not long after though did I realise I was missing the point.

It’s not about who says what.

And personal development journey is very much individual.

We get to choose our own path. Go at our own pace.

Some will give us practical pointers.

Some will motivate us to ponder our life choices by sharing their life experiences and lessons.

Each offers takeaways. What we do with them matters most.

Since I approached my personal growth journey this way, most resources I stumbled upon became valuable.

The journey has become more enjoyable and fulfilling.

All this is to say I hope you too enjoy your journey at your own pace.

Here are 5 things I consciously do every day to achieve personal growth.

5 Things I Consciously Do Every Day to Achieve Personal Growth

1. Read Non-Fiction Book for 30 Minutes

I’m currently reading “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy.

This is kind of book that’ll potentially change your life forever at a fraction of your daily cup of coffee!

Ever since I read this book (which definitely changed my life), I wanted to delve into my subconscious mind.

I’m immensely enjoying learning more about it right now.

Although I always loved reading, this time I got better at it.

I’m not a passive reader any more.

I actively apply things I learn from the book to my life.

My behaviours, beliefs and habits, all working in my favour of personal growth.

UPDATE: I’ve since finished the book and you can read my review here.

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2. Exercise

Do you feel like exercise is a chore? Do you find yourself pushing hard to just get started?

I was very irregular with my exercise routine.

I found out two reasons for this.

One: I saw exercise as an obligation. Two: I engaged in an exercise I didn’t enjoy.

No matter how wonderful Yoga is supposed to be, if you don’t enjoy it and feel bored to death, exercise will become a chore to you.

It made a massive difference when I gave up following others and found my exercise routine that I enjoy doing.

Exercise plays a massive role in personal growth.

So it’s super important you find the exercise you enjoy most, not getting swayed by what others do.

My favourite exercise channel on YouTube is Billy Blanks Tae Bo.

And this Zumba is fun!

22 Mins Aerobic reduction of belly fat quickly l Aerobic dance workout full video l Zumba Class

3. Stay Open-Minded

Instead of dismissing others’ experiences because of long-held preconception or it didn’t work for me in the past, I’ve learned to keep open-minded and try at least once.

Sometimes, more than once.

It gives me a learning opportunity. Keeps me to stay curious.

I become more appreciative of others’ experiences and understand them better.

It also quietens a critic in me.

Instead of looking for faults in others, I’ve learned to value patience and mutual respect.

Listen to others carefully with an assumption that they might actually know something I don’t.

A true form of personal growth in the making. Ha!

4. Aim for Progress Not Perfection

From a once very self-critical person’s point of view, this is huge.

We tend to seek an immediate result.

When it doesn’t happen, we become increasingly self-critical. Feeling like a massive failure.

I’ve learned personal growth is a lifelong journey.

One that we find joy in the process and in the minuscule progress, not the result.

Be happy with being better today than yesterday. Anticipate a little better tomorrow than today.

Progress counts, not perfection.

5. Be Happy Now with What I Get to Do

Wherever you’re and whatever you do, let me challenge you to find one thing that you can proclaim right now:

Am I not glad I get to do this!

For the past few days, that’s the first thing I said to myself when waking up.

I get to write my thoughts on my blog that people read and share!

(Hopefully, you do share! ha)

I owe it to Seth Godin’s insightful daily email: The gap between ‘have to’ and ‘get to’.

His message is (sometimes so simple yet) so powerful that it immediately penetrates my mind.

I applied the message straight to my life.

See, how important what we feed into our mind hence people and the environment we surround ourselves with.

It’s a vital part of personal growth.

Final Thoughts

I may get sloppy in some aspects of my personal development journey.

But I don’t derail from these 5 things.

I consciously do all 5 every day to achieve personal growth and continous improvement.

It’s highly unlikely to find a good reason not to.

Now it’s your turn.

Don’t feel pressured to follow others (including me!) but create your own path that satisfies you and your growth.

One that you’re intensely happy to stick to because you know (and feel) that they change you so much for better.

That’s really what matters.

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