8 POWERFUL Ways to Fall in Love with Yourself

As lovable as you are, falling in love with yourself should be easy, but we aren’t good at it because we spend too much time vying for others’ love and approval instead of our own.

Wouldn’t it be powerful if you fell in love with yourself so deeply that you would do just about anything if you knew it would make you happy? This is precisely how much life loves you and wants you to nurture yourself. The deeper you love yourself, the more the universe will affirm your worth. Then you can enjoy a lifelong love affair that brings you the richest fulfilment from inside out.
– Alan Cohen

Have you ever thought about how much you love yourself?

Maybe your family or friends.

But we seldom think about the love we give to ourselves.

When you completely love yourself, you accept as you are, know you’re good enough, enjoy being own company, become confident and untimately live a happy life.

You don’t worry about other people’s opinion of you or rely on others to make you happy.

You have you all the time!

I used to be overly critical of myself.

I had a good excuse: I had expected a lot from me. Which is not a bad thing in itself.

But when it becomes too critical and you’re always hard on you, you start disliking you and feel inadequate.

Your modus operandi becomes finding a fault in you.

All the time.

I realised that’s not a good way of treating myself.

I had to win myself over first, before anyone or anything else.

When our loved one is cross with us, we attempt to put things right.

We bend over backwards to make them forgive us and give us one more chance.

We try to charm our way back into their heart in every way possible.

Yet, we rarely make the same effort to love ourselves.

I say it’s time to be selfish and give love we deserve to ourselves.

8 POWERFUL Ways to Fall in Love with Yourself

1. Say Nice Things to Yourself: 24/7

Do you remember the last time when someone told you how special you are?

Didn’t it make you feel like walking on clouds?

Imagine having the same feeling all the time.

A little voice in your head tells you every day how unique you are, how lovable you look, and how no one can do you better than you.

The pleasant narrative within you uplifts your spirits and puts a spring in your step everywhere you go.

Speak lovingly to yourself. 24/7

2. “I Liked…”

Review your day at the end of a long workday.

Lie in bed, empty your mind, stay relaxed and, with a smile on your face, tell yourself what specifically you liked about what you did that day.

For example:

I liked you had lots of vegetables tonight.

I liked you finished your most two important tasks first thing in the morning – good girl!

I liked you did your 100 squats today.

Remind you of all the little things you’ve achieved, how capable and dependable you are.

That’s how you build trust with you, grow your confidence and feel good about yourself.

You can’t help but love yourself.

3. Be Kind to Others

The old adage: treat people as you’d like to be treated.

Who doesn’t like kind people, right?

When I’m in my local grocery store, I can’t help but look for a cashier who is pleasant, standing tall and always joking while serving customers.

His jolly demeanour is hard to ignore, putting a smile on my face every time.

I make sure my parting words are warm-hearted for him too.

When you’re nice and kind, you attract good people and good things to your life.

You become more generous and kinder toward yourself too, because you’re happy by all the positive things you attract.

4. Be Open to Others’ Love

When you’re too critical of you, you may not see superb qualities about you that others see.

When people who know you well pay you compliments, thank them and accept them at face value.

Imagine what they see in you until you realise, “ah yes, I have those qualities, don’t I?”.

Allow yourself to focus on your fine qualities, let them wash over you and feel good about yourself.

When you’re receptive to others’ love, it becomes easier to accept you and love you.

It’s obvious you have SO much in you to love you.

5. Be Agreeable with Yourself

Don’t hold a grudge against you.

Don’t get upset with you.

Whatever the internal argument you have with yourself, let it go quickly.

Don’t entertain all those thoughts of “would’ve, should’ve or could’ve” with yourself.

Change the internal dialogue to something positive, uplifting, and forward-looking.

For example:

I’m glad the relationship didn’t work out because I learned a lot about myself. I have so much love to give to the right person and look forward to meeting him soon.

Now, wouldn’t you love yourself more for that positive attitude alone?

6. Treat Yourself Like Royalty

Take yourself on a date.

Go and watch the latest movie.

Treat yourself with a huge popcorn.

Go and sit in your favourite restaurant, read a book and enjoy peace and quiet and a fine meal.

Doing things alone without a care in the world gives you a great feeling of contentment.

You’ll love yourself more when you feel comfortable being you, being able to enjoy things on your own and with others.

Discover how brilliant company you are and love you more for it!

7. You can Become More

You’re good enough as you are, no matter where you are in your life.

But if you want to become more because you can grow day after day, give yourself a chance to learn, adapt, expand and become more every day.

So, you have bad habits?

Or some aspect of your life isn’t up to your standard?

You can always change and be better.

Change is easy when you let it be.

As easy as fall in love with a better version of you each day.

8. Give Yourself a Good Night’s Sleep

Next time when you walk around with brain fog because of sleep deprivation, you owe an apology to yourself.

Like this one:

Sorry – I mistreated you. I love you too much to let you suffer like this again. I’ll give you 8 hours sleep tonight: I promise.

And keep the promise!

We Brits love to say, “a cup of tea makes everything better”.

I want to add, “… and sound sleep makes everything perfect.”

Give yourself a full rest. You’ll love yourself a little more than the previous day!

Final Thoughts

When you do everything mentioned above, it’s impossible not to fall in love with yourself.

Be a master of self-love with these simple things.

Remember, no one can love you as much as you love yourself.

It is truly the best kind of love you can ever gift to yourself and it’s the fast track to a happy life.

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