Privilege, Joy, the Power of Perspective and Being Remarkable

It’s up to us how we greet our day. The power of perspective is within our grasp. It’s a matter of one choice.

Did you wake up this morning feeling super excited by another opportunity ahead of you?

Or did you expect nothing but life’s troubles coming your way with?

If the answer is the latter, let me show you how you can change and welcome a day with super excitement.

All it takes is a teeny-weeny shift in your perspective.

I’ll show you how I’ve got myself out of my way so I could start my day right.

So can you!

My Hero Seth Godin

If this is your first visit to my blog (welcome!), you may not know that I’m a massive fan of Seth Godin and, inspired by him, I’ve taken up the 100 Day Writing Challenge.

I can’t get enough of him. 

I fall asleep listening to him.

I wake up to him.

(Frankly, I think you should too. ha)

Crazy, right?


Seth Godin writes and posts every day and has written 7,000+ blog posts to date.

So, anyone who starts out blogging and struggles with topics to write about or mastering the craft would want to ask:

How could you write blog posts every day?

His answer rendered profound wisdom, which helped me shift my preconception about blogging and, most of all, my own insecurity about writing.

I’m paraphrasing him. He said something along the lines:

Being able to write every day, getting our thoughts out there and giving others an opportunity to think about and perhaps change someone’s life for better in some way, it’s a privilege.

It really struck a chord with me.

I went to bed last night thinking about what to write today. I couldn’t come up with anything concrete and hoped that inspiration would hit me when I woke up.

And, while taking a shower in the morning, I had one word of epiphany:


I first felt it intensely: the feeling came out of nowhere. I then found the right word to reflect the state of my mind: joy.

When I first heard about Dean Graziosi and the brief gratitude ritual that he does in the morning, the simplicity and his sincerity made me laugh.

His gratitude begins with a simple blurt: 

I’m alive!

Can’t get simpler than that, right?

According to him (and our trusty friend Google), 150K+ people die per day.

Think about it for a moment.

The number, 150K, is EVERY DAY.

And unlike them, we are here and get to see another day.

Isn’t that a good enough reason to be grateful?

So he said.

Can you disagree with him?

Because I most certainly can’t.

As I mulled over his message, Seth’s interpretation of writing every day as a blessing and privilege came alive.

At that moment, the invisible weight of my 100 Day Challenge disappeared.

My heart swelled with joy.

The Power of Perspective

What Seth Godin and Dean Graziosi teach us is the power of perspective.

They aren’t throwing empty words at you:

Look at the bright side.

Stop whining.

They aren’t preaching.


What they do is sharing how they see the world around them.

How they choose to interpret the simplest things around us.

As I absorb their messages, I also got to understand what Seth Godin’s “being remarkable” means.

All along, he said, being remarkable means:

You get people to make a remark about.

I’m surprised I took so long to realise the meaning of being remarkable.

Are You Remarkable?

Whatever passion you’re pursuing or the job you take on, are you so remarkable that you often find people to make a remark about you or your work? 

That’s ultimately what I want to achieve with my blog.

Just as I’ve been talking about Seth Godin throughout my blog posts, if this small piece of my writing gets you to think or talk with someone about it, hey ho, I’d achieve my goal.

But It’s a Tall Order

I know it’s a tall order.

Maybe, with your life’s ambitions and dreams, you might be feeling that way right now.

That might be the reason you wake up feeling heavier with a day’s burden ahead of you than excitement.

Let Yourself Make a Remark

So I’ve found a solution to that predicament.

It works for me so I know it’ll work for you too.

Right now we can’t make others make a remark as we want them to.

We know we need to work on ourselves to get better at… mine is writing. Yours can be something else.

In the meantime, we can make OURSELVES make a remark.

Suppose you started your day with top 3 things to do revolving around your dreams.

Every day, you proudly look at them, make a remark on each and how proud you are to have accomplished all three things!

Before expecting others to make a remark, we aim for our own approvals.

That, we can do every day.

There’s another important reason why keeping promises you made to yourself is super important.

Final Thoughts on the Power of Perspective and Being Remarkable

The power of perspective changes the way you see things, the way you feel and the way you behave.

You have the power to make your life beyond burdens, limitations or unfulfilled dreams.

In a matter of seconds, your life can become a bundle of joy and all about privilege. 

Shift your gear, put on a fresh pair of glasses, see the world around you through different lenses and pursue life to be worthy of making a remark about (to yourself).

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