Book Review: What to Say When You Talk to Your Self by Shad Helmstetter Ph.D

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I’m SO excited to share this book.

It’s one of a kind you wish you’d read earlier in your life and want to give a copy to everyone you love and cherish, including yourself.

What to Say When You Talk to Your Self by Shad Helmstetter Ph.D is one of the most practical and life-changing self-help books I’ve ever read.

If you’re thinking, “right, another mumbo jumbo self-help book”, I don’t blame you.

I was once a self-help book junkie. You know, momentarily so motivated, you feel like changing the world right after reading one too many self-help books only to revert to your old life in a week or two?

Yep, that was me.

It happened so many times I got fed up and gave away all the books I had accumulated when I moved last time. And I stopped buying self-help books.

As I embarked on my new journey of personal development, I realised “nothing happened” was all my doing owing to inaction.

This time around, I became a doer, not a dreamer or admirer.

I listened to lots of successful people’s advice and wisdom. And I met with one common theme over and over, “a story we tell ourselves or an image we have of ourselves”.

So I looked for answers within by asking questions: why do I suffer from an inferiority complex?; who has given this thought to me in the first place; where did it come from and so on?

Well, this book had answers to all my questions and more.

Isn’t Our “Why” Strong Enough? Why We aren’t Successful?

Isn’t our desire to be successful strong enough compared to successful people?

Definitely not.

We too have our strong why: why we want to be richer, happier, healthier, more successful and so on.

So why we are not richer, happier or healthier.

When you read the book, you’ll find out one fundamental reason you aren’t where you deserve to be in your life right now.

Check out this post.

If you use lots of phrases described in the above post, do yourself a huge favour and get this book.

Give yourself a lifetime opportunity. Open you up to a new life of possibilities.

What I Like About the Book

I like the core message of the book: we can rewire our brain/subconscious mind through repetition.

The whole thing just made sense to me because, as mentioned earlier, I always wondered why I had to carry this inferiority complex all my life.

It’s a super-duper easy read.

The book provides you with lots of self-talk phrases for each circumstance.

I have posted the examples here (avoid at all cost) and here (use every day).

There is a lot more in the book.

For example, for freedom from worry, for taking responsibility for yourself, for solving problems and so on.

You can always come up with your own too, which is the best kind.

The superb examples are there to assist you to be thorough so you can cover as many areas of your life as you can.

Who is This Book for?

Bad habits you want to get rid of but, no matter what, you can’t.

You suffer from low self-esteem and low confidence. Or stuck in the past events you can’t let go.

You’ve tried many self-books or read many blogs posts about improving your life, but nothing seems to work.

You lose your motivations quickly and cannot achieve your goal. Desperately want to improve your life but can’t move forward.

You know you can do so much more, but something is blocking you and you don’t know what or why.

You want to reach your full potential and create the life you truly deserve.

If any of the above sounds like you, this book will be a game-changer for you.

What I Didn’t Like About the Book

I wish the author cited scientific research regarding neuroplasticity to back up his messages.

But the book answered several questions I had, and the self-talk I implemented has made a dramatic impact on my daily life.

I’ll carry out independent research as I’m fascinated by the subject.

The book is well padded out. You’ll get all the juicy information within the first half (even less!). The rest is repetition. But it’s well worth it because you’ll get lots of examples of suggested self-talk.

After all, rewiring the brain is about repetition.

Final Thoughts

Weighing up pros and cons, I’d thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who wants to improve life and achieve success.

It’s the best book to help you change the narrative you have with yourself.Money Habit Muse 5 Star

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