12 Super Easy Good Habits You Can Do Right Now

Are you looking for some inspiration to improve your life with an easy habit?

Here are 12 super easy good habits you can do right now.

Not only are they simple and easy, they’ll also make a significant improvement in your life.

You’ll feel healthier and happier.

(What more can we want?)

They are so effortless but the effect is amazing. 

As you read through, see which one speaks out to you. Start with one that stands out. Make it stick.

Come back, pick another one and so on.

See how your daily life improves with such a small habit.

Of course, you can try all at once: these are that easy.

If you’re looking for an extensive list of ideal habits to form, I have a collection of 100 30-Day Challenge Ideas for you.

Now let’s dive in.

1. Drink Water

We know keeping hydrated is important.

But what if you hate water? And you hardly feel thirsty?

Well, that’s me.

Even in summer, I don’t crave water at all.

I tried to drink water regularly in the past.

Every time someone said how important drinking water is.

I failed each time until, on the off-chance, I had warm water.

That did the trick!

If you aren’t a massive fan of water, try warm water.

These are super useful.

If water is not your main liquid consumption, try to replace your favourite drink with water.

Let’s say you drink two cups of coffee and one coke. How about replacing one coffee with water?

Or coke with a bottle of water.

It’s amazing to see the difference in drinking plenty of water every day.

My complexion improved.

I don’t have “war” in the bathroom any more.

Feel healthier and happier, knowing I’m flushing all the toxins out of my body regularly.

I definitely feel more energetic.

2. Make a Choice to be Happy

We have a choice on how to respond to our circumstances.

Make a resolution you’ll always choose happiness.

(Why would we want anything else?)

Choosing happiness means we see everything around us from a positive angle.

Life knocks us down every now and then.

Even then, if you dig deep, you know things could be a lot worse.

Life is tough as it is. Why don’t we make it a little lighter by deliberately choosing to be happy?

It’s so easy to do and makes such a positive impact on our life.

This guy calls it a happiness advantage!

3. Make a List of Gratitude

Another simple habit you can do straight away and see a massive difference right away.

Grab a pen and paper and write all the things you’re grateful for your life.

If you need a little help to start, I have 35 gratitude journal prompts for you.

By writing a list of gratitude, we actively shift our thoughts to the little things that please our mind and body.

Small things that lift our spirit instantly.

A grateful person is naturally a positive person.

Carries a positive attitude towards everything around them, spreading a positive vibe.

Nothing is more powerful for your physical and mental health than having a grateful mind.

It’s an amazing habit with such little effort.

It only requires you to shut down from everything else for a moment.

Grab your gratitude journal today and start writing!

4. Walk More Walk Everywhere

We spend an insane amount of time sitting on a chair.

I have to frequently remind myself it’s time to stand up and move about.

I no longer order my grocery online.

Even little things like walking to the grocery store make a huge difference to our mind and body.

Sometimes, I take a longer route on purpose so I can walk more.

I use stairs instead of a lift.

I run up and down the stairs for no other reason than getting my blood to circulate and relax the tense muscle.

Pop out after a large meal.

Take a power walk in the neighbourhood.

You’ll feel lighter and get in a good mood.

5. Smile

Imagine everyone we meet smiles.

It sounds odd to even imagine everyone smiling, doesn’t it?

Have you ever met anyone who doesn’t return with a smile when you do?

Yes, there’re some.

But almost always people respond with a smile when you do.

It’s a nice thing to do.

And the best thing?

It costs nothing!

When you smile, you come across as a friendly person.

A friendly person wins a friend.

Win-win, right?

If you aren’t a naturally smiling person, try this:

Stand in front of your mirror, put on your best smile and look at you.

Remember how your lips shape, what part of your white teeth is showing and twinkle in your eyes.

Practice your best smile as often as you can.

In no time will you have your best-smiling face as natural as anyone.

6. Compliment Someone

Make genuine compliments to someone: your colleague, friend, partner, kids or barista at Starbucks.

Small genuine compliments make someone’s day.

And it shows that you’re being observant. You’re being a better listener who spots something nice about another person.

Being a nice person.

7. Learn Something New Every Day

We’re bombarded with endless information from our favourite social media, blogs and news sites.

We can never make an excuse for why we can’t broaden our knowledge these days.

There’re so many things to learn and so many places to learn from.

It doesn’t have to be something exciting or difficult.

No, don’t try to solve a math equation unless that’s what tickles your awesome mind!

Just one simple fact you didn’t know about.

Or one inspirational quote that enforces your positive mindset.

Try to memorise them.

Give something new to your brain to relish.

Or learn something practical from non-fiction.

People from all walks of life write about their life, sharing skills and wisdom from their success and failures in life.

As an avid reader, I think Kindle Unlimited is the best thing in the world since the sliced bread. Yep, no argument there. Ha.

Think about it.

You have access to millions of books at your fingertip at a fraction of cost plus unlimited audiobooks!

If you don’t have Kindle Unlimited but love reading, get Amazon’s one-month free trial.

It’s an amazing value.

Don’t like it after a month? Cancel it at no cost to you.

You have nothing to lose but tons of stories/lessons to gain!

8. Get Plenty of Sleep

This one was difficult for me.

I had a very irregular sleeping pattern.

If I was engrossed in a good book, I had to carry on reading.

If it’s a movie, I had to finish it no matter how late.

It was a terrible habit.

But I finally fixed it and became an early riser. I talked about it in my 7 healthy daily habits before 7am.

Rising early has made my days far more productive.

Try this small habit of going to bed early and having plenty of sleep from tonight.

See how you feel tomorrow.

I promise you’ll make this habit stick when you realise how refreshing and productive your “new” day turns out to be.

9. Look Forward, not Back

Turn your back from your past mistakes.

When you catch yourself trailing back to your past mistakes, stop immediately and force your mind to present.

Forgive yourself completely and be free from past mistakes.

Once you forgive yourself, resolve to never go back and dwell on them.

Live the past mistakes firmly where they belong: the past!

Focus on now and and look forward to the future.

10. Put Your Happy Song as Your Alarm

Set your happy song as your wake up call.

Instead of hitting the snooze button, sing along.

Does it sound crazy?


Singing in the morning is probably the last thing you have in mind.

If you’re like me, you’d be irritated, grumbling:

I really don’t want to do this right now.

But you’ll slowly wake up: singing along helps you wake up fully and jump out of bed.

Take a shower while you sing.

Hum while you brush your teeth.

Shake your body while indulging in your favourite morning drink.

Now you’ve set the right tone for the day to come!

11. Hide Your Phone While You Work

Leave your phone in another room.

Or on the bottom drawer.

Just anywhere out of your sight.

Give yourself a timeline:

I’m not touching my phone until I finish so and so.

We’re constantly exposed to so many distractions.

Distractions are only there if we let them.

The best habit to combat wasting time is creating an environment with zero temptation.

Hide your mobile phone while you work.

So you can’t be tempted to check until your task is done.

12. Close All Tabs on Your Screen

Many tabs on your browser are a major distraction when you have work to do.

Keep just one tab you’re working on. Or a couple but only the ones related to the work you’re doing.

Log out from all social media.

No notification no temptation.

Leave these activities until your preset break time.

Give yourself a timeframe.

How long will you need to complete the task?

30 minutes?

Do it like your life depends on it.

Does it sound a tad dramatic?

I know.

But if it gets the job done, so be it.

We need an intensive focus.

Each time an important task is done, reward yourself with your favourite social media.

When we give ourselves a reward at the end of the task, we are more motivated to finish it.

Don’t take more than 20 minutes’ break.

According to a study from the University of California Irvine, it takes an average of 23 minutes and 15 seconds to get back to your previous task before the interruption. 

Final Thoughts

Each habit may look insignificant on its own.

The truth is everyday activities compound.

If you adopt any of the habits mentioned above, preferably all of them, you’re incrementally improving your life.

You’ll reap the rewards of all your good habits with a healthy mind and body and successful life.

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