This is Why Self-Doubt is Good for You (and How to Overcome Self-Doubt)

Self-doubt is a wonderful thing: it’s a blessing in disguise.

Our logical mind knows this although we may have a hard time convincing it to ourselves.

Which is why we suffer from self-doubt over and over like every 2 days – if we’re lucky.

In reality, (if you’re like me) it’s more like every 2 hours.

Self-doubt doesn’t seem to go away completely.

The more I think about the dilemma of self-doubt though the more reasons I find to embrace it or even welcome it.

Why Self-Doubt is Good for You

Here’s one very unlikely example to illustrate my point about the merit of self-doubt.

Imagine you decide to become the best gossiper in your circle (ha!) and try to hone your gossiping ‘skill’.

It won’t be too long to find out it’s practically impossible to be subjected to self-doubt and insecurity.

You wouldn’t be swamped with constant questions by your inner critic:

Have I gossiped enough today to reach my goal?


How can I beat people in the office when it comes to talking about others behind their back and be the best of all?


I REALLY want to strive to become the best gossiper as I possibly can.

These thoughts would never cross your mind.


Gossiping isn’t exactly an inspiring and life-affirming goal, is it?

It’s not something we’d feel motivated to track progress diligently: how well we’re doing; in what way we can improve and reach the most successful point to ultimately master it.

Gossiping isn’t categorised as a meaningful activity that contributes to the growth of a person.

We’d never hear someone say:

She is the best gossiper in the company. She’s so inspiring. I really want to be like her in 2 or 3 years time.

What it tells us (and we all know) is that self-doubt can only arise in the process of pursuing worthwhile goals. 

Self-doubt is indeed a by-product of stepping out of our comfort zone and diving into something new, exciting and meaningful, which makes us feel apprehensive of our ability.

So, for anyone who pursues personal growth to live the best life, self-doubt is as natural as breathing.

With every bit of self-doubt and new adventure, our old self is necessary to die hence feeling nervous and doubtful for a new enhanced version to be born.

We shouldn’t shy away from feeling self-doubt but run towards it and embrace self-doubt with tentative excitement.

Only right past and above self-doubt will you find a new version of yourself far greater than now and before.

That’s where your potential exists: where you find abilities you don’t know you’re capable of.

Now you can see why self-doubt is inherently a wonderful thing for you.

So, How Do You Go About Overcoming Self-Doubt?

1. Acknowledge Self-Doubt as a Good Thing

As mentioned, the feeling of self-doubt validates you taking on a new challenge.

So, the first step to overcome self-doubt is to accept it as a thrilling thing to anticipate throughout your life.

You’re brave to explore the unknown and ready to stretch yourself beyond the current level of you.

Exposing yourself to new environments fires up idle neurons in your brain – billions of them! – and broadens your ability to learn, adapt and grow.

2. Self-Doubt is Universal

As unique as we’re as an individual, when it comes to self-doubt, no one is immune to it.

Which means, after all being said and done, what really matters is mental strength and thick skin.

Not caring about what others think but doggedly pursuing what you set out to achieve with calloused skin and working through embarrassing moments and criticism is the only way to silence self-doubt and succeed in life.

3. Taking Action is the Best Remedy to Self-Doubt

Set your day to win by planning and accomplishing at least one meaningful goal each day.

There’s nothing superior to taking action and completing it to boost your self-confidence hence quietening self-doubt.

Thinking things through is indispensable in designing and living an intentional life but we can only challenge our inner battle, rise above ourselves and move forward with concrete action.

4. No Matter How Doubtful, You’re Good Enough

Once you accept the fundamental truth of being good enough, you won’t be afraid of trying anything.

I firmly believe that I have as a half-chance as anybody to create my own version of a successful life.

I believe I’m here for reason: I’m good enough to go after what I want.

So are you.

Nothing or no one BUT YOU can stop you from going after what you want. 

5. Don’t Let Your Life Measured by Others

Self-doubt assaults us relentlessly when we care too much about what others think and let them decide our worth.

Be proud of having your own opinion, style to dress, quirky sense of humour, the goofy sound of laughter, the godawful sound of singing voice or job you do.

Have your own standard and be the person you like to see in the mirror – not someone you think others will approve of.

Being approved by yourself is the sure-fire way of living a peaceful, content and fulfilling life. 

6. Be Your Own Mentor

It’s highly likely you’ve spent tons of time learning about successful people and trying to emulate their success.

From what you’ve learned from them so far – trust me, you’ve already learned enough -, you likely have a pretty good idea of your ideal self.

Your ideal self will determine your appearance, how you carry yourself, how you manage your time, what tasks you set and accomplish for the day, how much you eat, how long you exercise, with whom you spend time with and so on.

Start your day with a picture of what your ideal self looks like. Be that person and admire her/him!

Final Thoughts

When we understand why self-doubt bubbles up in the first place, we can steer clear of a horde of negative emotions and stop looking for justification to give up on our goals or stay in the comfort zone.

Trying to fight off self-doubt, suppress it or deny its existence is the most inefficient way of dealing with self-doubt.

Instead, see it for what it is – something that occurs while chasing a meaningful goal – and instil positive emotions and action to pursue your goal with abandon.

Trust that self-doubt you’re harbouring is a superb sign that you’re onto something.

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