8 Benefits of Having a Daily Routine

Talking about what life without routines looks like, how routines regulate our behaviours and emotions and establish a structure. And the 8 benefits of a daily routine.

Having a daily routine equals having a rule.

But there’s dilemma: we rarely like rules.

So what do we do?

We think through what’s like NOT having a rule.

A chaotic life without rules will awake us. It’ll help us be more open to create daily routines and stick to them.

And there’s no better place than a school to see the impact of laying out orderly rules or no rules.

Imagine you’re standing in a hallway, looking through a classroom window.

Inside the classroom, you see a few students sitting on the chair, reading a book.

Then there’s the rest.

Fighting. Throwing things at each other. Chasing each other in a circle. Screaming, pushing, yelling…

A chair is flipped into a corner. Bags, books and pens are scattered on the floor.

The classroom is a rampant chaos.

So much so, you can hardly tell whether it’s classroom or playground.

That’s what life without daily routines looks like, because routines regulate our behaviours and emotions, create order and establish a structure.

Behaviours, Emotions and Structure

Chaos when rules are absent occurs in every aspect of our life, not just classroom or organisation.

Having no rules or someone dictating our day may look appealing on the surface.

Feels like shouting at the top of our lungs:


Wake up any time we want. Go to bed whenever we like. Take lunch break as long as we want. Watch TV to our heart’s content.

Sounds like a dream, right?

But our superhero Spiderman knew better.

Freedom comes with responsibility.

Without responsibility, it’s inevitable we misuse our free time.

We become our own worst enemy, indulging in BRING ME PLEASURE NOW activities.

We end up wasting time and go to bed worse off than when we woke up in the morning.

And that’s where our daily routines come in to the rescue.

So that they can regulate our otherwise unruly behaviours and emotions and structure our day.

8 Benefits of Having a Daily Routine

Read through the benefits of having a daily routine.

It’ll propel you to create a daily routine and have a productive and satisfying day every day.

1. Better Use of Our Time

When you have a daily routine, you know what to expect of your day and when to expect what.

What time to wake up, when to exercise, how long to run, what to eat.

All small decisions that collectively make a big part of your day can be decided once. Those decisions compose your daily routine.

Planning minimises decision fatigue, which helps you use your time more efficiently.

2. Goals Oriented

Your daily routine makes you goal-oriented and enables you to build your routine around the goals with a timeframe and a roadmap to follow.

Your daily routine makes it easy to track progress towards your goals and dreams.

And measuring progress enables you to become more focused.

You assess deviation quickly if/when it occurs and correct the path towards the right direction.

3. Good Habits and Bad Habits

When you establish a good structure in the day, therefore, a good routine, you become conscious about activities you take part in.

You attempt to eliminate bad habits and cultivate good habits so you can have a more productive day.

You likely have a solid exercise routine and healthy eating routine, increasing an overall sense of wellbeing.

4. Become an Expert at Prioritisation

Having a routine doesn’t automatically make you an efficient person.

For example, a 4 hours lunch break will make you feel lousy.

Set your daily routine based on your goals, so you set the right routine.

Instead of spreading your day thinly with too many things to do or useless activities, you become a master at selecting the most important tasks to achieve your goals, therefore, become great at prioritising your day.

5. Mastery Through Repetition

Your daily routine forces you to sit down and do certain tasks.

As you do them repetitively, you become good at them and eventually master them even if you didn’t like them or were rubbish at them in the beginning.

You gain new skills and build knowledge with repetition.

You continue to expand your capability and reach your full potential.

6. No Extrinsic Motivation

As you engage in your daily routine, you get to the point you no longer need to force yourself to do them.

Your routine becomes a habit.

Like brushing your teeth, you get into the flow of things easily and efficiently.

You no longer require outer sources to get you going or constantly motivate yourself.

7. Be Self-Confident

Your daily routine makes you more confident in your abilities.

You also become a capable, responsible and disciplined person, laying out your own rules, setting up a structure and following it through every day.

As days pass, your self-confidence grows as your abilities and skills expand.

You prove to yourself what you can achieve and therefore feel good with yourself.

You go to bed a little better than the person you work up in the morning.

And trust me, there’s no better feeling than that.

8. Instil A Sense of Control

Things happen in life that can overwhelm us.

When you have a routine, it instils a sense of control in certain aspects of your life.

Despite a chaotic environment, order makes you grounded.

It reduces stress and anxiety as you follow your routine in a calm, collective and orderly manner that you’ve trained yourself to be through repetition.

Final Thoughts

With a good routine, our life becomes orderly. Our productivity increases. Our goals become clearer.

The relationship we have with ourselves and with others becomes healthier.

A good daily routine keeps our mental and physical wellbeing at its optimal level and helps us become the best version of ourselves.

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