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Did you know that during the first 18 years of your life, you were bombarded with a mind-blowing 148,000 “no’s”?

According to Dr. Helmstetter’s eye-opening book, “What to Say When You Talk to Your Self,” that’s how many times you were told “no” or “you can’t” if you happened to grow up in a somewhat positive environment.

So, just imagine if you weren’t that fortunate.

It’s no wonder that we drag so much baggage into our adult lives, including crippling feelings of inferiority.

Shattering False Beliefs About Your Potential and Abilities

Woman drawing a heart shape on the mirror, symbolising positive self talk for self esteem

Before you could even form your own opinions, others—parents, siblings, relatives, or people in your community—made up their minds about what you could or couldn’t do.

They drilled it into you so relentlessly that their words became deeply rooted beliefs.

You might not even realise it, but your subconscious mind acts on these beliefs like a well-oiled machine, churning out many of the 68 negative self-talk examples we all know too well.

So, how on earth do you break free from these chains that have held you captive for 18 long years?

Is it even possible?

Behavioural expert and therapist Marisa Peer shares a profound insight into how our mind and brain function.

She says:

The way you feel about everything all the time is down to two things: the pictures in your head and the words you say to yourself.

For more details and her inspirational TED talk, check out this post about embracing your self-worth through positive affirmations.

The Ultimate Challenge: Rewiring Your Brain with Positive Self-Talk for Self-Esteem

Woman embracing herself smiling, depicting the concept of positive self talk for self esteem

Considering the sheer volume of “no’s” ingrained in our minds, rewiring our brain takes Herculean effort.

But isn’t it worth it to reclaim our confidence and create the life we genuinely deserve?

The secret lies in repeating the right self-talk, which we can do anytime, anywhere.

Bookmark this page and read through the following positive self-talk phrases as often as you can.

After my business crashed and burned, I turned to positive affirmations to combat my crippling self-esteem.

The 16 self-talk phrases by Dr. Shad Helmstetter have been instrumental in bolstering my confidence, and I find them nothing short of magical.

Or grab his life-altering book.

If someone had told me I could transform my thoughts so dramatically for less than the price of a Happy Meal, I would have laughed in their face.

But after devouring his book, I feel incredibly lucky to have stumbled upon it.

Now, it’s my honour to share these life-changing messages with others who deserve so much more than the lives they’re living.

Take your first bold step into new, exhilarating possibilities with this self-talk for self-esteem and confidence.

A Journey to Self-Discovery and Transformation

(Full credit for this “Self-Talk for Building Self-Esteem” goes to “What to Say When You Talk to Your Self” by Shad Helmstetter, Ph.D.)

These 16 life-changing phrases are taken directly from the book, but I’ve added additional context to help you, my readers, internalise and apply these affirmations more effectively in your lives.

1. Embrace Your Uniqueness and Self-Worth

Self talk for self esteem about embracing your uniqueness and self-worth

I really am very special. I like who I am and I feel good about myself.

You’re a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, and there’s no one else quite like you.

Embrace your individuality and self-worth, and let your light shine brightly.

Remember that your unique qualities make you the incredible person you are today.

Check out these 10 signs that you’re on the road to self-acceptance and loving yourself.

2. Self-Improvement Leads to Greater Self-Love

Positive self talk for self esteem about self-improvement leading to greater self-love

Although I always work to improve myself and I get better every day, I like who I am today. And tomorrow, when I’m even better, I’ll like myself then, too.

Continuously working on yourself doesn’t mean you can’t love who you are right now.

In fact, it’s essential to appreciate and accept the person you are today, even as you strive to become better.

Discover how to become a better person with 15 daily habits for personal growth and success.

3. Your Uniqueness is Your Superpower

Confidence self talk about your uniqueness being your superpower

It’s true that there really is no one else like me in the entire world. There never was another me before, and there will never be another me again.

Your individuality is your superpower.

Celebrate your unique journey, experiences, and qualities because they make you the incredible person you are.

Embrace your inner warrior and unleash your worth.

4. Cherish Your Authenticity

Positive self talk for self esteem about cherishing your authenticity

I am unique––from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. In some ways I may look and act and sound like some others––but I am not them. I am me.

You are an authentic individual with your own thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

Cherish your authenticity and let it shine through in everything you do.

Break free from worrying about others’ opinions and live your best life.

5. Be Proud of Who You Are

Confidence self talk about being proud of who you are

I wanted to be somebody – and now I know I am I would rather be me than anyone else in the world.

You are the only person who can be you, so be proud of who you are.

Stand tall in your uniqueness and embrace the journey of self-discovery.

Get inspired by these 30 powerful questions for personal growth.

6. Give Yourself Approval and Acceptance

Self talk for self esteem about giving yourself approval and acceptance

I like how I feel and I like how I think and I like how I do things. I approve of me and I approve of who I am.

You don’t need anyone else’s approval to feel good about yourself.

Give yourself the acceptance and love you deserve.

Learn how to believe you’re good enough and embrace your worth.

7. Discover and Cultivate Your Talents

Confidence self talk about discovering and cultivating your talents

I have many beautiful qualities about me. I have talents and skills and abilities. I even have talents that I don’t even know about yet. And I am discovering new talents inside myself all the time.

You are a treasure trove of hidden talents and abilities waiting to be uncovered.

Embrace the process of self-discovery and cultivate your skills to reach your full potential.

Check out these 7 remarkable traits of successful people.

8. Radiate Positivity and Confidence

Self talk for confidence about radiating positivity and confidence

I am positive. I am confident. I radiate good things. If you look closely, you can even see a glow around me.

Your positivity and confidence are contagious, so let them shine brightly.

Radiate good vibes and watch how they uplift not only yourself but also those around you.

9. Celebrate Your Life and Energy

Positive self talk for self esteem about celebrating your life and energy

I am full of life. I like life and I’m glad to be alive. I am a very special person, living at a very special time.

Life is a beautiful gift, and you have the power to make it an incredible journey.

Embrace your vitality and celebrate the unique person you are.

Transform your life with these 30-day challenge ideas and start living with purpose.

10. Appreciate Your Intelligence and Creativity

Confidence self talk about appreciating your intelligence and creativity

I am intelligent. My mind is quick and alert and clever and fun. I think good thoughts, and my mind makes things work right for me.

Your intelligence and creativity are valuable assets that can help you achieve your goals and dreams.

Acknowledge your strengths and let your mind work its magic.

Discover how to unlock your potential and aim high.

11. Embrace Your Enthusiasm and Excitement

Positive self talk for self esteem about embracing your enthusiasm and excitement

I have a lot of energy and enthusiasm and vitality. I am exciting and I really enjoy being me.

Your energy and enthusiasm are what make you an exciting, enjoyable person to be around.

Embrace your zest for life and share it with the world.

Learn how to break free from chronic complaining and start living your best life.

12. Enjoy Connecting with Others

Self talk and self esteem about enjoying connecting with others

I like to be around other people and other people like to be around me. People like to hear what I have to say and know what I have to think.

You have the power to connect with others and make a positive impact on their lives.

Enjoy the connections you form and the exchange of ideas that comes with them.

Explore the 13 powerful traits of mentally strong people and master the art of resilience.

13. Smile and Be Happy

Positive self talk for self esteem about smiling and being happy

I smile a lot. I am happy on the inside and I am happy on the outside.

Smiling is a simple act that can bring immense joy to both yourself and those around you.

Let your inner happiness shine through, and watch as it brightens the world.

Discover 7 things to do when you feel stuck in life and live your authentic life.

14. Be Curious and Grateful

Confidence self talk about being curious and grateful

I am interested in many things. I appreciate all the blessings I have, and the things that I learn, and all the things I will learn today and tomorrow and forever––just as long as I am.

Cultivate an attitude of curiosity and gratitude in your life.

Embrace your desire to learn, grow, and appreciate the blessings around you.

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15. Embody Sincerity, Honesty, and Authenticity

Positive self talk for self esteem about embodying sincerity, honesty, and authenticity

I am warm, sincere, honest, and genuine. I am all of these things and more. And all of these things are me.

Your sincerity, honesty, and authenticity are what make you a genuine, warm-hearted person.

Embody these traits and let them guide your actions and interactions.

Check out these 25 positive affirmations to say every day and change your life.

16. Love and Embrace Yourself

Positive self talk for self esteem about loving and embracing yourself

I like who I am, and I’m glad to be me.

Above all, love and embrace the incredible person you are.

Celebrate your uniqueness, your journey, and your potential.

Remember that you are more than enough, and you have the power to create the life you deserve.

(Full credit: What to Say When You Talk to Your Self by Shad Helmstetter Ph.D)

Empower Your Mindset with This Life-Changing Book

As you practice these 16 positive self-talk phrases, it’s essential to have a powerful resource by your side for deeper understanding and inspiration.

The book “What to Say When You Talk to Your Self” by Shad Helmstetter, Ph.D., can be a game-changer in your journey towards greater self-esteem and unstoppable confidence.

In this insightful book, Dr. Helmstetter reveals the power of self-talk and its impact on our lives.

He provides practical strategies for replacing negative self-talk with positive affirmations, helping you break free from the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back.

This book is not just about understanding the concept of self-talk; it’s a guide to rewiring your thought patterns and transforming your life from the inside out.

By implementing the techniques shared in the book, you can gradually replace your negative self-talk with a more empowering and uplifting inner dialogue.

So, if you’re ready to take control of your thoughts and create lasting change, give “What to Say When You Talk to Your Self” a read.

It’s time to unleash your true potential and unlock a happier, more fulfilling life.

(Disclosure: If you purchase through the link, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting my blog, my dear reader!)

Final Thoughts: Embrace Your Journey to Self-Love

Your self-esteem and confidence are the foundation upon which you build the life you desire.

By embracing these 16 powerful positive self-talk phrases and incorporating them into your daily routine, you’re taking a significant step towards transforming your mindset and boosting your self-belief.

Remember, you are unique, capable, and deserving of happiness and success.

By consistently practising positive self-talk, you’ll begin to rewire your brain and break free from limiting beliefs that have held you back.

So, take a deep breath, stand tall, and declare with conviction: “I like who I am, and I’m glad to be me.”

The journey to self-love and self-acceptance starts now.

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